Erin Adamo

proponent of food for the underdog!

  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Favorite foods: Guacamole, French Fries, Steak, Almonds, All things with melted cheese, Chocolate and Caramel, but mostly I prefer savory, except when it comes to ice cream!
  • Last bite on earth: Some kind of 50 course meal.

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Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake

@BiancaBlancaBlanc, Oh my that sounds delightful!

Snapshots from New Orleans: Willie Mae's Fried Chicken Is Still Awesome

still haunts me that I couldn't try it cause they were closed...I hate Sundays for this reason and many more.

Summer's here...easy iced coffee recipes?

I just brew using a large (8 cup) french press, let it sit and cool, then put the french press in the fridge. I usually make it right before I go to bed on Sunday and have iced coffee for 4 days straight, um, Friday is fancy coffee day ;) Pretty easy!

Brooklyn: Great Burgers Near the River's Edge at That Burger Tent

hahaha, hilarious rip! looks like he's sportin some greaser rolled up semi "skinny" jeans...and in reality respected designers never accepted jncos plus "skinny" jeans did originate from a much cooler event in cultural history. looking like johnny ramone will always be cool, this guy did not nail that. back to burgers..I will finally stop at this tent Adam, thanks :)

Snapshots from Norway: Skillingsboller, Norwegian Cinnamon Buns

@ssdf23 - I can't stand glazed buns, but I do like sugar and pearl sugar instead of over sweet gooey glaze is thee way to go with bullar of any scandinavian origin :)

Coffee Traditions: Scandinavian Egg Coffee

I don't know if it was egg coffee or not (thinking NOT) but I think Swedish coffee is excellent and superior to most coffee here in the US. I don't know what brands I tasted but I always drank it at my families' homes there not out.

What's yer favorite cocktail???????

Dark and stormy! Or any spins off that general flavor combo!

What do you CLEAN with??

@somechick, you could always have DH do the cooking and dishes ;)

Sugar Cookies have a crazed appearance

It's probably the powdered sugar. Do you know those chocolate cookies that have the cracked look on top? Well those are coated in powdered sugar and then baked to make them appear that way. The recipe my grandmother gave me doesn't call for powdered sugar and they never look cracked. I refrigerate the dough and then roll out and cut out shapes. Hope that helps!

Cook the Book: Lemony Chicken Pot Pie with Parsley Biscuit Crust

I really enjoyed making this, more veggies would be delicious I agree! I am only cooking for 2 so it made for a very easy leftover. I really could care less what my dish looks like as long as it tastes great but if it bothers you what about red bliss potatoes? I'm sure that would brighten it up.

Freezer Meals for a single college student.

How about mini Shepard's Pies ( Or Chili Cheesy Mac ( Or stuffed shells? As for sweets, you're probably covered, but cinnamon buns are always good!

USDA Declares War on Pizza

Cakes, cookies, pizza, cheese, sausages, hot dogs, ribs, bacon, and ice cream? Good god that list sounds like my last meal on earth (if of course I was warned of said event). Also, isn't the solid fat part of pizza cheese anyways, so what's with the repeating?!!! Way harsh USDA.

If salt/pepper were a given, what would be your one other spice?

cumin and thyme or sage...I'd just chop up fresh garlic if i needed it since it's a vegetable too :) otherwise garlic would be #1

Taste Test: Buffalo Wing Sauce

Anytime I've had great wings and I've asked what hot sauce they use the inevitable answer is Frank''s really kind of amazing. Frank's and melted butter are delicious soul mates.

Red Rooster: Well Designed But Still Finding Its Legs

@chieatta11 - totally agree...and 9 dollars for glorified snickers seems less than cheap but then again I'd order it in a heartbeat.

How to Jazz Up Your Guacamole

Queso fresco topping, mmm. I second the cumin suggestion, always a hit or you can dust your tortilla chip with it instead. Also, sometimes I'll use habanero peppers instead of jalapeno (watch out it's very spicy/hot!).

Pho - Manhattan or Queens

I used to go to this place pho bang at chatam sq. near mott that was my pho go to for like 12 years, but then they closed about 5 years ago :( They had delicious curry soup with fresh french bread on the side in addition to an excellent pho menu (which was way cheap to boot! 4 bux for basic beef pho). I would beg my parents to go there whenever we went out for dinner when I was to young to go running around the city. Anyway, I never knew if they moved or closed but then I went to some place that had the same name but it wasn't the same at all. I would love to see if anyone has a any really good recos!! Thanks for starting this topic jeffmoore.

Where can I buy lussekatter (Swedish safron buns) in New York?

@katzimmer-I had no idea Fika has another location, and only a few avenues away from here. You just made my day!

Where can I buy lussekatter (Swedish safron buns) in New York?

Perhaps the Swedish Church on 48th street (between 5th ave & Madison;north side of the street and close to 5th ave). They have baked goods (like bullar and I think lussekatter during the holidays) and open face sandwiches as well as Swedish drinks and candy! I think of it as more of a cultural center for Swedes away from home than a church (which is on the second floor) because they also have Swedish magazines and papers and you can find many fellow Swedes just having a coffee there too :)

Bourbon Balls

Mmm, these sound wonderful and very much like a no bake swedish treat my mom used to make during the holidays just using cocoa powder, butter, rolled oats, sugar, and a drop of coffee (!

Cakespy: Pie Fries

This is so cute. I used to make little mock thumbprint cookies out of the left over pie dough when my mom made apple pie...but this looks so much more delicious. Boy, do I have a surprise for my mom this holiday.

San Francisco: Pizzetta 211 in the Outer Richmond

Thanks David, those are on my hit list now (well Flour +Water was already but I have anxiety about the possibly never ending line to get in)!