My name is Dominic and I have been working within the food industry for over sixteen years and have my own food related websites. I am a married father of one and I am online to assist you with your cooking needs.

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  • Favorite foods: sunday roast,pasta,chicken,steak,cheese sauce,
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Foodie game

all foods count but @annabanannas Xylitol i thought that was medication LOL

Foodie game

what about Zucchini.........

Foodie game

@gretchenx5 LOL yes why not ;-)

How do you like your eggs?

i love poached and fried eggs in a bap with some cheese and tomato sauce either one is fine by me. But not over done the yolk has to be runny lol

Pasta dinner: what's your recipe?

My easy simple pasta recipe which i love to cook when i don't want to cook for hours is this one :

What is your favorite kind of fried chicken?

I love chicken drumsticks everything about them is brilliant. The bone that you hold is just perfect for you to tear the chicken and they are so easy to cook. I also like KFC chicken breasts just gorgeous.

Childhood memories

The smell of a cake baking always reminds me of my birthday cakes my auntie used to make me they ranged from a train to a tortoise,she was very talented indeed.

I Won't Eat It

peppers i can't stand them and prawns/shrimps even when cooked i still can't stand them and the smell.

What is in your salad?

some very funny ingredients here i'm not going to knock anybody but i'm definatley going to try some of them then let you know if i liked them.

Jamie Oliver - Taking On Obese America?

@therealchiffonade There didnt seem to be any adjustment whatsoever people would of rather give there kids a packed lunch than let them go without but best laugh of all the councils then cut the budget for the schools which seemed ridiculous.With regards to tomatoes its any fresh or tinned tomatoes he doesnt like it could be the texture because he eats pizza and loves it so he must like the taste and also he hates eggs but everything else he eats. :o)

Jamie Oliver - Taking On Obese America?

@therealchiffonade It was'nt a personal issue through me and the wife it was the food that was now on offer was not what i would call healthy food that a child would eat it was a few years ago now so i cant be specific as we now live in portugal but it was done straight away no introducing the children to the different foods first so the child by nature will just not eat as a rule my child has always eaten healthy but he has an issue with tomatoes and alot of the foods were with tomatoes so it didnt suit him.It was a good idea but done in the wrong way alot of children were eating unhealthy but if they hadnt seen this type of food before they certainly arent going to eat it especially if the parents arent there.sorry for going on but i do like jamies ideas when he does his cooking shows and im a member of his forum.

Jamie Oliver - Taking On Obese America?

i like jamie oliver and his cooking shows are great and original what i didnt like about him was the way he changed school dinners in the uk help the children eat healthier but some of his ideas were ridiculous and alot of the children stopped school dinners and went for packed lunches mine being one of them the kids just didnt want to eat what he suggested educated or not my son has a healthy diet but alot of people thought he went too far with his menu makeover hopefully he has learnt his lesson. :-)

Steak Preferences

Like most people have said medium rare is the way for me since we moved to portugal we have a favourite restaurant called sergios which does a fillet steak on the stone the steak comes out uncooked and you can cook it yourself to however you like which i think is brilliant. Love the fillet and sirloin.

Do you have a favourite mug?

@Kennethw I hide my mug i just couldnt stand seeing someone else use it lol i do get annoyed though when the wife decides to mix eggs in it when she is baking i am not amused.......

Inheritance ... what to get rid of?

Most women know what they have got in there kitchen so if you have everything you feel you need just keep things that you can remember her for that dont take up much room.

What is the Greatest Compliment You Have Received on Your Food

From my posh in-laws when i cooked them some garlic chicken wrapped in bacon they said it was the best chicken dish they had ever tasted i thought they were just being nice but even now they talk about it, its fair to say i hav'nt cooked for them again just in case it doesnt live up to the first time :-)

What have you done for your food contribution?

I would like to thank everyone for there comments ive not being on here long and i just posted something from my blog which i hoped people would read and i was surprised to see so many comments so thanks.

Time for a Drink: Buck's Fizz

i love bucks fizz this sounds delicious.

Toss the Chili?

Should be fine as long as when you reheat the chilli it is brought upto an even high temperature just remember once defrosted and reheated you cant reheat again.

Energy Drinks 101

i only have energy drinks if i have to do abit of work to give me a boost to get through it and also i add abit of vodka to a red bull on a night if im getting abit tired but its like anything if you abuse it it is eventually going to do you some harm.

What have you eaten today?

A bit of toast for my breakfast with a big cup of coffee,for my lunch i had cheese and mayo sandwiches for my evening meal the wife is going to cook me some cocunut chicken then will be settled down with a bottle of wine and a dvd :-)

Chocolate dessert

Here is a chocolate trifle recipe that i put on e-how last year quick and easy i leave out the cherry brandy but each to there own.


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