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7 Myths About Cooking Steak That Need to Go Away

@Marc, Just a brief note to say how much I enjoyed your post, written with certainty and passion. Brilliant start to a Sunday morning.

I love "no bullshit" writing. Not sure I agree with you 100%, but I loved the post

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Brussels Sprouts, Potatoes, and Turkey Hash


For me bubble and squeak is the left over vegetables, chopped up and fried without the meat but it can be served with the left-over meat warmed up in it's own gravy.

My mother always used to put the left-over vegetables into the meat Dish and warmed everything up without stirring.

B@S is of course also a great accompaniment to a fried egg.

It's only the combination of gravy and fried egg that I personally find a bit odd

Behind the Scenes: How Prosciutto di Parma is Made sign of a pig! Or are these creatures kept in such abysmal conditions that we are not allowed to see that. I really dislike this disconnection that appears to be so popular with all food manufacturers these days. So many ads on TV for meat with no sign of the animals involved. Don't get me wrong, I love ham and Parma is good, but where's the pig?

7 Myths About Cooking Steak That Need to Go Away

@ sousgal

Did you by any chance get out bed on the wrong side this morning?"

7 Myths About Cooking Steak That Need to Go Away

According to my butcher the big difference is in the tenderness of the meat. According to him stress equals toughness. He says that he can tell immediately by the amount of water released when butchering the animal, i.e. stress equals lots of liquid.

My neighbours on the other hand kill their pig annually by the traditional method of slowly opening the wound which they swear improves the quality of the blood which they use to make (unfortunately) delicious black pudding. I generally go into town on the morning of the slaughter, as the pig's squeals are too much to take.

7 Myths About Cooking Steak That Need to Go Away


Re the slaughtering of animals. All abattoirs should be forced by law to have web cams in place so we can keep an eye on our food. In the USA, I believe several states have even gone so far as to have "ag-gag" laws in place which outlaw any attempts to expose the ill treatment of animals. My local butcher here in the Basque Country tells me that the difference between the quality of meat that is slaughtered whilst calm and slaughtered whilst stressed is huge.
The food industry spends a fortune on advertising what's not in the product, maybe it's time for a change

Airport Food That's Actually Good

Just flown out of Tokyo's Narita airport. Sat at a sushi counter and flew to food heaven before coming down to earth and getting on a plane.

Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast and Stuffing (Thanksgiving for a Small Crowd)

Hi Kenji,

I saw that, but I still say for a dutch oven to be called a Dutch Oven, it has to have the lid on and burning coals put on top,which would make the required stirring impossible!!
Anyway the turkey dish looks great and I will cook in my fantastic vintage doufeu casserole dish which I picked up for 18 dollars at a yard sale here in the Basque Country!

I was so intrigued by this purchase that I sent a pic to a site specializing in old pots to see if I could find its origin, check it out at, it's the best stove/oven dish I have ever used....highly recommended if you come across one

Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast and Stuffing (Thanksgiving for a Small Crowd)

Hi it's the pedant here!

That's not a Dutch oven, it's a casserole dish

Japanese Miso-Glazed Eggplant (Nasu no Dengaku)

My wife regularly cooks nasu-miso a deep fried version of this. If drained properly I recommend it as an equally satisfying dish

Chain Reaction: Hard Rock Cafe

I can (unfortunately) still remember the very first HR opening at Old Park Lane in London. Issac and his partner having successfully run the Great Hamburger Disaster in Kensington, decided on a new location The Cafe was built at the wrong end of Piccadilly and should not have taken off the way it did. The burgers were a revelation to me at the time and it became my local cafe. I had a burger at the Madrid HR last year (first in many, so ...such is life

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Brussels Sprouts, Potatoes, and Turkey Hash

As a commited "bubble and squeak" consumer, loving bubble and squeak with eggs or bubble and squeek with meat and gravy, but.....bubble and squeak with meat, gravy and eggs does seem a step too far (For US cousins, bubble and squeak is british hash, or at least pretty close to it)

Incidentally the comments form does not appear in my Chrome browser, whilst functioning seamlessly in Firefox

Weekend Cook and Tell: Roast Chicken Roast-Off

I used to have a kitchen utensil called a flavi, which I used to roast chicken. It comprised of a small raised edge base with what can best be described as an elongated upside down "U" stretching upwards from the centre of the dish. You would set the chicken "vertically" on this "U" with the top of the "U" deep inside the cavity, and then place it all in the oven after seasoning etc. The base would collect all the juices and would negate the need to turn the bird whilst cooking. Great results. It went missing unfortunately and I have not seen another one on sale. Highly recommended.

Just before posting this, I did a quick Google and came up with this base free version

Anyone on the board tried this method?

Chicago: 10 French Fries We Love

They all looked pretty soggy and flaccid to my eyes!!

The Food Lab: Vegetables, Salt, and the Science of Perfect Gazpacho

Oooops, missed out bread from the list of common ingredients, tch, tch


The Food Lab: Vegetables, Salt, and the Science of Perfect Gazpacho

Hi Kenji,

Not sure what white gazpacho you are talking about with Almonds and grapes. Could it be Sopa de Ajo Blanco, which is more of a garlic and almond soup which may be served with grapes on the side. I had never heard it described as a gazpacho although it does share some of the ingredients water, garlic, oil and vinegar.

There are several arguments over roots and ingredients and which dish came first.

I like both, but I think ajo blanco is more of an acquired taste

Many thanks for the article

Huli Huli Chicken

@QuirkZoo and @Cassaendra

I too am with you on the topic of naming. The obvious solution is to give the dish a new name, makes life so much easier when ordering in a restaurant. Why even call it something, just describe it in the menu!

With so many folk travelling the globe and not fully understanding the menu in its original tongue this happens more and more.

How to Grill Skirt Steak

@josh. This may be all just down to regional nomenclature. Check out Whatever I love my onglet served with shallots and fries

Snapshots From Morocco: Market Food in Marrakech

Hi Kenji (2) I think that you are (maybe?) wrong on the Mechouia referring to the salad. I think it refers to the method of spit roasting the lamb. Here in the Basque Country we quite often have large scale lamb roasts in which the lamb shoulders are roasted over wood. I have seen up to 30 shoulders done at one time this way. Also occasionally folks will roast a whole lamb for a party, again over wood. These are all referred to as Mechouia. Bearing in mind that the Basque Country is partly in Spain and its rich Moorish past this leads me to the the feeling you are wrong....not too big a deal, great pics I want to go back!

How to Grill Skirt Steak


I think hanger and skirt are the same. Here in France we call it onglet

Snapshots From Morocco: Market Food in Marrakech

Hi Kenji, I know that your partner/wife is away for a while but I am not convinced that a trip to Marrakesh with the office intern is going to make for a happy home coming

The Food Lab: All About Asparagus

I always used to cook the asparagus standing up in a narrow saucepan keeping the heads out of the water, so that they would be steamed whilst the base would be boiled...worked great

The Nasty Bits: Chicken Heart Yakitori

One of the last times I was in Tokyo I visited a fabulous yakitori restaurant where I had sabiyaki, an almost raw yakitory covered in wasabi. Whilst trying to track down the name I came across a mouth watering review of the place...time to go back:-

Snapshots from Amsterdam: The Best Street Food


I am so disapointed with you, a visit to Amsterdam and no hash cookies, after one of those everything tastes good!

The Food Lab: More Tips For Perfect Steaks

How to improve this masterpiece....?

Serve with a slice of poached bone marrow sitting on top of it....


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