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Nothing is better in the sentimental journey than a informative online dating guide. . .

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Santa Barbara on a budget

That's a good choice!

Tips for Planning a Holiday Cocktail Party

This isn't mixing ingredients, this is some kind of art!

10 Bartending Terms You Might Not Know

I definitely learned more than one thing!

25 Cocktails Everyone Should Know

I'm pretty sure planter's punch precedes the invention of grenadine by a century or two.

What did Santa bring you?

Santa brought me a new Cephalon pan since EldestSon in a bachelor spree this summer cooked god knows what and wrecked the one I had. A few new spatulas and spoons, a good thing since I break them at least one every few months. . .

10 Bartending Terms You Might Not Know

Hang out in bars long enough, and you'll start to hear the bartender throwing around all sorts of interesting words and phrases. And I'm not talking about the Tagalog profanity she picked up while backpacking through the Philippines; I mean the lexicon of bartending. Today, a glossary of the secret language of bartenders. More

25 Cocktails Everyone Should Know

We who like to mix drinks at home do it for many reasons: First, it's cheaper than drinking out. Second, it's fun to mix your own drinks at home. Third, it's even more fun to mix drinks for other people at home. Any self-respecting home bartender should have a mental Rolodex Excel spreadsheet of favorite classic cocktail recipes. Today, I present the 25 essential drinks that I think everyone should be able to make. More