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The McNuggetini

Now I love a McNugget, and I'll even dip a fry in a Frosty every now and then, but this combination is wrong.

Would You Send Back an Overcooked Burger?

I wouldn't worry about wasting a burger. I bet someone on the wait staff would eat it.

Best Hamburger Joint Motto Ever

Their onion rings are pretty delicious.

Cook the Book: 'Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics'

My guacamole is a big crowd please for any event. I keep it simple with avocados, sweet yellow onion, fresh diced tomatoes, lime juice, cayenne, sea salt, and pepper.

New Generation of Foodies

I am a 23 year old female, and my fiance is 25. We both appreciate fine food. We'd much rather spend a night out at a new restaurant or making a fabulous meal at home rather than drinking at the same old bars. If I do go out for drinks, the bar better have delicious snacks.

Breakfast between Houston and Dallas

Also in downtown Corsicana, there's the historic Collin Street Bakery. They're famous for their fruit cake, but the bakery has a good selection of pastries as well!

Fast Food jones?

Whataburger, Taco Cabana, Taco Bueno in Texas, Blake's Lotaburger in New Mexico, Milo's in Alabama...too many delicious places to count!

vegan dessert ideas

Make a vegan chocolate ganache frosting. Instead of heavy cream, use coconut milk.

Dear AHT: How to Make Glazed Doughnut Bacon Egg Cheeseburgers

I'd like to swap out the beef for a hot pork sausage patty, then add sriracha...delicious.

Sweet Potato Fries -- Who Likes These Things?

I always hated the sugary, sweet potato muck served at Thanksgiving. It wasn't until the sweet potato fry that I welcomed this wonderful root vegetable into my life. I find the best way to prepare them is to give hand-cut fries a drizzle of olive oil; then toss with sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and cayenne. I roast them in a hot oven, then crisp them up in the broiler just before they're done. I'm old fashioned, I dip in ketchup.

Cook the Book: 'Olives and Oranges'

Onion Rings! Recently, I tried some from Shuggies in Austin, a new mobile vending trailer in the Trailer Park Eatery. They were ice cream battered and oh so heavenly with a hamburger.

Should Mercury-Filled Canned Tuna Be Legal?

Here's a direct quote from the FDA website about mercury levels in fish, and mentions canned tuna levels specifically:

"Nearly all fish contain trace amounts of methyl mercury, some more than others. In areas where there is industrial mercury pollution, the levels in the fish can be quite elevated. In general, however, methyl mercury levels for most fish range from less than 0.01 ppm to 0.5 ppm. It's only in a few species of fish that methyl mercury levels reach FDA limit for human consumption of 1 ppm. This most frequently occurs in some large predator fish, such as shark and swordfish. Certain species of very large tuna, typically sold as fresh steaks or sushi, can have levels over 1 ppm. (Canned tuna, composed of smaller species of tuna such as skipjack and albacore, has much lower levels of methyl mercury, averaging only about 0.17 ppm.)

Should Mercury-Filled Canned Tuna Be Legal?

I don't agree with labeling tuna as a dangerous product. Anything that comes out of our polluted oceans can have traces of Mercury, and is not limited to canned tuna. Swordfish is another fish that comes to mind that can have a higher than average mercury content. However, we shouldn't outlaw these foods from our diet since they can be beneficial. Eating anything for an extended period of time can be hazardous to your health, and we shouldn't let this one story be used as a scare tactic. The key is eating these types of seafood in moderation. Besides, nutritionists recommend having an extreme variety of foods in your diet to get all of your required vitamins and nutrients.

Cook the Book: Nigella Express

My boyfriend and I need something sweet to end our day, but I am usually too tired to make dessert every night. So I make a huge batch of cookies and use an a small ice scoop to form them. I freeze them on a tray first, and when they are partially frozen I transfer them to a freezer bag. I take a few cookies out each night and defrost them while I cook dinner.

Serious Sandwiches: SXSW Sandwich Checklist

I recently moved to Santa Fe from Austin. I lived there for 4 years while I studied at UT; although I was always more concerned about the great food in town. I made it my business to stake out all the great sandwiches shops. Here are some you need to check out next time your in town that aren't just barbq joints.

Food Heads
616 W 34th St
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 420-8400
An artsy house with delicious gourmet sandwiches. The Herb Rubbed Chicken is my favorite.

The Kitchen Door
2504 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, 3742 Far West Blvd, Austin , 3703 Kerbey Ln, Austin
Possibly the best whole wheat bread I've tasted, and great chicken salad. They also offer baked goods, and take out meals.

Avenue B Grocery
4403 Avenue B, Austin, Texas, 78751
An old grocery store in Hyde Park store that makes deli sandwiches to order. They have a wide selection of desserts, sodas, chips, and candy. They also have basic groceries.

Evangeline Cafe
8106 Brodie Ln # 110
Austin, TX 78745
This cajun place popped up some time after Katrina. They produce a pretty serious crawfish po-boy.

Thundercloud Subs
A local sandwich chain that's great if you're on a budget. Why bother going to Subway anymore?

When someone you adore is the worst cook ever.

I think perhaps if you just met this guy suggesting cooking classes together is a bit extreme as you've already concluded. He may have been nervous cooking for you the first time, and like most guys probably thought about his plans shortly before. But I have my doubts about this guy's cooking skills if you found him the frozen section any where near frozen dinners. Perhaps, you could give him a copy of your favorite cookbook to share recipes and your common love of food. Bring him a dinner, or dessert unexpectedly to show off your skills. He'll probably enjoy the food and the fact he didn't have to make it. Eventually his cooking skills will evolve if he starts loving and understanding good food.

Cook the Book: 'My Last Supper'

For my last supper, I would dine with my boyfriend Rob on the porch of his ranch house just west of Fort Worth. We would enjoy the sunset over his dad's vineyard, and sip a tasty homemade white wine over our feast. The menu would include:

-A fresh loaf of French bread with creamy butter
-A steamed artichoke with lemon garlic butter
-A salad of mixed greens, my Baps' home grown tomatoes, avocado, red onions, cucumber, cheddar cheese, homemade croutons, & ranch dressing
-A Grilled Rib-eye (Medium Rare), served with grilled shrimp
-A Slice of Chocolate cake with Mascarpone Icing and Fresh Berries


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