Graphic designer and all around artist and football fan type(Philadelphia Eagles) with a two and a half year old daughter. Does that even make sense?

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  • Location: Denton, Texas
  • Favorite foods: Anything dark chocolate, hot peppers, Italian food, Jamaican food, Tex-Mex, Ribs, Thai, Sushi, Bahn Mis.....well, almost anything edible. I'll at least try it once.
  • Last bite on earth: Linguini Mare Chiara from Ferraras in Westfield, NJ

If you've ever worked at a chain restaurant/ fast food place...

A little over 10 years ago, I was working for Champps Americana as an expo and occasionally they gave me a kitchen shift. I used to work the sandwich station and I would make all sorts of things not on the menu. My favorite was a philly style cheesesteak with Franks Red Hot sauce, jalapenos and tomatoes. I also used to make burgers and put a creamy tomato dressing on it that they used for one peticular salad.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: 40s of Malt Liquor

I remember drinking Champale during my freshman year in college. Is that stuff even around anymore?

3 Delicious Ways To Spike Your Hot Chocolate

Jack Daniels Single Barrel or Gentleman Jack is a nice twist.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

The most recent and unusual for me, a peanut butter and bacon cheeseburger..... it was damn good!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

Poppy Seed Bagels, Lox, Cream Cheese, a little onion, and sometimes some herring in cream sauce.

SE Alphabet

N- Nectarine

O- Olive Tapanade

P- Peanut Oil

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

i think i have to try the pecan and salt caramel cheesecake. you can never go wrong with cheesecake. juniors, anyone???

On top of ol' bagel....

Philly Whipped. or sometimes veggie cream cheese with tomato or Philly makes a good salmon cream cheese.

Please, tell us where you're from...

38 year old male. Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in New Jersey now live in Texas for almost 10 years. My stomach is Italian but I also love Tex-Mex, Thai, Jamacian, Mexican, Japanese, BBQ, Vietnamese, chocolate and trying something at lease once.

What do you think of culinary tattoos?

I am a graphic designer and artist and I have tattoos and have designed several for friends and I think most are beautiful. If a person has a legitimate and personal reason for having a certain tattoo then they can put whatever they want to on their body. If that person is putting a tattoo on their body just for the sake of having a tattoo, then I can't respect that. Getting a tat, just to be trendy, is not a reason to have one. If a chef wants one to be recognized as a chef, then all the power to him or her.

Espelette peppers?

Very cool, thanks for the info!

Zapp's Voodoo Chips Are Awesome

They carry them in Texas too. Zapps has another limited one that is a Tabasco Tomato chip which is also really good. The Voodoo chips are really good.

Best Seltzer Maker?

In New York/ NJ area look for Bariloche Seltzer.

Poll: Do Garlic and Mozzarella Belong Together on a Pizza?

I grew up on fresh garlic pizzas in New Jersey and when I moved to Texas, I made sure to find a few places that would do that for me. My wife, who is a Texan, has even grown to love garlic pies.

How/When/Why did you join Serious Eats?

I started following a couple years ago. I actually found it through a sports blog website! is a site I visit every day, and a couple years ago it was listed by Time magazine as one of the top twenty sites you need to visit. Well I went to the Time website, read the article and Serious Eats was also one of those sites. I went on and I've been addicted ever since.

Silly Putty Chemical Found in McNuggets!

Well, someone has to make sure our children are getting their daily dose of chemicals? So why not a big red headed clown?

July 4th weekend, what are you making?

Rootbeer cookies? What's the deal there?

Cook the Book: 'Recipes from an Italian Summer'

Penne in Garlic and Olive Oil with grape tomatoes, mozzerella and fresh basil.

Congratulations and Thanks, Serious Eaters

Have You Mastered the Art of Eating Sunflower Seeds?

Salted, with the shell is the only way to go.

Who loves Egg Creams???

I never said it wasn't shameless. : ) I just thought the folks in this forum would appreciate a bottle like this. So I hope you do go and find it.

To Gutreactions: My father would agree.

To salpico: My father is currently working with U-Bet to create a promotion.

where do you work?

I am a graphic designer for television news, so most likely many of you have seen some of my graphics on your local news channel.

As for a sig dish? I do a pretty good pistachio cake that I modified from an aunt's recipe.

What do you eat for comfort?

Grilled cheese, PB&J or some chocolate milk.

Because of Serious Eats I _______

Because of Serious Eats, I went to several different gourmet type grocery stores and finally found Bacon Salt.

Do You Know These Regional Pizza Styles?

Hoboken, NJ is also known for their jumbo slices of pizza which have a very thin crust.

SE Alphabet

Just for fun wanted to see how long we could keep a thread going with a foodie alphabet.

I'll start

A- Avacado

B- Bacon

C- Crenshaw Melon

Espelette peppers?

So I purchased some French chocolate from a company called Bovetti Chocolats and they use a pepper called espelette. Does anyone know anything about these peppers? I know my hot peppers mostly and this is a new one on me.

July 4th weekend, what are you making?

Ok, so the obvious question had to be asked, being that all the fireworks shops are being set up all over the side roads down here in Dallas. And no i'm certainly not asking about the white sheet cake(or chocolate, if you're daring) with Cool Whip, blueberries and strawberries.

This crowd here is much more imaginative, what is on the menu for this weekend? Blue cheese burgers, beer can chicken or even better? What are you making on the barbecue or in the oven?

Robert Redford Pie?

I know I'm going to be dating myself when I ask this question. But does anyone out there remember a recipe from the side of Phnilly cream cheese for a Robert Redford pie? It would have been in the late 70s. My grandmother would make it for us anytime we visited Florida and for some reason I just thought about it recently.
So if someone might have the recipe, please let me know.


