top chef not up to par this season

Much like every single other "reality" (not!) show, it becomes what the producers want it to be. Top Model is really the "look at Tyra" show, Top Chef is the "lets see how we can f these chefs up" show.

Tony Bourdain is by FAR my fave chef, he should be one of the judges. With his snarky wit and exceptional pallet, he could keep the contestants on food track and the producers in line. (whenever I watch his show with my hubby I tell him "there's your replacement!").

Put them in REAL situations let them pick food and see how they handle it. An "iron chef " scenario would be cool. A military club function (been there, done that) dining in or dining out with returning troops would be nice AND patriotic. A foodie function cocktail challange for a pre-awards show party. "top chef takes on the pillsbury bake-off!" Bar-B-Q Battle! WOW! maybe I should write for the show!!

I also think the judging should be anonymous. Let them rate the food on what it is, then find out who made it. Praise the winning dishes and tell what went wrong with the losers. Give them assistants and see how they handle them. Watch their Mis. See how they utilize their workspace. Do they work cleanly or are they pigs?Candy competition!Kindergarten graduation! Sweet Sixteen! Quincenera! The never-ending battles that could be had!

Well, I've made myself hungry, time to go eat my black beans and rice....

Kale - My New Obsession

Not only does kale have calcium, its a great source of iron. I make a butternut squash-sausage and kale soup-YUMMO!

If you had your own Food Network show, what would it be?

If I had my own food network show, it would be "SIMPLY OFFAL", Introducing delicious ways to serve anything from tongue to chitterlings, or head to tail of any beast! Innards were CHEAP when I was a kid, and my Grannie served them often. Alongside various greens (dandelions, kale, etc). and some other stewed veggie. Now that I'm an adult, I've found ways to make them delicious, and not just cheap (sorry, Grannie, your liver stunk!)

From Kosher deli corned beef tongue (sandwich on pretzel bread with dijon mustard, butter and muenster cheese) to fabulous venison sausage in hog casings. Calf's liver soaked in buttermilk and sauteed with mushrooms, onions and bacon in sour cream pepper gravy. Deep fried turkey tails. Chopped chicken liver and onions on rye triscuits. My Mother's spicy pepper-pot soup, with honeycomb tripe as the star. Chicken livers (or duck, turkey)poached in Reunite Lambrusco with minced green onions and garlic, seived with a little sour cream on rye toast points. Need I go on?

TOTAL FOODIE here, go for the guts!