i live to eat

  • Location: alaska
  • Favorite foods: eggs benedict, curry, roasted vegetables, mac n cheese, bread pudding, chocolate pecan pie
  • Last bite on earth: beef carpaccio with capers, truffle oil, and parmesan

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Roommate/College Food Stories

We ate mostly cafeteria food and half the girls had IBS, and I had the worst gas of my life. I thought something was wrong with me but it was fine when I graduated. The best part was getting southern casseroles I'd never heard of when the girls went home for the weekend.

Hungry at night

Chocolate milk!!! But I'd never get out of bed to eat. Laziness trumps hunger.

"Copout" ingredients...."crutches"

i appreciate the wide range of copouts from fancy to college food
my mom thinks she's created something amazing when she fries in lard, saute veggies in a whole stick of butter, and adds cream cheese or goat cheese to potatoes and sauces. she's basically a skinny-fat paula deen without the diabetes....yet.
in college in the lovely state of mississippi they put doritos in a chicken casserole. straight up cheese doritos.

Where to eat in Miami and Key West

thanks santiago. i hope to hear from more miami friends. i'm visiting for spring break and i don't want to fight the crowds unless i know you folks will vouch for it. please tell us some more latino places :)

Food Commercials? Which ones tempt you (or not) the most?

oh, Golden Corral. those chocolate fountains are scary. but my favorite (and i mean makes me hate the world) line is when the man exclaims that he does NOT want to share his appetizers.
on a positive note, every time i see the groupon ad with donuts i want one so bad!

Recycle old fudge?

i melted it in some cream, and it turned out great. going to put it on some ice cream. it's -14 outside, what else am i going to do?
however, taking teachertalk's advice on some of the blocks and tossing the mint chocolate and peanut butter- not worth it.
thanks everyone!

Favorite sauce for pasta besides tomato or cheese?

picatta type sauce: white wine, lemon, butter, chicken stock
of course i'd rather drink it with a spoon, maybe some noodles

Why bread sticks with pizza?

because we can't get enough crust! lately i have just ordered the cheesy bread (pizza with cheese only) to dip in pizza sauce and that awful-ly delicious garlic oil/butter/sauce. it's like a whole pizza of just crusts!

How BIG is Your Christmas Spread?

just the husband, one friend, and myself for most of the day with a few others coming in and out. i'm making the alton brown gingersnap ham, i made it for easter and barely got any; scratch green bean casserole, simple roasted salmon; still planning for some green salad and potatoes
and then the desserts: kahlua bundt cake, banana pudding, and cornflake wreaths. in all, it will be mostly about the drinking hot buttered rum, champagne, and local beer -- since it's just a bunch of 20-somethings and no old folks or babies. (we will miss the old folks and babies, maybe that's why we'll be drinking too!)

How are all of your leftovers being used?

I should have made enchiladas!
After turning my nose up at my MIL's broccoli casserole with cheez whiz and condensed soup, I still ended up making some form of turkey spaghetti with macaroni noodles, cream of mushroom soup, and rotel. I'm such a hypocrite! A very full hypocrite.

Am I alone in the world!?

Sour crap?! Jk. I've learned to appreciate the sour weed. I am interested in a nice SGC with buttery rye bread, Swiss cheese, and 1000 isle to dip!

SE Staff Picks: What's Your Worst Hangover Food?

Lesson learned yesterday: laxatives the night of said drinking and eggs over easy the next morning from a restaurant. Poor decisions made. I think I thought the laxatives would help push the bad decisions out, but I was so wrong.
Also, eggs over easy from a so-so restaurant? I should have known better. I should have known.

Hotdish Casserole.....