Living on the Edge: Gas Station Junk Food

So, we're all self-proclaimed foodies in here, or chefs or manipulators of recipies. We've had our bacon stuffed foie gras hot dogs and white ganache cupcakes with cranberry coulis. Both sound really good even though I think I made them up...

We've all been to college or we've all been on low budget road-trips in our past and we've all been to convienence stores or gas stations on said excursions. But when you go into these establisments, you're not prone to find buffalo burgers or steak tare tare. You all have that gas station guilty pleasure.

I still have the occasional craving for a Tabasco Slim Jim and those potato crisps in the red bag. So what do you search out when you're at a gas station at 3:30 in the AM in the middle of nowhere, Idaho?

Ritas Water Ice..... IN TEXAS!

Granted there are four stores total here in the Lone Star state but there is a Ritas in the Dallas area. In Flower Mound. The others are in Bedford, Southlake and Galveston.

so all you folks from Jersey or Philly who know what I'm talking about, they just opened up this past Monday, with all the water ice and frozen custard you could want. I had Mango..... so good.

The Simplicity of a Subway Breakfast

I do not eat fast food. I actually made a New Years resolution over ten years ago to not set foot in a Micky Ds, Wendys, Burger King and the like. Some think that Subway is classified as such, but being that you regulate what you put on your sub, I beg to differ.

Anyway, Subway started up their breakfast menu months ago and I've made my way over there on occasion and my addiction has become their flat bread wrap with egg whites, ham, chedder and some tomatoes and jalapenos. It's simple, filling, pretty healthy and really good. I didn't think it would be at first but I keep going back to it and they haven't failed me yet.

So, my question to all of you out there is if you have some simple meal at a place like Subway, Blimpie or even the fast food places that's sort of a guilty pleasure but not a guilty pleasure?

Making Sour Pickles

Ok, so I got some fresh cukes from my father-in-laws garden and I'd like to try to make my own sour pickles. I know I need lots of garlic and I need either pickling salt or sea salt....
Basically I need a good recipe. Anyone out there got a good one? I want to try to make some good sour pickles like you find on the Lower East Side in NYC.

Free Food

Doesn't everyone like getting that occasional free piece of food?It could be a slice of pizza or homemade cookies from the lady in the cubicle next to you. In my case, today I got a few pieces of free spicy tuna sushi from one of the guys at work. I also almost got someone at work to pick me up a coke float from Sonic... but it didn't pan out. But there's always tomorrow...
So, my question to all of you is, what's the most interesting free food item you've gotten off a co-worker?

When smell and taste don't agree.

Maybe it's me, but there are certain food items that the smell can be incredible but the taste leaves little to be desired. Case in point, coffee. I know there are many, many coffee drinkers out there but I am not one of them. I can walk into a Starbucks or Gloria Jeans and just enjoy the smells wafting around, but the taste doesn't match the aromas.
Do any of you out there have that same problem with other foods or beverages?

Fondant class in NY/NJ?

Hello all,

Got a question and wanted to see if anyone can help. My father's passion is baking and he has 35+ years of Bon Appetit magazines to prove it. He enjoyes making the cakes that take three days just to prep. He's taken cake decorating classes and even a French pastry class at the CIA a few years back.

For his birthday this year, my brother and I were looking into finding him a fondant class that's not too pricy. Can anyone help out with a suggestion or two?


ChiliHeads Unite!

So, I've been a part of this website, viewing, posting and making the occasional topic for several months now and I enjoy many aspects of this site... the pizza, the burgers, the photos and all the articles and finding various restaurants and recipes.

I'm making a trip back home to New Jersey in a few weeks and plan on spending a day in NYC. I've compiled my list of various places I now need to go eat at.

But this is not why I have your rapt attention at the moment... it's because of what my header was and I believe this website is lacking in once certain area.... the chilihead.... all of you out there that seriously crave hot, spicy food and can shoot Tabasco sauce intravenously into your veins. I'm talking about the people who cook with and live and breathe hot food. Those of you who need that little bit of sweat beading off your forehead when you take a bite of that really good habanero salsa.

Chili peppers go great with everything from eggs to chocolate brownies and even pairs up nicely with pizza and burgers....and most all types of food have some spicy things in there, Thai, Italian, Jamaican, Mexican and Japanese.

I am making a little plea out there to the powers that be to add another offshoot to this very website like Slice or AHT, dedicated to the chili pepper and all things spicy and I am looking to all the members out there who agree with this. Make posts to this thread and see what we can shake up....

First thing... our offshoot needs a name... I'm pretty sure that chiliheads is taken and might very well be copyrighted....

so let's get with the creativity and see what the Serious Eats community can come up with....

thanks all.................

I'm a Foodie but...

I am a self-proclaimed foodie. When I found this site through the Time magazine article several months ago, this site became an instant addiction for me.
I've found new ways to make pork chops, a hamburger fatty melt, way too many things are around with bacon and have found incredible places I want to eat at in New York and Dallas, Tx.
Here's my problem, and do you all feel the same way.... I am a foodie, but how can you truly be a foodie in this health conscious world when heck, I'm even trying to shed a few pounds here or there?
All this food is so good and I want it all, but I can't have it all without paying the price.
How do you all balance it?

What's your perfect comfort food/ drink?

Maybe it's me, but a tall glass of chocolate milk with about an inch of Hershey's chocolate at the bottom is just about the most relaxing beverage I can think of. I can just sit down and enjoy whatever I'm doing, even if it's nothing at all. Any time of the day, anywhere.....what's yours?

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