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Sous vide eggs question

A detailed chart on egg cookery.

The caption here reads, "What happens to eggs at various temperatures? All eggs were cooked in a water bath for 75 minutes (an hour is enough) at the temperature indicated."

(via Cooking Issues)

Sous vide eggs question

a detailed chart for egg cookery. Shows textures of egg at various temps. The caption reads: "All eggs were cooked in a water bath for 75 minutes (an hour is enough) at the temperature indicated"

(via Cooking Issues)

German Exchange student-suggestions?

As said before, it really depends on where she is from in Germany. Some of the food my wife misses from Bavaria are - schweinebraten, semmelknödel, kartoffelknödel, spätzle, rahmschnitzel, dampfnudeln, kaiserschmarrn, or brotzeit (good bread, quality cheeses, charcuterie, sausages, etc...)

Best food for beating a cold

Taking me 30mins to write = "smart phone" awesomeness. My Mother-In-Law insists on a warm, microwave massage, dunkel weissbier. Non conclusive, but it tastes good.

Cookbook for Mom

woo-hoo! you guys and gals just made our last minute christmas shopping so much easier!

Cook the Book: 'Fiesta at Rick's'

Tacos and margaritas with Bayless would be unbelievable.

Eating in/around Leadville, CO

There is the greatest lebowski-esque bowling alley as you enter the north side of town on 24.

If you are up for a beautiful drive. Check out Mango's in Red Cliff, north towards Minturn, just off hwy 24. Great fish tacos and live music.

I have also enjoyed many a beer at the Silver Dollar Saloon on Harrison.

What time do you eat dinner ?

6:30 - 7 depending on work and/or tv schedule

Where to Eat in Austin, Texas: SXSW 2010

don't forget Parkside, Chuys (chicken chile relleno), Uchi, Curras (avocado marg), Frank (brunch), etc....

The Salt Lick is worth the trip, but I think more for the atmosphere (grab a bunch of friends and take a ice chest). There are definitely better tacos than Tacodeli, but too many to list. Here is the Tour de Tacos from

House Wine is a really cute little wine bar in an old bungalow near barton springs and s lamar. I've heard Max's wine dive is also great,but I have never been.

Dining recommendations in Berlin, Germany

thats Hühnchen :) wife's german, but I just can't get the spelling sometimes...

Dining recommendations in Berlin, Germany

I was in Berlin earlier this year. These places are mostly street food, but were very good.

W der Imbiss - flat breads, salads,
Imren Grill - döner shop in Kruezberg
There is also a Hünchen stand in Kruezberg. Can't think of the name, but its on a corner and the line is hard to miss.

Kombucha: The Acquired Taste for Funky-Tasting Fermented Tea

Love Kombucha, but it's too expensive and I don't have enough courage to brew a batch myself.

Food magazines

I really love Savuer, but also like Bon Appetit.


tempura fried with spicy ranch

Cook the Book: Ad Hoc at Home

Evangeline Cafe in South Austin. The oysters contraband are absolutely amazing. Try it with a Abita Turbodog.