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North Jersey Special: The Tale of Belmont Tavern's Chicken Savoy

Celebrity customers are just one part of the Belmont's repute. A far greater part is evidenced by a sign visible from the sidewalk: Stretch's Chicken Savoy. It's a simple dish: Cut-up chicken rubbed down with a fat handful of garlic, hard cheese, and herbs, then roasted in a screaming-hot oven and splashed with vinegar, which sends aromas of schmaltz and spice right up to your nose. It's now a dish found all over—but only in—northern New Jersey, and as with most hyper-regional foods, its devotees are as idiosyncratic as its birthplace. More

The Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Philadelphia

Eating out is often a challenge for diners with young children. Those late-night meals, provocative tasting menus and snacks by the bar just don't deliver when you've got little-kid palates to worry about. But dining with young ones doesn't have to be a comedy of errors dominated by picky proclivities, high chair hijinks, and servers who hate you—so long as you pick the right place. More

The Best Restaurants to Eat Outdoors in Philadelphia, 2014 Edition

There are so many overstretched, overcluttered sidewalk cafes in Philadelphia that cracks about your soup being seasoned with tasty public transportation exhaust are becoming less sardonic and more straight-up true. It's difficult to escape the bustle of any big city while remaining within its limits, of course, but there are ways to do it—you just need to look and book a little smarter. More

The Best Food to Order at Panda Express

WebMD, the Internet's most trusted source for deeply paranoid self-diagnosing adults, offers no information on "Pandamonium," the trademarked phenomenon Panda Express implores its customers to experience each time they queue up at the scoop-and-serve Chinese-American chain. Fortunately we do: the goods on how to make the most of your visit to this mall food court staple. More

So This Exists: A Broccoli Rabe Cocktail at High Street on Market, Philadelphia

Is it a bartender's duty to make sure drinks possess mass appeal? Guy Smith, bar manager of Philadelphia's High Street on Market, doesn't think so. Combining the juice of an already-divisive brassica with smoky-mouthed mezcal and dry seasonings more often found on ribs than in rocks glasses, he's created a vegetable-based cocktail so green it could double as a Kermit the Frog-inspired paint swatch. More

Market Tour: Di Bruno Bros., Philadelphia

Di Bruno Brothers, a Philly fixture since FDR was in office, celebrated the grand opening of its newest location late last week by showing off what they did best—hawking rare Euro cheeses, stretching and braiding mozzarella by hand and, in a fit of D.O.P.-approved pyromania, filling wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano with flaming brandy for on-the-spot cheese sauce. Such showmanship is of a piece with the brand's dedication to customer service, which its owners will tell you is the key to it all. Click through the slideshow to take a tour of the market! More

First Look: Pizzeria Vetri Opens Doors in Philadelphia, PA

Chefs enjoy when their food's the primary topic of discussion, but at Pizzeria Vetri, it's the oven that captures the conversation. Six feet across and four-plus tons on the scale, the Renato Riccio-made beast is definitely a looker, but it's the peculiar schematics—dual facing mouths, with counter on one end and kitchen on the other—that allows peel wielders to shout orders into the oven and have them float out the other side. Calling up a Caesar or checking in on a calzone? For best results, yell directly into the fire. More

First Look: Simple Pies at Kermit's Bake Shoppe, Philadelphia

New to a largely industrial strip of Washington Avenue jammed with warehouses and construction wholesalers, Kermit's was opened by Adam Ritter, a Philly publican who runs the craft beer bars Sidecar and Kraftwork. Named after New Orleans jazz fixture Kermit Ruffins, the beautifully muraled space has an edgy-but-accessible commissary feel, with its buzzing-about-in-aprons staff, high-output equipment, and towering ceilings. We paid a visit to pizza chef Brian Lofink to chat about his pies. More

Where to Take a Date for Drinks in Philadelphia

As much as "let's meet up for a drink" may be polite social code for "let's shake the dating 8-Ball and hope for results that are not face-meltingly terrible," selecting the right bar for the right person and right circumstances can certainly help mitigate the unpredictable. Philadelphia's a town with no shortage of places to meet a date—here are a few of the best. More

