An enthusiatic albeit snobbish lover of food, art, and a lot of things that clash with each other.

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  • Last bite on earth: A slice of bread fresh from the oven.

What's your "Death Row" meal?

Toasted squirraly bread sandwich with almond butter and bananas. A big cup of warm So Nice soymilk.

If not, dough gods (fry bread) with cheese whiz.

Or...bannock with a moose stew and dumplings cooked on top eaten with syrup.

It's A Texture Thing....

Sardines and oysters. I can deal with the fishy smell, but the mushy texture makes me gag. The worst idea I ever had was to try the sardine and avocado sandwich. I love avocadoes, but I couldn't finish it with the combined textures and that...smell.

I can't stomach raw egg yolks either. Tender chicken makes me feel ill...I need to eat my chicken cooked dry. So I guess I'm a fan of those 'dry tasteless chicken breasts'. ;)

Yet on the other hand I do LOVE tapioca and rice pudding...

What Was The Best Thing You Ate This Weekend?

I semi-freestyled some cinnabuns (or cinnabiscuits really) to hit up a major craving. Turned out to be awesome and delicious. Although still no comparision to my mom's cinnamon buns. Shared with my best friend over some chocolate milk. (i half and halfed it with some whole milk.)

How Often Do You Eat Meat?

I eat a fair amount of dairy products such as milk and yogurt. I try to eat eggs too, but I'm picky about them. Other than that I don't eat meat all that often, which leaves me lacking in protein for my body....and has made my digestive system VERY unhappy about having to process any large amounts of meat.

Are There Foods You Can't Keep In The House?

Peanut butter, cashews, almonds....Actually just most nuts. I have self control with sunflower seed butter and tahini, so I keep those.

And dried apricots. Dipped in peanut butter.

Sugar free creamsicle/popsicle recipe

thanks for the suggestions. i just thinking about that banana one when i came on here and saw that reply...

it's getting worse for heat. D: imma need to whip up something quick.

Food you thought you hated?

Avocadoes. I always thought I hated them, but then I took the chance and tried one again...Turns out I love them. Somehow I had myself convinced they tasted like cilantro...which...unfortunately I do not love. I've tried it over and over, but to no avail.

....I'm not quite so sure about trying headcheese again though. :

Cook the Book: 'The Art of Eating In'

I love eating at home because you can be as casual and comfortable as you want. And sit however you like in the chair. Food just tastes better that way.

Poll: How Do You Top Your Pancakes?

i eat them plain. or with butter....strained yogurt smeared on them is sooo good too.

not a big fan of syrups....although when i was younger i use to put on coolwhip and semi-frozen blueberries. mmmm.

Canadian foods to kick off the Olympics!

I have't seen anyone mention moose meat----BUT, that's more of an ingrediant...and...probably not abundant elsewhere. Bannock is definitly a go....bannock on a stick is lots of fun. You make the dough, then sloooowly cook it over a fire...wrapped around a stick. Sort of like roasting hotdogs, but you gotta make sure you keep it turning slowly and make it cook evenly. It's done when it sounds hollow when tapped.

About pretty much 80% of my job out at a historic site consisted of making bannock for that and talking to tourists while we drank tea and stood around cooking bannock. Or they did anyways.

Do you like to read cookbooks like novels? Which ones?

I love Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid's books. The tidbits in the book and before each recipe made me fall in love with their book 'Flatbreads and Flavors'. I rarely read books like novels though...I tend to flip through, but I love reading some sort of prose in them. It's the same for foodblogs. I only read them if they tell stories that catch my eye. It's all about the worth of the word, not just the word itself.

What kind of chocolate do you prefer?

i was never really fond of milk chocolate and the like. i developed a taste for 70% and higher a few years back. but then i went through a period where I was horribly convinced I was allergic to chocolate....found out it was just the refined sugar and additives that produce a reaction.

so i gnaw these days on 100% unsweetened chocolate and a dried date to go with it. if i need something sweet with it. which i usually don't.


I like my avocadoes cut up with slices of oranges. in a semi-salad. Or I smear a nice layer on some bread and put the orange slices in. Then sprinkle a little good balsamic vinegar on the slices. Some people add sprouts. But I like it just like that.

I found that on once. Sometimes I forget the vinegar, but it still tastes delicious.

What do YOU think the sexiest foods are? Why

Anything that can be licked off a spoon. Otherwise, dark chocolate.

Wow, my pizza delivery dude had his family w/ him in his truck

Could everyone cool off a little? This was just an observational topic...Yeah some people speculated, but in my 'little opinion' I think a fair amount of you are getting carried away. It's difficult to walk away from something when it irritates or provokes you, but please do. You may gain some kind of satisfaction from 'winning' an arguement, but there are other things you could put this spent mental effort into.

As for the original topic...I think that was very nice of you. I hope the kid enjoyed the juicebox. I use to love it when someone gave me a pop or juice as a kid.

The world is ending! Food rationing is in effect, choose wisely!

