I'm a second year law student that copes with that fact by making lots of fancy cocktails.

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  • Favorite foods: Creme brulee, crab cakes, oysters, and a good steak.
  • Last bite on earth: The chicken and bean nachos from Sunset Grill, their chocolate coconut sushi for desert, and a Bacon Old Fashioned from Patterson House up the street.

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17 Easy Breakfasts to Feed a Crowd

Set your oven at 200 F at put all the finished pancakes on a cookie sheet in the oven to keep them warm. I've fed 20+ multiple times with sweet potato pancakes. No lines, simultaneous eating.

The Pineapple Hop: A Delicious Reason to Pour Beer in Your Cocktail

This looks pretty legit; I plan on trying it in the near future. I think adding some bitters might be a fun addition, too.

Ask a Cicerone: Your Best Local Brewery

Yazoo is the best. Seriously, I love that place. Nothing I miss more about Nashville.

Manner Matters: Can I Bring My Own Tonic Water?

If it's a regular establishment, you're not trying to get a cheaper drink,and you're polite about it (be clear it's your silly nitpickyness instead of their lack of quality ingredients or whatever), I don't see any harm in asking. I can think of a handful of places that would do this for me in a heartbeat. I can also think of a handful of places that would laugh at me.

12 Beer-Producing Countries to Watch Right Now

France should be on this list. Paris just had its first Beer Week with great success; brewers are creating some amazing and rather unique brews (Chai Wheat Beers and Peated Porters, for example); and the industry is growing in spite of hostile taxes, centuries of wine heritage, and one of the most xenophobic and protectionist cultures in the world. Come visit; you'll be surprised at what you'll find.

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

A Porterhouse in my cast iron skillet. No question.

Oh, and blue!

Ideas in Food vs. Linguine alle Vongole: Part 1

I look at this column like the Jamie Boudreau of food. I definitely don't have the time or money to do everything they do, but it is fun to watch and great for inpsiration.

Keep up the good work, you two. I look forward to your next piece!

10 Absinthes You Should Be Drinking

1) Very good selection of absinthes and a great article. Glad to see some non-hallucinogenic coverage on one of my favorite drinks. Other great absinthes are available in the US, though, like Jade's different varieties and are worth seeking out.

2) NEVER EVER USE FIRE. It's one thing to use a sugar cube. Reasonable minds can disagree there. IT IS NEVER OKAY TO BURN YOUR ABSINTHE, THE SUGAR, OR ANYTHING INVOLVED. Straight from the good people over at the Wormwood Society:

"At no time in the history of absinthe, until the late 1990's, has the “Czech Method” of lighting absinthe-soaked sugar on fire—recently popularized in the movies From Hell, Moulin Rouge, and Alfie—ever been used. This is a modern innovation and a pointless abuse of good absinthe. Aside from spectacle, it has no effect whatsoever except possibly that of introducing a burnt-marshmallow taste to the absinthe thus obscuring the delicate herbal nuances and ruining its flavor.
No one who knows anything about absinthe and its history would use this method. Compare it to shaking a bottle of champagne. Given the high-proof nature of the liquor it can also be very dangerous, resulting in a cracked or broken glass, injury and accidental fire.

It's probable that the “Czech method” was borrowed from the Café Royale, a traditional coffee drink where a brandy or cognac-soaked sugar lump is ignited in a spoon before adding it to the coffee. This was depicted in 1887 by the American painter, Irving Ramsey Wiles in his painting, The Loiterers. Several years ago the painting was mistaken (and mis-titled) as portraying a couple drinking absinthe."

3) I'm also interested in the 8 absinthes that didn't make the cut and why not.

5 Rye Whiskeys You Should Be Drinking

^Except High West uses the 95% mash bill as an ingredient to blend and make their whiskey, which is a damn good product. Try tasting it sometime and you'll realize it's different from the rest of the 95% clones. Rendezvous is also worth the extra $$, by the way.

Also, I second Whistle Pig. A truly amazing whiskey.

Manner Manners: Splitting Up the Tip

I love that the phrase "just the tip" and the term "ballsy" were used in a manners column. One of the many, many reasons I love this site.

Great post, to boot.

Manner Manners: Splitting Up the Tip

I love that the phrase "just the tip" and the term "ballsy" were used in a manners column. One of the many, many reasons I love this site.

Great post, to boot.

