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How do you do your beans and rice?

black beans, rice with a little onion, garlic and bacon (yum). With over easy eggs, some hot sauce and tortillas, best breakfast ever.

Fruit on a Sandwich?

grilled gruyere/goat cheese/fig preserve/prosciutto, SO GOOD

KFC or Popeyes?

Popeye's wins agains KFC for me (gotta love the spicy chicken) but gotta say Lee's has some of the best chain chicken I've ever had and Pollo Campero at its best is up there too. too bad these are mostly regional.....

Avocados at Subway

had one in Chicago yesterday...pretty good actually (had it on a turkey sandwich with provolone also). nice surprise from them!

Greenwich Village: The Vesuvio and the Calzone at Keste

yum! as a chicago native, anything that looks like a stuffed pizza and doesn't have soggy crust sounds incredible.

Where to Drink Coffee in Philadelphia

Love Spruce Street Espresso, and if you're in the Rittenhouse Square area you have to check out La Colombe, I get my espresso fix there way too often.

Places to eat and drink in Philadelphia

I like Dim Sum Garden a lot! Definitely a place to check out for a dim sum craving.

Barbuzzo is also easily my favorite new restaurant in Philadelphia and is an absolute must. Also has a great late night menu!

"Big" salad ideas, please!

love a chopped salad with chicken, little pasta (ditalini is my favorite), gorgonzola, tomato, and whatever lettuce I have with a vinaigrette!

Breakfast in Chicago?

Ann Sather's has great cinnamon rolls, and everything at Kitsch'n is awesome!