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Party Drinks: Easy and Elegant Smoky Sage Punch

Punches tend to bring together an element of sour, a bit of sweetness, something boozy, and something weaker to carry the flavors through (and make sure people can drink cup after cup). That stretching element here is earthy, smoky Lapsang Souchong tea, which provides unusual depth without stealing the spotlight. The fact that you can (and should) do the majority of the work ahead of time is another holiday hosting bonus. More

Drink Your Cranberries This Thanksgiving

Cranberry cocktails don't get much respect. Perhaps that's because they tend to be pretty boring: just sweetened juice spiked with whatever booze is handy. While cranberries are one of fall's signature flavors, a cranberry-vodka or a Sea Breeze feels a little too summery. And a bit too casual for serving at the holiday dinner table. But this cranberry cocktail, enriched with sherry and a splash of rum, is a different beast altogether. More

Tangy Cider Fizz

A bar spoon is approximately equal to one unpacked teaspoon. Since some people like their drinks sweeter, while others don't, start with that, try it out, and then adjust to your own taste.

Re: Carpano. It definitely has it's own unique flavor profile for this cocktail. If it's just not available, I'd stick with a richer sweet vermouth that you enjoy. However, I'd seek this out if you haven't tried it yet!

Spicy Melon Cocktail

Easy answer to that is yes. Flavor profile will change in that you will loose the juniper notes, but if that's not your thing than vodka can be used instead!

Salted Roasted Peanut Old Fashioned in a Bottle

@jacobestes I tried the peanuts on their own after leaving them out to air dry and although the initial taste was sweet with the Rye, I found there was a slight bitterness in the aftertaste. However, I wouldn't tell you not to try making peanut butter with it. I would just maybe adjust with some sugar or salt, depending on what your preference was. If you do try it out, PLEASE write about it here, would love to hear if you made it work.

Salted Roasted Peanut Old Fashioned in a Bottle

@arbeck I would only minimally decrease the water. The water in here is actually based on a percentage of water dilution that would happen if I had stirred the drink for 25-30 seconds, not based on the proof of the Rye.

Bottle This Salted Peanut Old Fashioned for a Party

@Jaredkent I grew up in RI but have been living in Los Angeles for over a decade now.

Hibiscus-Tequila Cooler

@foggyminded I suppose you could. I'd cut back on the amount of sugar though when making the syrup since you can add some of the liquid from the jar of hibiscus flowers.

Your Blender's Highest Purpose: Frozen Negronis at Home

Waring makes a great blender and is what I use at home for all my blended drinks. You can usually find it under $100, or even under $80 on sale.

Transform Your Cocktails With Smoked Ice

You guys all seem to be on top of it, but just to add to the convo, I tried one round with liquid smoke, just a few drops, to the water and I found the taste much too harsh.

Hibiscus-Tequila Cooler

@artgirl Yes! Hibiscus tea is usually just crushed, dried flowers. You might want to double strain but otherwise the taste will be the same.

Jewel of Oaxaca

The Irish Derby

You could get away with Jameson. It's a bit sweeter so you may have to adjust for your own tastes.

Meyer Lemon Bitters

@Phil88 I have a batch I made over a year ago that I still use. Those are kept in the dark brown dropper bottles away from direct sunlight. I say about a year for optimal flavor in general for these.

Meyer Lemon Bitters

@Pattyesq Makrud, or Kaffir lime leaves, can be found online (try Amazon). Gentian root is the bittering agent in the bitters and I get mine from the Dandelion Botanical Company online.

Make Meyer Lemon Bitters This Weekend

That's a mix in that basket of both Eureka lemons and Meyer lemons. But, yes, our Southern California lemons are more yellow lemon than buttery.

Meyer Lemon Bitters

You could add additional regular lemon zest, a lime zest or clementine zest as a replacement.

The Chocolate Rye

Oh oops. The almonds go in to the infusion with the cacao nibs and spices!

Sparkling Jungle Bird

@genghisbahng Yes! You can totally scale this. Just measure out the base and add the sparkling wine to top. Also, the glass here is a bit deceptive. The rim is actually silver, but here it looks dark. So, no float, that gets mixed in.

@woohoo You could make up a batch and just serve smaller drinks out of a pitcher too. Or just make one for yourself before anyone shows up. I approve.

Sparkling Jungle Bird

In true TIKI fashion, this is for one drink. That infused rum is cut with the lime juice and the juice from the pineapples so it's not a straight shot of pure rum. Also why it's served over lots of ice. Consider it a long-sipping drink.

Sparkling Jungle Bird

Thanks! The glass is actually a vintage find. You can find similar ones on Etsy or Ebay.

Sparkling and Spiced Citrus Sangria

Diana- Pavan can be found at several higher end liquor stores in LA. I found mine at Mel&Rose on Melrose in the West Hollywood area.

The shrub and cava were procured at Bar & Garden in Culver City.

First Look: Cocktails (and Breathing Fire) at Bergerac in San Francisco

That's a great piece of advice!

What's Your Favorite Bourbon Cocktail?

I've been making a Yuzu Whiskey Sour with some local Yuzu marmalade and Old Grand-Dad. Pretty delicious: http://stirandstrain.com/2013/03/04/yuzu-whiskey-sour/

5 Cool Vintage Punch Bowls on Etsy

Oh man, this is going to be a dangerous day for my bank account. LOVE that milk glass set.

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