Salmon, chicken, cheese.

Persimmons, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Squash, Arugula

Olive oil, butter, caraway seeds, cinnamon, dill, dried garlic, black pepper

I just don't know where chocolate would fit in. I'm rather fond of the unsweetened baker squares to gnaw on...

Meat - How done do you like it?

Everything well done. My mom teases me about cooking it till it's "dead", or "cooking all the taste out". I don't like shoe leather meat, but I have a paranoia and HIGH dislike for parasites. Needless to say, what my mom told me about pork was readily applied to all other things.

Mind you, there is one thing that is technically 'raw' that I love. Home-dried deer meat. Or moose. It's not 'cooked' per say, but it's so chewy and good...

"Savory" recipes

thanks I'll check that out! I see packages of Savory in our local co-op...admittedly I haven't seen it anywhere else before then. I'll definitly give feedback...I'm considering using it in meatloaf, but those meatcakes sound delicious!

What's Your Go-To Cheese?

Swiss cheese....generic typical kind? And soft goat cheese.

That way I'd have a nice soft tangy cheese, and a strong-flavored really melty/stringy one. Satisfies all my cheese needs.

But I'd sure miss the other kinds. I like mozarella...but it's not my favourite when it comes to taste. Swiss wins over.

Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone, my name is Skye, but I go by Zhe on the internet. I'm 19...which is fairly young on here I suppose and might explain a LOT of my inexperience.

I'm more west-coast Canadian, and grew up on bannock, moose meat, lots of fried liver n' onions, and cheese whiz. Oh, and perogies. I'm a FORMER anorexic...which is not something most people want to mention, but that's how my interest in food started! I started getting really focused on cooking, how to cook and the ingrediants...and even though I'm better now, I still have a love and healthy interest in food!

My favourite fruits are: Persimmons, grapefruit, and bananas.

What cooking I learned is a mix of little things my grandma has taught me and a LOT of book reading and online search. I love lurking on SeriousEats, and my favourite 'cookbook' is Flatbreads and Flavors. I don't have any real history or experience beyond what I've learned in the past years, and food is really more of a hobby to me. I briefly considered pursueing a culinary career, and maybe I will, but my main passion is art. Still a full-time student, so I guess I have a lot of years of cooking and learning ahead of me.

I'm Metis, but I usually say I'm 90% European. Mainly German, Polish, and French. Not sure if genetics play a role, but man do I love cabbage and root vegetables. And caraway seeds. But my favourite spice is Cinnamon.

The taste of homemade bread

@dbcurrie I blame the late night as well on that. By the whole wheat flour I meant that when it comes to using wheat flour...I use recipes that call for whole wheat flour in place of say...all purpose flour. I didn't substitute the rye flour with whole wheat. (I'm shaking my head and laughing, because surely someone has done that out there)

I suspect because of the fermentation, I tend to get the same...flavor. I have used Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain recipes...and they have been successful actually. It's just hard getting a hold of the book..and there's only a few I've found posted online.

I can't find the recipe again right now...but it did call for a majority of wheat flour to rye... *thinks* 5 cups of wheat to 3 cups of rye. Perhaps it may have been my flour that was just too strong.

Thank you for your suggestions/help everyone (db especially)...I'm leery of sourdough cultures because I'm not consistant with time...but I did have a rye culture about a year had a similar flavor though to my wheat breads! But I think it would not hurt to try again.

...I wonder, does anyone know if you can use other grain flours to make cultures? I have some buckwheat and whole grain barley flour...and...spelt in the freezer..

Jingle bells--who the hell is gonna make dinner tonight? 12/21?

my family's version of "chili". ground beef with the fat boiled off, drained and cooked with onions, garlic, mushrooms. can of tomatoes, corn, baked beans, and kidney beans. plus spices and a little salsa tossed in. more like a really thick/hearty stew than anything. served with sour cream, but i use yogurt. tastes better.

now i'll just have to find a recipe for the leftover sour cream that always shows up...

Favorite Foods for Blizzards?

Jeez. And they tease us Canadians about our weather.

Never been in a blizzard, but nothing is comforting and warming like a big bowl of creamy butternut soup....Or a big pot of chili. Both really simple to make, but so delicious and you have lots of leftovers to reheat...I like eating my soup with eggy in a basket toast so I can mop it up with the crust or dip it.

cheesecake crust?

i was thinking about a pastry crust...but i was afraid it'd overbake for some reason before the fill was done.

@dbrackst, do i have to prebake that one too? i assume so...but for how long?

Spicy vegetarian dish with chiles?

thanks everyone for your suggestions! that mole sounds really good...and that dish too NotAmerican! but I think I'll try the mole first...although I've never had such a thing before. (only read about :

Sichuan peppercorns in SC

I'm down in Easley, South Carolina for two months. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could locate these peppercorns in the local area? I tried Whole Foods just for the heck of it and found other spices and such, but the peppers continue to elude me. I'm not familiar with the area so I don't know any good local ethnic grocers either. Please help?

