"Sea Caper" ?! Anyone?

thank you! I thought "sea caper" sounded like a suspect name...

It's Easy Cookin' Green

This is a great article and I have 2 things to add:
1) Using a plastic bag, even if reused for garbage is not as good as using a reusable canvas bag. Paper is even worse in terms of energy used to produce them. More here at Worldwatch.

2) An article on "the P's & Q's of BBQ" from the Sierra Club a couple years ago.

Annoying food habits...

My husband will eat just about anything cold, i.e. cold pizza for breakfast.

And I annoy him by always telling him "put it in the toaster oven!".

My mom will take a bite from my plate without asking. It's funny how the asking permission makes all the difference.

I once had a roommate who attacked his fork as if he were a starving animal and the fork was the prey. He didn't put his fork in his mouth; he lurched forward and bit the food off the fork. It was so weird.

I have to say, I don't understand the waiting until everyone sits down thing. I mean, I comply with it, but it seems so unnecessarily formal. What difference does it make?

Cook the Book: 'The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook'

Chocolate-pecan pie, biscuits & gravy, red beans & rice.

Cook the Book: 'Baking, From My Home to Yours'

I have to second the Italian not-coconut macaroons. Also gingerbread cookies (which shouldn't be so tethered to the winter), shortbread dipped in dark chocolate, and chocolate chip w/pecans.

The World According to David Chang, or 'As the Chang Turns'

Yes, well, not everyone reads every single article about David Chang either.

Question of the Day: Ever consider a food-related tattoo?

There was a slideshow of chef's tattoos in the NY Times a while back...
(unfortunately I think you have to be a TimesSelect member to view)

Roadfood Roundup: Hot Dogs

A trip to Chicago is not complete without Hot Doug's...

"Sea Caper" ?! Anyone?

At The Breslin in NY this weekend on top of my bass was what my dining companion claimed was a "sea caper". It looked like an olive, but with small seeds like a kiwi and a long stem. It definitely tasted like a caper. I have never seen or heard of such a thing and I can't find anything online about it. I was wondering if anyone knows more about it?

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