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Mexican Eats: Four Rare Paletas at Tulcingo Deli Grocery in Bushwick

Are these made on site in the bodegas?

NYers in Chicago looking for dessert and coffee!

Ah sorry not familiar with the neighborhood designations. We'll be staying at Amalfi Hotel (W Kinzie and N State)

Clay Pot Rice at Yummy Noodle: The Best Deal in Chinatown?

This place used to be good 6-8 years ago when the lines would be ridiculous. Now, pass by the restaurant on Fri or Sat night and it's EMPTY! Probably because of the horrible service and dirty preparation.

Please read about my horrid experience which I posted on yelp -

But, the pots are great. My parents have a few from takeout orders 10 years ago that are still in great shape.

Win Two Extra Mooga Tickets to the Great GoogaMooga

NYers in Chicago looking for dessert and coffee!

My bf and I will be in Chicago for 4 days. We have most of our meals planned out but then I realized, we didn't pick out any dessert places! No meal of mine is complete without something sweet.

I'm also looking for a good cup of coffee (something along the lines of Blue Bottle in NYC/SF).

We'll be staying in Near North Side with an unlimited subway card in hand! But the place must really knock our socks off if it requires more than a 15-20 minute commute on the train.


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