When I moved to Mississippi I learned about two new casseroles. The worst: tortilla casserole- corn chips or sometimes Doritoes!, shredded chicken, cheese, and some cream soup. Wow. I love Doritoes but it does not count as dinner. I mean not legitimately.
The best: chicken spaghetti- definitely not chicken parmesan, but noodles, rotel (canned tomato and green chiles), chicken, cheese, and cream of mushroom. This was the dish that every family had their own standard for. And when I say the best I mean the best of the fatty carby casseroles. I also did not hear hotdish until meeting some Wisconsin kids this winter.

Fresh Water Or Salt, What Is Your Favorite Fresh Caught Fish?

Hello fellow Alaskans.
Halibut, grilled with citrus flavors.
Copper River Reds, river-caught so it's cooked well done, prepared any way I can think of. This was our best summer as a grown married couple: 45 reds we processed ourselves. The freezer is full! No chicken until May.

What is the Best pizza you have ever eaten?

That ham and mushroom at 4:30 am last Saturday morning after a night of booze and no dinner.

Dinner Rut......

Tacos and stirfrys! I also have a meatatarian s/o. Rice, beans, ANY vegetables you want help stretch out the pricy meat. And he can serve himself a higher ratio of meat.

Food you were denied as a kid and crave now

fish other than fried catfish. momma was an alabama woman. all veggies were canned and sauteed in butter, all fish was catfish and fried.
also, paper towels. once a luxury, and now we buy costco packs!

Getting to Know Memphis Eats

I lived there in 2005-6 and worked at a couple restaurants. I would love to visit Belmont grill for the catfish (weird breading but awesome sauce) and sausage cheese app, central BBQ and young ave deli (beer selection and hipster music) in the Cooper young area, and Felicia suzanne's on main street.

What is the worst pizza you have ever eaten?

I left an Italian-filled south Florida for deep south Mississippi and my so-called friends always wanted to go to Mazzio's pizza. It was like Cici's only not as cheap and par-baked crusts. Sad, sad, sad. They still don't know any better.

Philadelphia: Fantastic Cheesesteak From Dalessandro's Steaks & Hoagies

Argh, where was this article when I needed it? I took a 8-hr layover in Philly in my trek from Alaska to Tennessee and was in search of the cheesesteak choice of locals. Cosmi's Deli was pretty good, quality meat, good price, and right next to Termini's for some cannolis. But it didn't change my life. The cannolis changed my life. At least my day.

Whatcha cookin' today ??

I also made some salmon and brown rice but without the orange and scalions.
It was not a well thought out combo of Asian flavor salmon, brown rice pilaf (onion, almond, and lemon zest) and acorn squash with a little chile powder. I'm a bit of a multiple-personality cook I guess. Hopefully I'll get better with age.

What did you have for lunch/brunch today?

Toasted jalapeƱo/ cheddar bagel with very light cream cheese and a fried egg open face. Also indulged in an almond croissant. I was late to the bakery but still managed to get my favorites this morning. They were the last of their kind.
I would have rather had salmon lox like the friend above.

The pantry of no return...

i have had a couple friends leave the state, and the contents of their pantries to us. i pleaded with my dear husband not to accept the cans of chef boyardee or soup we would never eat. two years later it's still in there. i think i'm feeling inspired now.

Chunky or Smooth?

both and both.
some recipes or concoctions just beg for chunky. and yes @seriousb chewing= more satisfaction.
for oj, i prefer pulp when it's fresh.
i grew up in south florida and my high school economics teacher thoroughly explained how tropicana uses all the parts of an orange, just like a buffalo. they scoop out all the bits, make regular juice, wash the pulp to create sunny d, and then put the pulp back in.

Please recommend Memphis BBQ

Ah, I miss Memphis food! I second central and BBQ shop reccomendations. Central has a small inside dining area and patio, more casual and accessible. Never had a problem getting into those two.
Corky's is so big and chain-ish but maybe easier to get into. Rendevouz is enjoyable with 2-4 people for an evening excursion, cuz you probably will still wait for a while.
If I could go back I'd also hit up Gus's fried chicken and fancy appetizers at Felicia suzanne.