I'll make anything once, and then make it better the next time. Half my fridge is devoted to condiments and pickled things; the other half to meat and farmer's market produce. Favorite cuisines to cook are Indian, Japanese, Moroccan, and southern Italian.

  • Location: PDX
  • Favorite foods: Pickled beets, sauerkraut, makizushi, Buffalo wings, eggs, udon noodles, mushrooms, rare ribeyes, gravlax, rice, apple-cinnamon quinoa, brown-bag yellow popcorn, Nutella, pomegranates, fried curried cauliflower
  • Last bite on earth: Steamed mussels in a garlic/butter/white wine broth with fresh sourdough on the side

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We Taste Every Kind of Spam

@CandiRisk haha I like to think of it as an acquired taste to an acquired taste... And most of my other Moxie-drinking friends won't touch it!

We Taste Every Kind of Spam

MOXIE!!!!!!! I get cases of Diet Moxie shipping out to the PNW. It costs a FORTUNE but it's cheaper than flying back to Maine every time I want one.

And there's nothing better than fried Spam slices for breakfast when camping in the autumn.

Serious Eats NYC-Maine Road Trip: Suggestions Please!

I second Flatbread (Portland location, get a table outside if possible), Bintliff's for brunch, Amatos on India St (don't even TRY to eat the whole sandwich if you're on a tasting excursion), and Novare Res off Exchange St. Also Portland Lobster Co on Commercial St (see if Beautiful Ben is working!) and Aurora's Provisions on Pine St (I went to HS 3 blocks away and their sandwiches and chocolates are amazing).

Fore Street is what it is: an institution, albeit one that has managed to keep its quality and its reputation. I say skip it this trip, unless you get a serious craving for steamed mussels and rustic bread.

Outside of Portland
Yarmouth (15 min north): Seagrass Bistro (Stephanie is quite talented and so friendly!)
Freeport (20 min north): Conundrum Wine Bistro (Vinnie bought out his parents a few years ago and runs a great ship, just went there tonight!), and Mainely Custard (because who doesn't love frozen custard???)

Cereal Eats: Yes, Rice Krispies Treats Cereal Still Exists

@leandra HILARIOUS!! Love this column already.

But I love cereal even more, and I love Rice Krispies Treats Cereal the most. Like, in a slightly worrisome, "if I found out they were in a store only 75 miles away I would rent a ZipCar just to take me there and back" way.

Thank you for saving me countless ZipCar rentals!!

"Seriously Indian"?

Then don't read it, @meat! :-p

Doing a "Seriously Indian" column would be like doing a "Seriously North American" column, in terms of breadth and scope. Such amazingly, deliciously, fantastically diverse cuisine!! Just think of it as plenty of fodder for years to come!

Anthony Bourdain's Paula Deen Diss

AB +1. Good for him, calling a spade a spade.

South Portland, ME: Great Bagels from Scratch Baking Co.

OH MY GOD THESE BAGELS ARE AMAZING. Definitely nowhere near an NYC bagel, but fantastic nonetheless, and definitely worth the 1+ hour round trip from South Freeport. Freshly toasted with a smear (not schmear) of house cream cheese, I would say there's few things that are better (especially with some cold-smoked salmon on top).

Hangover Helper: In-N-Out To The Rescue

Animal Style is the sole reason to get INO fries, but it's the best reason in the world! Amazing combination, right up there with dipping fries in a Frosty and putting salt and vinegar chips in a tuna sandwich.

Microwaving Japanese Rice?

It's so easy on the stove! Microwaves have so much potential for error, and rice can be temperamental.The Joy of Cooking has the best instructions I've found so far.

What to do with leftover frosting?

Mmmmmmm frosting. If for some reason you're against the spoon method, dipping nice crispy salty pretzels in it is a great sweet/salty mix.

If you are going for the spoon method, it's imperative that you eat it while standing up in the kitchen, awkwardly watching the TV that's in the next room and tuned to an 8-hour Law & Order: SVU marathon.

The Food Network's 50 States of Pizza

The pizza they pick from Maine, home of awesome New England Greek pizzas and the amazing Ricetta's, is something with MASHED POTATOES on it????????????????? Otto's is good, but seriously? THAT'S the best pizza in Maine?

Just because of that, I automatically distrust every other entry.

It's Shark Week...

Muahahahahaha love it. I do things like this with candy all the time.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Nova Schin Brazilian Lager

You would be SO comfortable in Portland, Oregon. I myself am a New England transplant here, and I thought my salty NE friends, guys and gals, could throw pack a few (plus a lot more) in any situation, any weather, during any activity or lack thereof.

Oregonians put us all to shame. Seriously, drinking beer is basically something they do in between breathing. Amazing. Unfortunately, living downtown the cheapest option is PBR for 7.99 + deposit, and I've done plenty of exploring on that bottom shelf already.

Dear AHT: How to Make a Palindrome Burger

In the words of Chandler Bing: "Oh my God!"

I cannot WAIT to try this more "flat"-friendly approach, as I can also commiserate with having an electric range. Ingenious!!!!!!!

Cook the Book: 'The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook'

Edible words from The Phantom Tollbooth. Also, any food served in the Anne of Green Gables series I was fascinated by.

Turkish Delight (as featured in the BBC straight-to-video 80's production) seemed AMAZING until I ate some, aged 10. No, thank you.

Nutella Pound Cake

Delicious! Two of my favorite things in one!

Tempuroni. Yes, That's Tempura + Pepperoni

Amazing!! Definitely going to put this on my list of awesome things to cook next. Do I have to use (what I consider because I'm a poor student) good vodka? Cause I'm hoping some Popov will do the same thing...

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Hambone!!!! Hope he's enjoying all the sandwich scraps!

Serious Eats Sandwich Festival: The Final Menu, Prepare to Salivate

arghhhhhhh why do I live on the other side of the country now?????????????

Salt: Not only does it make things taste good, it's good for you

Omg I LOVE SALT! Same as @Traveller, my internist told me to the throw caution to the wind on my salt intake. I don't eat packaged food with sneaky hidden sodium though, so when I add a generous pinch of sea salt to my meals, I get all the salty, amazing goodness. Give me salt over sugar any day!!

Chili Challenged

@ESNY1077 - That sounds phenomenal! As a Yankee, I don't have many strong opinions about chili, but I think I might after making yours!

Chain Reaction: Rock Bottom Brewery

100% agree. Burgers are fine, beer is fine. I'll eat there if I'm walking past and don't feel like exerting the brainpower to decide on another place (plus it's right downtown and is the only restaurant within a 4 block radius and I'm lazy). Don't even THINK about ordering a cocktail off the menu; wayyyy too much sugary/syrupy mix.

Honestly, I'm surprised this place has lasted in Portland, where serving an only OK house IPA is pretty much a crime.

Daily Slice: Straight From New York Pizza, Portland, Oregon

There's an Escape From New York pizza on NW 23rd in Portland. Very simple, very solid, closest to a NY slice in the PNW that I've found.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Natty Ice vs. Milwaukee's Best Ice

@Will, your household budget mirrors the one in my household remarkably well. Kudos.