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  • Favorite foods: Anything salty, crunchy, pickled, or cured.
  • Last bite on earth: Lots and lots of antipasto.

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Passover Side Dish

@zucchini I was thinking asparagus to begin with, the soup sounds amazing though we are already having vegetable matzo ball soup.

@badseed1980 I'm really not sure what else will be served. I know my grandmother is making chopped liver and someone is making vegetable matzo ball soup, that's all I know. It's at my dad's new girlfriends house and he's not entirely helpful in obtaining information, I was lucky to get "vegetable" as a response to my question of what to bring/make. I like the idea of beets too is there a recipe for the citrus glaze that you like?

Vegetarian and Gluten-Free?

With vegetarian I like to go with lots of interesting veggie sides to make up a meal. But you could go with stuffed peppers with lentils, brown rice, carrots, celery, onions, etc. and cook in a homemade tomato sauce.

Work Pot Luck

Israeli salad is usually nice and holds up very well in transit. I find there are always tons of heavier dishes with pot lucks but never anything lighter to balance it out. A french style potato salad or a vinaigrette based slaw like apple/fennel would work too.

Where to Eat In NYC and Astoria Queens?

I used to visit my friend there all the time and the place that sticks out most to me was actually a taco truck, El Rey Del Taco. It was always set up on the way from the train to her apartment and I always had to stop. So good. I just Googled it and it seems like it still sets up there too.

Great Passover ideas?

I've been waiting to make one of these:

The deep fried, chicken skin covered matzo ball sounds like the best heart attack one could hope for.

Radish Greens

Hydra: The radishes themselves get eaten rather quickly around my house, generally just on their own with a little salt. Though roasting them does sound interesting. They are certainly easy to grow and the first thing to fully come up in the garden.

sobriquet: I really like the ravioli idea. I will have to try it when I pull some more.

lemonfair: they are mostly Easter Egg and a few Sparklers.

Radish Greens

I think I'll go with the general idea here and cook with come olive oil and garlic, maybe add some jalapeno, cilantro, and a little lime to have as a side with tacos I'm making tonight.

lemonfair, I'm in South Florida so now is prime garden time before it's too hot. Radishes were the first thing ready and they are definitely pretty spiky.

Here's my first bunch:

Best meat to roast for 8+ people?

I've made this brisket recipe quite a few times and everyone always seems to really like it. It says you should marinate two days ahead but I've never done that, I usually do everything the day of.

Help!! Starting a Gourmet Popcorn Business

I make popcorn in a pot with oil fairly frequently, it's my favorite method. I've used flavored oils to add flavors, garlic and chili are my favorite. I also use old bay and za'atar as dry seasoning and they come out fantastic. I've always wanted to try to make a BBQ rub and use that as a dry seasoning for a sweet and spicy taste.

How can I use flavored vinegar and oil?

I would marinate the portobella in a dressing made with the oil and vinegar with maybe some fresh garlic and other spices keeping it fairly simple.

I would also make a cabbage/apple/maybe fennel too slaw with the lime oil and apple cider vinegar, some thinly sliced jalapeno, cilantro, shredded carrot, pomegranate seeds, with a little salt, pepper, garlic, and ground coriander.

The oil and vinegar combo would also make a pretty awesome salad dressing tough too.

Favorite Brewery in Your State

Funky Buddha Brewery here in Florida. They have a great selection of interesting beers and their IPA is amazing. Plus, their brewery is down the street from my house.

Easy Two Night Dinners

Roast chicken and roast beef were the two eat twice meals I had most as a kid and still make now. They are especially easy too because they are pretty low effort on the preparation/cooking side, season well and pop in the oven. Serve the first night with roasted veggies and baked potatoes cooked in the oven at the same time.

The next day the chicken can be turned into just about anything the next day, tacos, salad, enchiladas, etc., etc.

The roast beef can be turned into tacos as well or stir-fry or my personal favorite both then and now, quick Italian beef sandwiches (slice thin and add to a pot with beef broth, sliced onions and garlic, and Italian seasonings).

3 New Florida Breweries You Should Know

@cmstiller the new Funky Buddha in Oakland Park is amazing. It's just down the street from me, it's dangerous.

Brand new Lodge cast iron skillet - what to cook first?

Maybe a Frittata or Shakshuka? I'm a sucker for eggs. My first vote would of been for a Ribeye though.

Substitute for sport peppers?

I substitute hot peppers in vinegar, sometimes called pepper sauce. Usually it's used for the liquid in with the peppers and many have a kind of shaker/squirt type top. I've always been able to find them in just able any grocery store. They are pretty much the same thing as sport peppers just different name and intention of use.

Sushi Party

I would say around 8 pieces a person, give or take depending on your type of crowd. It's about what one of those sampler platters for one at a typical restaurant seems to have.

What do you top your burgers with?

A runny fried egg, onions, lettuce, and mustard.

Father's Day Giveaway: Win a Jumbo Cowboy Chop Steak

Simple baked potato with salt and butter and a classic homemade Cesar salad.

Goodbye Work Cookies

I made these cranberry orange cookies ( and brought them to work, couldn't even make it to my cubicle before they were gone. They were surprisingly very easy to make, and that's from someone who hate baking.

I'm also pretty partial to thumbprint butter cookies with different jellies or chocolate in the middle, something for most anyone that way.

Bad wine club

I don't particularly like them. There's always going to be some wines that you just don't like and your bound to end up getting a bottle or two of them along the way.

Many specialty wine stores hold tastings once a week or month. I'd suggest finding one near your and trying it out. Then if you like one best buy a bottle and do it all over again the next time. You could also just go to the store and ask what the people there recommend, I've found employees at most places that aren't your typical liquor store to actually be quite knowledgeable.

Will it melt?

Many grocery stores sell them near the check out for only a few dollars, some stores actually have really nice ones. They are usually right near where they have the regular reusable bags.

Will it melt?

Get one of those insulated reusable shopping bags, they work great for situations like that.

Hotel Cooking Suggestions

I would say tacos would be an easy one especially with the slow cooker. You can do chicken breast and salsa until its fall apart (8 hrs on high, 3-4 on low), microwave some tortillas, and chop up some onions, cilantro, or whatever else you like. If your there for awhile you can turn it into other meals easily like add BBQ sauce and throw it on a bun for pulled BBQ chicken style sandwich.

Where to eat in South Beach?

Depends what they want to eat. I'd recommend Yard Bird and Blue Collar either way.

Favourite Leftover Hacks

If I make roast chicken I make two so I can tear apart the other one and make tacos, enchiladas, soup, stew, etc.