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Question About Bugles

@dhorst: we would also stuff those babies with cream cheese; top with hot sauce. One of my favorite snacks as a kid!!

Alton Brown's diet

okay, i eat sardines, and i eat avacado pretty much every day. I also like wine with dinner: i am not fading away, i would love to know where my old Alton, and my old Jim Coleman have gone. Has anyone seen him lately? He got really, really skinny------ugh, ugly skinny----- has since put some weight back on and , i can now watch him again. Gotta say, not liking the new Alton. TOOO skinny for ANYTHING!!!

Food for when it's REALLY Cold

I just want to prepare and eat everything on this list!!!! With all the libations!

new jersey style food??

Yeah, I'm a Philly girl and much of this sounds like south philly foods. My visits to the shore are filled with boardwalk food as well. Mack's pizza, waffles and ice cream, fudge, lots of fudge, salt water taffy, snow cones, and curlies fries with gravy and mozzerella.Oh, and how can I forget funnel cake?!

Your Favorite Type of Sushi/Sashimi Fish

Salmon Roe, Toro, and salmon. I could eat this e v e ry day! YUUM!

how do you sriracha?

Oh, like everyone else, i could go on forever. I love it mixed with good old buttered noodles!

Holiday Gifts for Foodies?

I second the oil idea. Good quality Greek olive oils are interesting, nice jar of Greek olives, imported dried oregano, and some nice redwine vinegar. Yum! If you don't have to travel far, some great feta would be a nice adition
Okay, I am so buying lamb tomorrow morning!!!

Food is sexy.....

Most romantic moments in mine and my hubby's marriage have started with an amazing dining experience. From mexican to sushi, it's been a ride. Who knows what our 20th anniversary this wed will hold in store???

Kolacky, Kolache, Kolachy, Kolach

Okay, im polish, and had a lot of traditional foods at the holidays, and I recognize this name, but can't identify it with anything at my Bubchas(no clue how to spell this correctly). I think they cheated and bought hamentaschen at the German bakery down the block!

"Thread of the Year"

This is a great idea. Love the fact we have an 11 year old member too(even if she is my daughter)!!

C is for Christmas Cookie!

My Didi has decided she is taking over baking this year!! She is planning on multiple types of bars(emphasis on lemon, her fav) muffins, and cupcakes. Wants to try biscotti!!!! My fav, snickerdoodles, and toll house choc chips, no vanilla, almond extract instead.

Favourite Puff Pastry applications?

As someone who isn't really a lover of sweets, i find this simple and decadent.
Spread some nutella on the pastry, top with the berry of your choice, we use whatever is in season, or on sale frozen(defrost of course). Top with nut of choice, we like them all. Seal and brush, lil sugar on top and bake.
Kids even love these!

Sicilian White Anchovies

I tasted these for the first time about a year ago!!!! Heavenly. I'm a philly girl, so, I can' help you on a local search, just want to say good luck and enjoy!

What do you do with corn syrup?

@cyberroo: Is not her recipe the BEST! My daughter and I mix up a homemade hot choc mix----equal parts brown sugar, cocoa powder, and instant dairy creamer(the powder) place it in mason jars, and top with a bag of ina's marshmallows. Our friends and teachers look forward to them every year. So, the BEST use of corn syrup is in the marshmallow recipe from Ina!!!

Kolacky, Kolache, Kolachy, Kolach

These sound a lot like humentaschen; are they?

Mrs. Pauls has left the building: HELP!!!

Okay, so I peeled, cut and boiled sweet potatoes. I then added various amounts of butter( quite a LOT), brown sugar, white sugar, and maple syrup, touch of salt. And as pattypooch said, boiled away till gooey!
It LOOKS just like it, we'll see what Dad thinks in a few hours!!!!


Mrs. Pauls has left the building: HELP!!!

@GinaNJ----- P. S. If this whole thing falls apart in my face, i might ask you to FED-EX that lone box you found in your freezer!! LOL!!!

Mrs. Pauls has left the building: HELP!!!

THANKS TO ALL!!!!! @Gina, this could be it!!!! Now, being that I was not the only one dissapointed, and downright, HORRIFIED by this, we need to find out W H Y!!!!!

Happy thanksgiving to all, and many thanks to my SE family!!!!!

Mrs. Pauls has left the building: HELP!!!

Thanks kjgibson, copycat doesn't have any matches. I'll just take all these great suggestions, combine lil of this, lil of that, and hope for the best!! UHUH

Mrs. Pauls has left the building: HELP!!!

Okay, here's the deal. I had been looking for Mrs. Paul's sweet potatoes for the past week or so. I got into a conversation with the gentleman who stocks the frozen foods at the ACME by me and I asked him why they weren't in the freezer case. He in turn explained to me that they are no longer made by Mrs Paul's, can't get them, etc. This is why i am in ned of a duplicate recipe! I love my daddy!

Mrs. Pauls has left the building: HELP!!!

I think a combo of candied yams from CatBoy and the addition of cloves and orange zest from PerkyMac might be the way to go. i just feel soooo bad that he can't have his date with Mrs Paul this year! He's 80 and doesn;t get excited about too much, these potatoes, he got excited about!

Ukrainian food for Girl Guides

What about fresh kielbasa? The fact that it is grey, and not that hot dog color could make interesting conversation.Chrusiciki? Wonderfully light, powdered sugar crisps that resemble funnel cake, in taste, not appearance. Good Luck!

Soft-Boiled Eggs-Your eating style



I use buttermilk and tobasco sauce to marinate catfish, bread, and then fry.Seriously delicious. Just made(like 5 minuts ago) blue cheese dressing with buttermilk as my base.


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