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Co-founder of, which highlights regional foods/drinks from different cities around the globe. Freelance travel & food writer; big-time eater.

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  • Location: Queens, NY
  • Favorite foods: in no particular order: pizza, papri chaat, oysters, pan-fried pork/chive dumplings, sausage rolls, jamon Iberico, bibimbap, or anything else with an egg on it
  • Last bite on earth: Grandma's stuffed artichoke. A bowl of fresh pasta. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream cone.

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Butter Tea, Yak Jerky, and Momos Galore: An Introduction to Tibetan Cuisine

Hi Joe--where can I find tsampa porridge in JH? Never tried it and am very curious now!

A One-Day Food Tour of Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, New York's Most Diverse Dining Destination

Great article, and of course we could talk for days about other favorite places and dishes! I do agree with nscroll re: Samudra; I find it very hit or miss, and in general better for South Indian food than North. I like the chaats at Maharaja best. Have you tried the crispy Thai crepes(khanom bueng)at Khao Kang? I believe they're offered weekend afternoons only.

Vegan Black Bean and Squash Chili

This is my new favorite weeknight dinner! Bonus: my 10-month-old loves it too (minus the chipotle).

Dinner Tonight: Dan Dan Noodles

Finally made this--delicious! But how come the "Shanghai noodles" at our local Asian market are skinny (like soba)? I expected to find the fatter noodles, but these were the ones we were directed to.

British Bites: A Guide to Quintessential London Eats

@Arjayeff, perhaps it was boiled eggs & soldiers you had?

The jellied eels are surprisingly good (though admittedly, I scraped most of the gelatin off!). On the quintessential London list, I'd add bangers & mash, sticky toffee pudding, bacon butties, real ale (and local craft beer), and, yes, curry/CTM. And lots more here:

The Regional Cuisine of South Asia in NYC, Part 3: Maharashtra, Mumbai, and Gujarat

I'm still new to Gujarati cuisine, but my favorite dish so far is patra, those rolls of taro leaf, chickpea flour, mustard seeds, grated coconut, sesame seeds & more. Rajbhog always has some.

Ask the Critic: What 'New York' Food Souvenirs Can I Bring Home?

I second the William Greenberg B&W cookies recommendation. A box of small ones travels nicely.

Where to Eat Chinese Food in New York City

I'd put Elmhurst's Uncle Zhou in the best dumpling category (for its awesome boiled lamb dumplings) and even the best sit-down is that good, and way more than a noodle house. Bonus: Every time I go with a group of 4, we stuff ourselves silly & the bill never tops $45.

Keep Austin Weird: 12 Unique Foods Found in Austin

First of all, that Monte Cristo sandwich looks amazing. Second: Tacodeli is also great for breakfast tacos, an Austin (and San Antonio) specialty!

For more foods that are "uniquely Austin" (as opposed to "unique in Austin"), check out my top-15 list of local foods & drinks here:

They don't do much for the city's purported quirkiness, but they're musts for visitors nonetheless!

Ed Levine's 24 Hours in New Orleans

Agree re: breakfast, unless it's a boozy brunch at Commander's Palace, perhaps. I remember having BBQ shrimp for breakfast last time I was in NOLA! It did the trick.

For anyone interested in a bunch (36!) of other favorite New Orleans dishes & drinks, see
We have some overlap mentions w/Ed's trip, like Parkway's roast beef po'boy.

Next time, I need to try the vaunted fried chicken!

My 16 Favorite Foods in Istanbul

We were just in Istanbul too, for Eat Your World! Our content's not up yet; we've got some 35+ of our own favorite local dishes & drinks to write up. But many of these overlap--kaymak, Iskender kebab, and tavuk göğsü among them. Also will second some comments above--kokoreç was an absolute favorite (with its partner in crime, midye dolma, or stuffed mussels), the islak burger was fun to try, and I'm a big fan of manti...but the best are not in Istanbul, as you might have suspected, but in other parts of the country like Kayseri and Sinop (where they're doused in butter, walnuts, and yogurt--oh my!). Also loved boza, a fermented-millet drink topped with roasted chickpeas, and I got surprisingly addicted to the many varieties of lokum (Turkish delight). So much good food in that city!

@gargupie I think you're referring to Turkish Grill in Sunnyside. I went once, right before going to Turkey, and was impressed. They do a good hünkar begendi!

Check Out Viva La Comida!, the Latin American Food and Culture Festival Coming September 21st

Three-way tie: spicy pork tamales from the vendor at the Jackson Heights farmers market; barbacoa tacos & tongue tacos on Roosevelt Ave; pan do bono, the delicious Colombian cheese bread, from La Abundancia bakery on Roosevelt.

