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Order a Sloppy Joe in Jersey and You Won't Find Ground Beef

Definitely a North Jersey thing. South Jersey's Sloppy Joe is the traditional Sloppy Joe, where we call what they eat in North Jersey a "Special", e.g., corned beef special, etc.

The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

hotdoglover, I don't know how old you are, but, if you are old enough, you might remember Luigi's from my hometown of Wildwood. It's been gone for a number of years. And, while I don't live there anymore and I don't know from personal experience, I know a lot of people rave about Russo's.

The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

Dannyk, it is a "roll", not a "bun".

[insert tongue sticking out emoji]

The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia


Thank you for your reply. Perhaps I can explain it better using a current meme:

Because cheesesteaks

You're welcome.

The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

Mayo? Might as well just change it to "medigon".

The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

NEVER, EVER, trust a cheesesteak from a place that calls it a "Philly cheese steak" or a reviewer who refers to the sandwich as either.

Perfect Quick-and-Easy French Toast

If only it worked as French Matzoh.... ;)

What's With the Gas Mask? Time to Grind the Horseradish

The next generation weapon of mass destruction. Or, would that be the last generation?

Cook the Book: Lonely Planet's 'The World's Best Spicy Food'

It being relative, my first dried pepper in a szechuan dish at The Dragon House, Wildwood, NJ.

I've had much hotter since, but it was the first.

A Very Unofficial Snack Cake Field Guide

Those of a certain vintage KNOW that Tastykakes are all the good things wrapped up in one.

savory or sweet breakfast?

Savory, particularly the breakfast of champions - pizza.

Poll: Eggs on Pizza, Way or No Way?

There really should be a button for "No ****ing way. Enough with the eggs already."