• Location: ohio
  • Favorite foods: goat cheese, olives, bread, ice cream, tomatoes, asparagus, lamb, gnoochi, cheeseburgers, pork tenderloin, tamales, bacon...i could go on and on
  • Last bite on earth: raclette, butterscotch w/ brownies ice cream & strawberry buttermilk ice cream from Jeni's, kalamata olives, San Francisco sourdough, french fries, a bacon cheeseburger, a pint of Bell's Oberon, my Mom's brioche

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Win a Copy of 'Baked Occasions'

Crack Pie or Bourbon Chocolate Bundt Cake

We Chat With Pastry Chef Megan Ketover on Loving Cincinnati and Toughening Up for Top Chef

I had a couple of classes with Chef Ketover in pastry school at MCI. She's one of the best (and most helpful) teachers I've ever had and I'm so happy to see her accomplishments mentioned here on Serious Eats.

Neighborhood Guide: Our Favorite Spots in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine

Stop by Collective Espresso, on Woodward & Main, the next time you're in town. Great pour-overs and a nice cortado!

Today, at the grocery store..

I work in the bakery at Whole Foods in Cincinnati so everyday provides me an opportunity to chat with interesting people. My favorites are the customers who like to talk about what they're making later with what they're buying. Unfortunately, those conversations are few and far between since most people are there to buy just a cookie or a tart or a cannoli...something already made. If you're in the store, stop by and talk to me about baking, please!

Slice Poll: When Did Your Love Affair with Pizza Begin?

It was during the Book-It years for me, about 1st or 2nd grade. I've always been a crazy reader so I got a lot of Pizza Hut during those years. It's also probably why I was so chubby at that age.

Happy National Doughnut Day

I got my free donut at Fountain Square in Cincinnati today. It was a honestly a little difficult to enjoy at glazed cake donut at Noon in the hot sun but I at least ate half of it.

Get Your Serious Eats Reusable Bags

It's going to be something with tomatoes because I just bought a ton from the produce stand. Yay for RED tomatoes!

What Culinary School offers the best educational experience?

@smallgirl: I go to MCI too!

I can only speak from a pastry arts point of view but so far all of my instructors have been great and knowledgeable. The price is right and the school has (I think) the #4 co-op program in the country. I can't say much for the "business" classes they make you take but I'm having a blast in all my pastry/baking classes.

Poll: How Do You Like Your Ice Cream?

I get it in a cake cone...although those seem to be hard to find these days.

Toronto in June...what's good?

@ omnomnom: Great! I'm also a pastry student so the bakery thing would definitely be right up my alley. I do like Italian too. Thanks!

@ FoodieEng: I'm a not-super-strict vegetarian...meaning, if it's something that is a once-in-a-lifetime meal that happens to have meat in it, I'll eat it but, otherwise, I stick to the veggies. My friend will pretty much eat anything. Other than that, I'm not specific on cuisine.

Also, what are some good bars to hit up on a Friday night that don't have a dress-code or cover at the door? We're mainly beer-drinkers who prefer to do so in jeans and a t-shirt. I've read something about the Communist's Daughter?

Mail-Order Ice Cream from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams in Columbus, Ohio

Aw Jeni's...dangerous stuff, for sure! I least have two hours between me and the closest shop so I'm safe for now. The Strawberry Buttermilk is the only strawberry ice cream I'll eat.

NCAA Basketball Tournament: 64 Great Foods in 64 College Towns

Woo hoo Bobcats! First a win against Georgetown and now a shout-out from Serious Eats for Casa! I'm tempted to make a trip to Athens now.

Serious Eats Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificates from Threadless

I have the milk & cookie (I love you!) one that is shown above. For some reason, it reminds me of that Blur video for "Coffee and TV".

Introduce Yourself!

Hi, my name is Katie and I used to live in Columbus (6 years) but then moved to Cincinnati about 1 1/2 years ago. I'm 30 years old and am currently in culinary school trying to earn my pastry arts degree. When I lived in Columbus I loved North Market, specifically the bread place, the Vietnamese spot and, of course Jeni's (forgive me for forgetting the name of the other two places). If anyone on here has any connections to a bakery in Cincinnati, drop me a line! Thanks and have a great day.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Grocery Chain?

It is odd that they left of Kroger. I have the great fortune of living near two Krogers that have Murray's Cheese shops.

Standing Room Only: Jeni's Ice Cream

I had the brown butter with almond brittle a few days ago...seriously awesome. I wish they would make it a signature.

Open Thread: Home for the Holidays — Your Sentimental Favorite Pizzeria

I grew up in West-Central Ohio but when I think of a sentimental pizza favorite, it has to be Vivio's in Indian River, Michigan (near Petoskey) or my college favorite, Goodfella's in Athens, Ohio.

Cook the Book: 'Nigella Christmas'

Chocolate shortbread cut-outs with white chocolate for decoration

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Charles Chocolates

Right now it's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with hot fudge.

Do You Eat or Email First?

I wake up, make coffee, get dressed, watch a little news, head to work and then check my work e-mail. I don't have internet access at my apartment so e-mail isn't even an option at home.

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: A Piece of Cake

Chocolate Cake with a Nutella filling and chocolate frosting

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: Lemon Aid

I like my lemonade in an Arnold Palmer...the drink, not the person.

Best ice cream in NYC?

That's great that Jeni's got a shout-out on a New York discussion! I can't even buy Jeni's in-store, in Cincinnati so I'm pretty jealous right now.

Anyway, back to the discussion, I was curious about New York ice cream too because I'll be visiting Brooklyn in 2-3 weeks. I heard Jacque Torres' new ice cream place is pretty good. Anyone know?


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