I'm a Nutrition/Dietetics major at Auburn University.

  • Favorite foods: at the moment...raw, fresh, avocados with lime juice sprinkled over
  • Last bite on earth: fresh blue crab out of the gulf of mexico

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Need a Blog for my Portfolio...Help!

@cucinacecilia, You are too funny! I love 'em!!! I'll probably wait until right before I have to print it off to make a final decision! Thanks so much! I'll post an update as soon as I pick a name! :)

Need a Blog for my Portfolio...Help!

@CJ McD, Thank you for your support. I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement and wonderful ideas!

@Burger365, You were right! :)

@Climbhighak, While I understand the importance you are trying to emphasize on the "actual cooking, photographing, and writing about food" I encourage you to read my initial post. There I stated that this is not my first food blog. I actually have a couple in which I have cooked, photographed, and written well about the prepared food, but none are what I feel would be deemed professionally acceptable.
While I am new to this particular site, I assure you I am not new to working in a kitchen. I grew up helping my mother, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers in their kitchens. True, southern style cooking is not respected in a lot of cooking circles, but I learned the basics and perfected them which for a lot of people the hardest part of learning to cook. I also learned numerous skills for baking and I will honestly say I excel more in baking than some of the newer cooking methods I'm trying.
To say all of this I must still make clear that I am not in cooking school. I'm not in Hotel/Restaurant Management. I'm a Nutrition/Dietetics major. I will graduate as a Nutritionist, do a one year internship and then I'll take the boards, pass, and I'll be a Registered Dietitian. I'm not looking to just make my food look good, but to help people better themselves through eating better quality, and in better portions. Taste is essential; however it is not my focus point. My focus point is in the chemical aspects of our food and how that effects our bodies and making that work to our benefit. That means that what's good for you may not always taste the best or look the best.
So, when I have a new professional sounding/looking blog to turn in with my portfolio there is a good chance that some of the meals/snacks/supplements will not look nor taste as you might like to find in a restaurant that caters to satisfying the comfort/feel good part of eating. I am working to be able to eventually make our comfort/feel good foods taste good and be good for us. However, that is a long way away for some of our beloved dishes. And in the meantime I will be offering healthy alternatives to the person who would like to push through the taste “hard work" part of it and know that they are benefiting their body and lives. It's like working out at the gym. It's not always pleasant but the results are worth it. Thank you for your input and trying to make sure that I provide a quality blog, however in the future I would appreciate you taking the time to read the initial post.

And @gingercookiewithlime, best of luck with your blog :)

Need a Blog for my Portfolio...Help!

Yes, Semper Fry would have been great! Umm, I 'll have to get on him about that! His career messed up my blog name! (i kid! i kid!) ;)

Need a Blog for my Portfolio...Help!

I have so many choices now...y'all are AWESOME! Great brainstorming!!! I could have never come up with half of these on my own! Oh, and CJ McD, I go by Elizabeth, but my closest friends and family shorten it to just about everything you can! Thanks for the huge list of ideas!!! :)

Need a Blog for my Portfolio...Help!

Thank you ALL!!! You've been SO much help! I'll get to work on trying a few of these out and let you know what I end up choosing! Thanks! :)

Need a Blog for my Portfolio...Help!

??? What's the reasoning behind that one? It's humerous...but maybe it's just over my head...I don't get it...


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