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Will all the avocado lovers please stand up.

i wish I could 'like' all the comments. I love avocados, i will peel off the skin and eat it w/a spoon plain. SOO good

Spice Hunting: Chewy Drinks with Basil Seed

There's an indian drink called Falooda it has these in it I think - one of my biggest guilty pleasures.. so good!

Garden Warfare- MINT!

mint chutney (mint, coriander, lemon, hot peppers, salt, garlic - blend)
tea (mint, chai, etc.)

if you grow strawberries- they'll grow like weeds too. our side yard is covered w/mint + strawberries

Indian Sev - Good Snacking?

be careful bc they're fried. its chickpea flour with salt, a pinch of baking soda squeezed, and deep fried. so its not too healthy and sometimes loaded w/sodium

Serious Heat: 15 Ways to Use Hatch Chiles

dont forget vegetable pakoras w/peppers.. spicy + yummy (not to mention not too healthy) but one of my favs!

Authentic Sangria in Brooklyn/Manhattan

if you get a chance to go to nj.. just hop on the path to newark, go behind penn station on ferry st. you'll be in the ironbound section of newark.. amazing portuguese food and great sangria!

Jain religious restrictions

the way i've learned and been brought up.. its a totally different religion, the 'founders' were cousins is about it.. both have the same underlying principals (non violence, reincarnation, absolute heaven) but different paths of acheiving it..(jainism- abstinence & buddhism - pleasure) i'd look it up more.. i dont feel comfortable going into religion on a food website, we're all so diverse it's great!

Gay Friendly NYC restaurants

Jain religious restrictions

I guess I should include some background onto this post. I was extremely hesitant about posting it knowing some may get offended or opinionated; that said, I am Jain, born and raised Jain here in the US.

Jainism is NOT a sect of hinduism, however has many similar qualities since our cultures are so intertwined.

@chris gregory: i appreciate your concern. there is a holy holiday, where we try our hardest to live our ideals (as we should be everyday) and those restrictions I had listed above are some of the restrictions(there are many others but are not food related).

Thanks for the feedback and great resources.

Jain religious restrictions

I forgot to mention no yeast.

Best City for Vegetarian Food

gujarat, India - most of the indian people there are veg.

School Lunch in India

hey! that brownish stuff is actually really good! it looks like my lunch for today (leftovers from dinner last night).

My little 2 a.m. food excursion... were did I eat ??

enough stops to please everyone-
mamoun's falafel
kati roll
mac bar
chicken + rice

One year anniversary dinner

ive always liked sea thai, but i dont often eat in brooklyn, its one of the few places i know about.

Brunch In Manhattan

I went to 5 points. the food was so great!, The lemon ricotta pancakes were devoured, I hate eggs and I ended up eating some of the eggs rancheros, their polenta was done very well!

not to mention they had wonderful service!

Would You Impose Your Dietary Restrictions at Your Wedding?

a lot of our family weddings are purely veg. and sometimes strict a jain menu. It's not out of the ordinary. At times, it's a dry wedding(no alcohol), mostly out of respect for those in our family (mostly elders - parents, grandparents) that are very religious (hindu/jain) It's not surprising in the indian culture at least, even here in the US.

What's your favorite type of microwavable popcorn?

@lexophile: it's pretty easy.. i just put kernels in a brown bag, fold the the opening so it doesn't open when its popping. wait like you would for a commercial microwaveable popcorn bag. and you can re-use the brown bag (unless ofcourse you burn the bag haha) then after its done popping i put on salt and cayenne pepper and sometimes black pepper, but thats what i like to eat on it.

What's your favorite type of microwavable popcorn?

i started to take regular kernels and just put them in a brown bag + microwave. it's plain, but its healthy and you can put in whatever you want

Serious Exercise for Serious Eaters

i work out as much as i can.. as much as i am a 'serious eater' i try (keyword try) to work out as much as i can

Non-Degrading Tea Ball?

there's one from oxo. looks like an acorn. its what i use, while it is metalic the rest is rubber. and it has a little peice attached to it that you can sit it when you take it out of your mug so you dont get your table dirty. they also have tea sticks which looked nice but were more pricey.

Trouble Clicking on Favorites in Photograzing

im having the same problem in IE but not in firefox, although my firefox doesnt have a plug in so it crashes all the time

Found a 2 lb. bag of last Summer's red jalapenos in my freezer ?

chutney! blend with lime juice, coriander leaves, salt!

Poll: How Do You Eat Your Watermelon?

perhaps its gross.. but i like eating the seeds.. not a fan of seedless watermelon

Popcorn in the office--What's for dinner?

funny you say that, bc i did just make popcorn and burn it in the office. the popcorn wasnt fully popped yet, our microwaves are just very very strong.

