Seafood Combination Ideas

hahaha yes, it was quite a large giftcard, but I am loving the ideas! It is definitely going to be hard to decide.

What is Charlotte Royale?

Ok so I am planning to get my girlfriend a cake for her birthday, which also happens to be the day after new years.

I am cooking new years day dinner which includes a whole bunch of fish. I know my gf loves lemon desserts. So I am order my fish from legals sea foods shop site who it appears has a lemon dessert.

The lemon cake/dessert is called a Charlotte Royale? Here is a picture of The Cake

Could someone explain this type of cake to me and whether or not its a good birthday cake/gift combo? It looks phenomenal but I know nothing about it.

Seafood Combination Ideas

I was wondering if anybody has any good ideas for seafood combo dishes for the upcoming holiday season?

I just got a pretty good sized gift card for Legal Sea Foods Shop (, so I am going to be ordering a substantial amount of seafood, and there are many possibilities. Go wild with ideas!

I am making food for roughly 15 people, so if you have any ideas or recipes could you keep that in mind?

Look forward to your ideas, Thanks!

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