Sugar free creamsicle/popsicle recipe

With the approaching days of summer (Already! It's near 80 degrees up here...which is HOT for my area's time of year) I've been thinking about cool treats more and more.

Though, a lot of the recipes I see for popsicles or creamsicles call for added sugar of some sort...So I was wondering if anyone had success with just fruit puree....possibly mixed with milk or yogurt? I'm not looking for recipes with sugar substitutes. Just no added refined/artificial sweeteners ones if anyone has some to share. :)

"Savory" recipes

I picked up a bottle of Savory yesterday, and set right away to find recipes for it. I imagine you can guess what happened when I typed "Savory" into foodblogsearch or any other recipe search engine... Although I did find a helpful article on the herb that gave me an idea of where it would be appropiately applied...

I was wondering if anyone had any recipes that use this herb specifically? I believe I have summer savory, as it has a very mild taste. Although it reminds me of sage in its scent.

The taste of homemade bread

I love baking my own bread...but my problem is that...the bread is good, but it almost ALWAYS has the same taste. I only bake with whole wheat flour, so I use a...what I guess is 'fermentation' technique most of the time. I just made saurkraut rye bread and it my normal loaf except for a faint difference. I'm wondering if maybe it's from using the same brand of yeast?

Or maybe it's the flour? I've used different brands...but. Maybe it's just what I should expect?

Oh, btw, I mean...of course I expect it to taste like bread. But I always thought different techniques would produce different flavors? I don't know.

cheesecake crust?

okay so i'm planning on making a pumpkin cheesecake....but i have absolutely no gingersnaps, shortbreads, cookies or wafers of anykind that could be crumbled up for the crust. so i'm wondering what kind of crust could i use in place OR would it work okay crustless?

Spicy vegetarian dish with chiles?

I absolutely LOVE spicy food...but it's difficult finding the 'right' recipe when you have a craving for something. I'm what I call an unintentional vegetarian ( interest in eating meat), but it's mainly just meat itself... All the same, I'm looking for a vegetarian dish that's really nice and spicy. At my disposal I have some frozen thai bird chilies, a small bottle of tabasco, red chile powder, spicy smoked paprika, ground chipotle, and some unknown tiny but hot red peppers i grew this summer...dried. About 6-8 of those.

Plus I have this package of dried chiles that I don't know what to do with...they're large and black colored. The name on the package says 'pasilla negro'.

Help? Please? Even though it's during recovery time from the T-day?

Cooking with moth beans???

I picked up a bag of dried beans awhile back. I thought they might be black eyed peas, just with a different name. It says 'moth beans' on the bag, and they're kind of tiny little things.

Unfortunately, I can't find any clear definition of what they are or what do with them. Can anyone help me out?

Rich egg bread recipe?

We're fortunate enough to have our own chickens and sometimes we have...well. Too many farm fresh eggs. Our fridge gets packed with them at the height of the laying.

My mom talks about how she use to work in a bakery years ago and they would make this really rich bread. She always remembers it because it took 12 eggs to make for two loaves. I'm thinking it's Brioche or some form of it, but I have not found a recipe accomodating to the memory. I don't think the shape matters so much, but she said they use to make a loaf by making buns of the dough, letting it proof and bake together...then you would tear off a bun.

Any idea what she could be talking about? If not, any recipes for bread that uses a lot of eggs?

Thai cabbage?

So on a venture to the city, I love to browse the produce that is normally not availiable in smaller town markets...However, this time around I saw a cabbage. I almost instantly pinned it off as a huge savoy cabbage...

Then I looked at the pricing, and it was called 'Thai cabbage'. I picked it up...because I love cabbages of all kinds...

It has a wrinkly skin. The head I bought is HUGE, but light, because the leaves fit together loosely. Not as dense as a 'normal' cabbage at all in my books.

So, any idea what I'm talking about? And if so, any suggestions of what to do with it? I'm thinking cabbage rolls honestly...but I'd like to see what you guys think first.

How long does seafood last in fridge?

I thawed some scallops last night. But do to a change in the menu, I couldn't cook them up so I put them in the fridge without really thinking about it. They've been in there all day, and it's too late to cook them I'm wondering if they'd still be safe to eat by tomorrow morning or noon?

Also, I'd like to know how long raw fish and the like can be safely kept in the fridge, please.

Oh, and I mean fish that is going to be cooked. Not consumed raw which I'm thinking would drastically effect matters.

Where to find good hotdogs in Canada?

I've been reading posts about hotdogs, and...I'm not a big meat eater.

But I do like hotdogs. My problem is that I have a serious sensitivity to additives like MSG under it's numerous names and I try to avoid processed food... I know, I know, hotdogs are still processed but I heard about this Hebrew National brand, but I don't think we can get that up here in the 'great north'.

So, estranged Canadian looking for a good quality brand comparable to Hebrew National? I'm on the western side of Canada.

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