Any tips for Grilling Corn?

I like to peel the husk down to one or two laters, and let it steam and hten the husk burns off.

in our fam, we take slices of lemon/lime and dip them in salt + chili powder then rub it onto the corn and eat it that way.. yummm!

stomach virus

So I went out to dinner to a restaurant which is very well known in Manhattan this weekend and ended up getting a stomach virus. Its the worst not being able to eat anything but toast, and drink Gatorade!! Just thought I'd share since I'm home sick

Happy Diwali! what'd you make?

Happy Diwali to everyone, the indian festival of lights. I would be cooking normally, however my schedule for work has been rediculous. Luckily, my mom has been able to compensate and cook her butt off. So, what did you make?

(funny card i received)

Jain religious restrictions

the yearly jain holiday 'paryushana' also known as 'das lakshana' is coming soon. And I'm bored of the regular indian recipes (tomato saabzi etc). I want something different.
restrictions include:
-no root veggies (potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic, lettuce,broccolli, basically anything that when you pick it, you kill the entire plant)

- no alcohol, meat, seafood, eggs

milk + cheese is allowed (just no cheese w/animal rennet)

I can't think of any other restrictions of the top of my head. any ideas?

what to make for a non-veg?

I'm vegetarian, who recently started dating a non-vegetarian. I've never cooked meat or had to prep it in my life, but I've cooked veg food since I was a kid(so i do know how to cook haha).

What should I make my boyfriend to eat thats really yummy but not so hard to make?

Work Snacks

I get really munchy at work. But I work on a computer all day, and can't really get my hands dirty or my drawings dirty either. what do you guys make to eat at work? I'm trying my hardest to stay away from processed foods, and eat something I've made myself at home.

fixing posts

Is there anyway, if members (like me) can delete the posts they created lets say for example I double posted? or edit a post?

earl grey

nothing beats starting your day with earl grey! (well at least for me) I've been trying to find a good brand. As much as I would love to go to a tea shop, I dont really have the time.
I like my tea strong as well.

Any suggestions?

archived favorites?

I unfortunately don't get time to cook/bake as much as I would like. But I do favorite a lot of articles, recipes I would like to go back and see. How can I see my archived favorites?

grilled artichoke recipes

If an artichoke is grilled without any seasonings on it, just plain, what can you make with it? I know its a stupid question, I've looked up a few recipes, but with all of them i would've had to put seasoning on them before putting them on the grill. I feel like i might've wasted some good artichokes.

camping trip

So a bunch of friends and I are going camping, while coolers are a must to keep things from going bad, I was hoping to find some easy vegetarian meals. I was thinking of making some stuff the night before as well. Any suggestions (other than baked potatoes, corn, and ofcourse the yummy s'more)

pink champagne?

After watching An Affair to Remember, I'm so curious to know what a Pink Champagne cocktail is. I'm sure its something simple.

challenge: complicated diet

so I still live with the parents, which is great bc i dont have to cook all the time, however our diets have become very restricted.
one parent has : diabetes/high chlorestorol
the other parent has : high blood pressure

we're all vegetarian ( we dont eat seafood or eggs)

and suggestions on food?

Princeton Eats

I work right on rt. 1 in princeton. You'd think in an area so densly populated with strip malls such, as well as an academic culture near the university, there would be pleny of places to eat. Unfortunately my coworkers and I get stuck eating at the same places.. any new suggestions as to where we could eat?

our regulars:
penang, pf chengs, wegman's, Kaliente(on nassau st.), kalluri corner, whole foods, marketfair cafeteria.

any new suggestions?

fish sauce replacement?

my family is vegetarian(not vegan!) . we eat everything but eggs/seafood.

ive found eggs subsitutes. but nothing for fish sauce/oyster sauce. Love asian/thai food, but can't stomache the fish/eggs.
any suggestions?

Dinner Tonight: Pasta with Smothered Cauliflower and Saffron

cauliflower is all potential: what is the whitest, blandest option on the crudite platter becomes deep and nutty when it's cooked with plenty of heat. In the best cauliflower pasta recipes, anchovies make an appearance, usually early on so they melt and disappear into the sauce, leaving only a nutty essence behind. This recipe from Lidia's Italy also brings in the classic Italian combination of pine nuts and raisins, along with the mellow, unmistakable flavor of saffron. More

Plum Phyllo Tarts

Cream cheese is a decadent foil to the tartness of the fruit, and the crisp phyllo dough shatters with every bite. Coarse salt and a drizzle of honey finish the complex combination of flavors and textures, rendering a sweet and... More