The Serious Eats Guide to Sandwiches, the International Edition

I would add the many types of broodje in Amsterdam (! My favorite is kroket and broodje pom...

Sandwich Hack: The Little Italy Lard Bread Antipasto Mozzarella Melt

Oh, how I miss living around the corner from Mazzola Bakery's lard bread in Carroll Gardens!

Burgers in Dakar, Senegal

Stumbled upon this post and thought I'd share a burger visual! This one is from Chez Joe in Dakar, another fantastic place to try the standard egg-cheese-fries-and-more burger. See it here:

London: 10 Must-Eat British Foods During the Olympics

@Judith: You can email me at laura AT

@Claire: Nice to see some of the classics vegetarianized! Thanks for sharing.

London: 10 Must-Eat British Foods During the Olympics

@twiceburned: Great additions! Some--like beans on toast, bangers & mash, boiled eggs & soldiers (with or w/o Marmite)--I have listed on my own website, Eat Your World, a regional-food guide:
I'd love a good steamed pudding recipe to try at home...

London: 10 Must-Eat British Foods During the Olympics

Everyone has correctly guessed that the sticky toffee pudding is the dish that most haunts my dreams.

@ks328 Yes, the Indian food is great, and definitely still something I hope visitors seek out in London. Of course I disagree with you about skipping the rest!

Eating All The Momos in Jackson Heights

Always a big fan of Lali Guras & Tawa Foods, and an employee at Himalayan Hut recently recommended Woodside Cafe. I'm not familiar with a few places here, but I'll definitely check 'em out soon! P.S. Another must at Phayul is the beef tongue appetizer. Delicious!

Don Antonio: Finally, a Midtown NYC Pizzeria Worth Traveling To

I've had a deep-fried calzone only once in my life, at Tony & Lucille's in New Haven, CT, and it blew my mind. Will definitely hit up Don Antonio's soon!

Visiting NYC? Where to Eat in New York, the Best Restaurants and More

This is a fantastic list! Lots of my own favorite recs--I'll definitely be sharing it with future out-of-town inquirers. Of course, what I always end up doing is giving them a food tour of my own 'hood, Jackson Heights, but that's for family & friends only. ;)

For anyone interested in visuals/more info about the NYC classics--the native, the traditional, the newly iconic--please see my list here:
We also include where to find a great pretzel, knish, egg cream, cheesecake; where to drink local NYC beer, and more.

To the SE list, I'd echo some of the other commenters and add Momofuku Noodle Bar (at an off hour, if poss), Ippudo or Totto ramen, oysters (or pan roast) at Grand Central Oyster Bar, and, for the pre-theater crowd, a drink at divey Jimmy's Corner.

Snapshots from Prague: 10 Must-Eat Foods

So happy to hear all the fond memories of eating in the Czech Republic! It was hard to choose 10 favorites, as clearly there are lots more.

@sobriquet: Glad you love the bread dumplings too!

@Lorenzo: I've definitely heard that excuse before. ;)

@AnnieNT and/or @Twinwillow: Do you have a favorite spot for wild mushrooms in Prague? Would love to know for next time.

@thesteveroller: Those late-night fried-cheese sandwiches you mention must be smazeny syr ( beer absorbers, for sure! What is devil's toast? Not familiar w/that one.

@Garvey: Agree on the street sausages! (

Would love to hear more Praha food favorites...

Cheap Eats: Five Great Doubles In Bed-Stuy & Crown Heights

This sounds amazing--didn't even know it existed. Seems quite similar to North India's chole bhature. YUM.

SXSW Guide: Where to Eat in Austin

Agree with lots of these recs--definitely do Barley Swine in lieu of Odd Duck if it's not open. I second Franklin's for BBQ, Ginger Man for local beer, Trudy's for Mexican martinis, and Magnolia for "Mag Mud" queso (go to Kerbey Lane, also open 24 hrs, if Magnolia is too crazy).
Will add:
--migas & breakfast tacos at Tamale House No. 3
--BBQ chopped beef sandwich at Ruby's
--chicken-fried steak at Hoover's, if you're up for it!

Check out Eat Your World ( for more quintessential Austin-area eats!

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Erin's Boerum/Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens

Mazzola's lard bread (and other Italian breads in general) is the No. 1 thing I've missed about that neighborhood since moving to Jackson Heights a few years ago. (The obsession's been replaced by one for Colombian cheese bread!)
The amazing lamb at the Yemen Cafe on Atlantic also stands out for me as a reason to travel back there.


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