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Sangria-- How Long is Too Long?

Sammie, I work in a kitchen and we marinate our sangria in cambros (plastic). It's awesome. Stainless steel is fine, also.

Sangria-- How Long is Too Long?

Why would the fruit disintegrate (to an undesirable or undrinkable extent) when alcohol is a preservative?

Sangria-- How Long is Too Long?

I was planning on using melon and blueberry for a red and peaches and raspberry for a white, so I'm less worried about bitterness from peel. I used the same fruits last year, but only marinated for a day. It didn't really soak in well for the party, but it was awesome a few days later... not sure if a whole week is overkill.

Served: When Restaurant Folk Forget to Feed Themselves

I was reading you column years ago when you first started on Serious Eats and I remember feeling such jealously hearing about how you would indulge in your restaurant's delights. I too whip up a mean dinner party and started my food career at farmers markets and then catering. And I have also struggled to overcome an eating disorder and balance my love of food with loving myself. The menacing mental calorie counting that seems uncontrollable, the denial and the indulgence, the ecstasy the guilt...

I'm so appreciative of your honesty. I realize now that, though eating disorders are a growing problem among women (and men) of all careers, perhaps I am not as crazy and alone as I thought in the food and service industry. Having an eating disorder in f&s seems insurmountably challenging for a food lover with food denial issues in food heaven. But knowing I'm not the only one thinking about it and fighting against it makes me feel like maybe there will be a day when I won't be simultaneously stressing over every bite I put in my mouth as I continue stuffing all that deliciousness in there uncontrollably. Because I'm not crazy, I'm not alone in this, and I won't be the first one to have to overcome it.

Thank you.


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