Where to Buy Beer in Philadelphia: The Best Bottle Shops

Philadelphia's rightly proud of its collection of beer bars, but even our most social drinkers need reliable retail to ensure their booze receptacles refrigerators stay full and happy. Here are our picks for the best craft beer stores and bottle shops in the city. If you're planning to come through for Philly Beer Week, visit these spots to stock up on beers you can't find in your home town. More

First Look: New Cocktails at Emmanuelle, Philadelphia

Conventional wisdom tells us that coupledom and coworking go together about as well as ammonia and bleach. But in the case of bartenders Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal, the byproduct of their overlapping personal and professional relationships is one of Philadelphia's most cerebral cocktail programs. Here's a preview of the couple's latest creations, where references to Shakespeare, French colonialism, and North African piracy are poured alongside pisco, damson plum liqueur and genever. More

Breakfast of Champions: Why New Jersey is Crazy for Pork Roll

@ Sam Larsen: Should've mentioned this in the caption. That is uncured pork roll, aka Amish pork roll, from Lancaster County, Pa. It's very good, just way different in flavor (milder) than Taylor, Case, etc. That sandwich is the uncured pork roll on a pretzel roll served at Breezy's Cafe in Philadelphia.

Breakfast of Champions: Why New Jersey is Crazy for Pork Roll

@ rangerscout52: I'm from Bel Air and I'm honestly surprised to hear this. I never saw pork roll growing up and none of my friends/family had heard of it prior to me moving to Philly. In fact, just this past weekend some HarCo friends were up visiting and they tried it for the first time. Maybe it's simply one of those family-by-family distinctions that never crossed over to me growing up.

Breakfast of Champions: Why New Jersey is Crazy for Pork Roll

@ MD Guy — I'm a Maryland guy myself (grew up in Baltimore and Harford County) and never had your luck. What part of the state are you in? I'd never heard of pork roll until moving to Philadelphia 12+ years ago, and always make a note to check for it in local stores when I'm back visiting. Haven't come across it anywhere near my hometown, but I'm curious where you're seeing it.

Where to Drink Beer in Philadelphia: The Best Beer Bars

Standard Tap is a great place, and a pioneer in Philly as far as celebrating local beer goes.

Hot Dog of the Week: Scott Dogs Debuts in Philadelphia

Scott Dogs are so serious! Can't wait to eat another.

Philadelphia: Beer With a Side of Burger at South Philly Tap Room

I don't think it's accurate to suggest that SPTR's food is at best a well-kept secret and at worst an afterthought. The bar definitely has an amazing beer selection, but plenty of people I know here in Philly (myself included) go to the Tap Room to eat! In my opinion, the fact that they serve a solid cheeseburger is not "unbeknownst to most"; it's just that those who frequent SPTR tend toward the many excellent non-burger options on the menu. There's plenty to choose from.

For a really excellent SPTR burger experience, though, try to catch the elusive "New York-style" Mexican burger on special. One of the best.

Serious Heat: Combining Chile and Chocolate

Not nearly as intense as this combo I'm sure, but I really dig Chocolove's chile/cherry/chocolate bar.

In Philadelphia, a Pizzazz Pizza Is Topped with American Cheese

Thanks for the post, Adam

toad3000, I've come across the Pizzaz style at plenty of pizza joints here in Philly, mostly at South Philly neighborhood-type spots like Franco & Luigi's, Not Just Pizza, Uncle Tomy's, etc. (If they have a TV commercial, they probably have a Pizzaz!) I chose to highlight Celebre's, Cacia's and SliCE in the piece because they were the three Pizzaz-es I sampled most recently.

Video: Japan's Rabbit Cafe

I love how the one girl is sure to point out that bunnies are "different from stuffed animals."

Dear AHT: Best Burgers in Philly?

My two favorites are the Royal Burger at Royal Tavern (angus, bacon, gouda, long hots, caramelized onion, spicy mayo), which I believe I've seen on AHT before, and the Kelly's Burger from Grace Tavern, the simplest, most delicious bacon cheeseburger in all the land.

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