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Favorite Recipes from The Joy of Cooking?

You guys are making me so hungry with your posts!!!!

Also, I love hearing your stories related to the recipes that you love.

Just a bit of an update about my blog: I am going to do a test run this summer, just to make sure that my idea is enough to sustain in blog form. For this test run, I'm whipping out my librarian skills by researching and highlighting the history of cookbooks while writing about my kitchen-based adventures.

Favorite Recipes from The Joy of Cooking?

Oh you are? That is so cool. Why don't you email me at I'd love to meet up after we move and talk about food (both sweet and savory).

Favorite Recipes from The Joy of Cooking?

Just returned home from college and there waiting for me on my bed was my copy of the JoC!!! Once again, big thanks to everyone who has commented so far. Now that I am done with being an undergraduate, I have the entire summer to prepare for my upcoming food project. In fact, reading everyone's comments and stories related to the JoC has inspired me to research and explore both the history of the book itself as well as its authors.

I must say that I am really excited to get started since I'll be combining two subjects that I absolutely love: food and history. You can never go wrong with that combination.

Also I must try this pancake/waffle recipe, everyone is raving about it.

Favorite Recipes from The Joy of Cooking?

Oh wow, thank you so much for the list. In fact, thank you to everyone for their input. I really can't wait to get started now with this project/cooking adventure.

Favorite Recipes from The Joy of Cooking?

Hey everyone, thank you so much for the responses so far! I cant wait to try out all these different recipes.

And yes, my mom's copy does have rabbit recipes, along with beaver and bear

Favorite Recipes from The Joy of Cooking?

Mhmm I'm a stuffing fanatic so I'm definitely looking forward to trying that recipe.

The fact that she uses it as a resource is why she suggested it to me actually. I'm a fairly decent baker, having been practicing constantly for the last year and half though my cooking skills are something to be desired. Actually, she said that the JoC used to be her go to guide for tips and what not though after borrowing an America's Test Kitchen cookbook from the local library, she is has switched over. We have three ATK cookbooks now, not including my personal copies of cooks and bakers illustrated

Favorite Recipes from The Joy of Cooking?

Thanks for commenting! I am compiling a list to keep track of what people write. Its kind of funny that you said lemon bars since that was something I have been meaning to learn for ages.

So This Exists: Ravioli Pizza at Rosa's in Huntington, Long Island

I'm from Huntington and I have to say, out of all the pizzerias in town (and there are many) Rosa's is a personal favorite. Gonna miss it when I move out to Boston for grad school. Their baked ziti pizza is good too!

As for the salad pizza: they just pop it into the oven of course

Favorite Recipes from The Joy of Cooking?

I'm sure many of you have heard of this book, some of you may even own it, having purchased it yourself or inherited it from a family member. Well, soon I will own a copy myself and I must say, I am very excited. My mom owns a copy from the 1970s and I have flipped through it a bunch of times. I absolutely love the way it is written not to mention the sheer number of recipes within the volume itself. When I recently asked her, "Mom, what is your favorite recipe from JoC?" I was rather disappointed when she said that she didn't really use the thing much outside of the occasional baking and cooking recipe.

As a fellow foodie and former food blogger (tried to bake 500 different cupcake recipes [long story]) I had decided to take up blogging again after I move to Boston in September for grad school in which I would chronicle both my experiences in the kitchen as well as my experiences as a budding librarian. However, now I am thinking about doing something different, which brings me to point of this forum.

*To all Serious Eats readers*
What is your favorite recipe(s) from the Joy Cooking (can be from any edition)?

Originally, I was just going to pick recipes at random from the JoC and other cookbooks but now I am thinking of taking this project another direction. The book is over seventy-five years old, which is a pretty long time for a cookbook! Indeed, my idea is to celebrate this cookbook, and others, by baking and cooking the recipes that have made people smile with delight and rub their bellies with satisfaction.

Looking forward to what everyone has to say,

Herb Ricotta Gnocchi With Quick Tomato Sauce

I call ricotta gnocchi "fast food" Italian, as with just a little practice, you can make ricotta gnocchi in as little time as it takes you to boil the water to cook them in. This really is a dish, sauce included, that can be prepared and cooked in under 30 minutes which makes it a fabulous choice for busy mid-week meals. More

Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding

Rather than toasting the bread (a common technique to encourage the bread to soak up as much liquid as possible), I find that softer fresh or partially stale bread works better to soak up the thick chocolate liquid. After the chewy chunks of French bread are fully drenched, even more bits of chocolate are stuffed into the crevices before the pudding goes in for the bake. More

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes

The lunchbox dynamic duo has broken free of its cubed cell many times before, morphing into cookies, ice cream, cake, and other confections. The peanut butter-and-jelly cupcake has always been one of my favorite twists on the original; a playful treat that turns me back into a carefree kid. More

Toffee Chunk Cookies

Instead of chocolate chips, I used chunks of Hershey's Skor, a chocolate covered toffee bar, in these cookies. Pieces of chocolate-covered toffee add much more than plain old chips. The toffee tastes of caramel, butter, and a hint of salt. I particularly like how the milk chocolate around the toffee begins to melt while the interior of the chunk stays nice and crunchy. More