The Food Lab Turbo: These Pimento-Jalapeño Cheeseburgers Will Knock You Out

Seriously, this is torment. I honestly just saw the picture and yelled "GOD DAMMIT, KENJI" at my computer screen. I'm working abroad, far away from my kitchen and good burgers and its simply killing me. This is not helping.

Definitely one of the first things I make when I get back to civilization, though.

Bartender Picks: The Best Craft Distillers

AndroidUser is correct.

That being said, Whistle Pig 10 is absolutely fantastic. I don't care where it comes from; it's one of the best Ryes I've ever head. Even in our blind taste tests, it dominates the likes of Bulleit and Rittenhouse and we even put it over the highly lauded Willitt small batch. That being said, the price tag that comes with it is almost double any of those.

Ask A Bartender: Good Substitutes for Expensive Spirits

42 Below vodka is my go to. I can get a handle for $21, it's 90-95 points on wine enthusiast, and it's from New Zealand so you hear the Lord of the Rings soundtrack whenever you drink it.

Manner Matters: Crack Open That Bottle

If you want it to be a gift, wrap it or garnish it with a bow or something. This has worked for me to distinguish gift from contribution in the past.

New $12 Burger Lands at McDonald's in Switzerland...or Does It?

That's actually not that expensive depending on what part of Switzerland you're in. I remember paying about 9 CHF for a burger in Interlochen. Maybe a little less in Geneve.

Ask a Cicerone: The Best Saisons

Matt's Burning Rosids by Stone is a fantastic twist on the style. Plus it's a memorial to a pretty cool guy.

Staff Picks: What to Drink at a Not-Great Bar

I look for green chartreuse or campari. It's amazing ho many bars have both and don't know what to charge for them. Gotten shots of GC for $5 many a time in New Orleans.

Advice for the beginning of a knife collection

Thanks for all the wonderful advice; your collective guidance has been very helpful.

Regarding cutting boards, I have a handful of smaller bamboo cutting boards. Will these suffice or should I upgrade? I'm thinking of getting a big butcher board eventually, but I'd like to be a little more settled before I do.

Maybe I'm crazy but a lighter blade doesn't seem very appealing to me. Having played with a handful of Shuns and Wusthofs over the last few days, I found the Shuns to be too light for my tastes. Given, nothing I got to use by Shun was over 7 inches so I don't want to rule out their longer blades.

As for other Japanese handled knives, any recommendations on brands? My biggest concern is being able to play with the knife, first. I'm mostly in D.C., Atlanta, and western Europe so I don't know if I'll be able to go buy the places listed in NY, CA, or Canada without making an express pilgrimage to do so.

I think I'll be okay on clearance. I have very long fingers but they aren't terribly thick. None of the knives I played with were problematic in this regard.

As for the travel... I might just go for the multiple set option. TSA battles are probably my least favorite thing in the world.

Which Cocktails Do You Think Are Overrated?

Like others, I have difficulty calling a drink overrated. If you use good ingredients and make it well, most traditional cocktails will be fantastic (I'm skeptical about the Harvey Wallbanger, though). Also, who's doing the rating will probably affect what's "over" rated. I personally find most people who claim something to be the great drink ever simply haven't tried that much but either saw something in a movie or were introduced to a drink and fell in love with it. Those same people will probably herald something else as the "great drink of all time" next week. The list this article is referencing is simply the product of a BuzzFeed culture that likes lists that simplify things into ignorantly broad categories and make "definitive" value judgments on them based on nothing more than preference and opinion.

As for the Manhattan and people's silly comments, it's like saying David Mitchell is better than Dostoevsky and therefor Dostoevsky is overrated. To that all I have to say is a quote:

“Someone said: 'The dead writers are remote from us because we know so much more than they did." Precisely, and they are that which we know.'

What are you giving up?

I'm going pescatarian. This is a first for me so it should be quite the challenge (and learning experience!).

I'm quitting the site

If someone hasn't said it yet, free speech is only protected from state action. This is a private website. No state action. No protection of free speech.

That being said, I'm an omnivore to the highest degree and I'm not particularly wild about vegan stuff. But Vegan month has inspired me to try the other side (at least a little bit) and go pescatarian for Lent. Probably not something that'll stick around but it will encourage me to try and round out my knowledge of other food groups/cooking styles. There's no need to get upset. This is food we're talking about. Food should make everyone happy. Let's all eat and be happy.

What's Your Favorite Manhattan Variation?

Harry's New York Bar makes an amazing Peated Manhattan. Peat Monster, Carpano Antica, and Aperol. One of my favorite drinks of all time.


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