Ok, so people think that I am a malicious blogger trying to promote my site on this website. I really am not. Currently unemployed, I write a blog to keep me sane at home since I love cooking. Sorry if i intruded, my apologies.

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Weekend snacking

@denise62arizona - hahah i suppose i should have expanded on what an ice luge was exactly :)

Weekend snacking

okay so my girlfriend had her birthday this weekend, and we got an ice luge. it was a great item to have at the party and really livened the place up. however, she also decided to get a huge bag of pizza rolls for snacking later. After a whole lot of drinks, I found myself eating 40+ pizza rolls in one sitting.

Lesson learned: dont get junk food if you are going to be drinking heavily.

What do you eat for comfort?

sticky toffee pudding with vanilla bean ice cream..

or those golden bunny lindt chocolates

Help! I need a birthday cake in Danbury, CT

Coldstone creamery. they make the best ice cream cakes. not sure if they have one in your area, you should check it out

Have Cardamom Left Over, Need New Ideas to Use It

Yea i totally got ripped off going to Stop and Shop... Spices are really expensive there.. Thank you everybody for the suggestions, I had no idea there were so many desserts I could make with this, The cardamom coffee cake sounds amazing.. Lamb stew with apricots sounds great too.. Although it is quite tough to get good lamb around here.

Ugly Food

Ok, there is a Turkish dish called "Tavuk Gogusu" which literally means, "Chicken Breast". And it is a Dessert!! Yes, it is made with real chicken breast, and the dessert doesn't look too appetizing, but it tastes soooooo good. They boil the chicken breast and chop it real fine, and wash it with cold water 10 times, and let it rest in water for 24 hours and wash it again about 10 times. The point is to get the chicken smell out of it, and be left with stringy meat. Then they boil it with rice flour, corn starch, milk and sugar. Once cooled, it has a jelly like texture, with fine bits of chicken meat in it just to give it some texture. They sprinkle cinnamon on top..

When I took my girlfriend to Turkey, I gave her a bite and she loved it. Once I told her about the chicken thing, she was immediately turned off. Dammit I shoulda kept my mouth shut! Oh well, her loss, it tastes amazing!!!

Here is a wikipedia link to the dish:


When I make my guacamole, I always make a cool glaze on top that gives it a different flavor. I mix 1 part honey with 1 part reduced pomegranate juice and mix. It should have a consistency similar to honey, but a bit more watery. I just drizzle it on top of the guacamole and it reeally makes it taste gooood

Where can I find an oven brick?

@lemonfair Hahah thanks... I figured actions speak louder than words. So I just carried on my way and started participating :)

Where to travel in the U.S.?

I would suggest Charleston South Carolina. I have a friend who lives there, and the weather is awesome and the city has really cool architecture. They even have cool local snacks like boiled peanuts (it sounds wacky, but its cool). Also, they have a bunch of culinary colleges in the region, so there are SO many cool restaurants that are REALLY cheap. I went to one place and paid about 10$ for a really classy and amazing starter.

Plus they have an aircraft carrier from WW2 in the bay, which you can tour. There is also a submarine right next to it... The city has a really cool story, which you can experience with some walking tours, which I did, and really enjoyed.

Conclusion = You like food, you like nice weather, you like beaches, you like cheap, you like plenty to do. Go to Charleston!

Where can I find an oven brick?

nearest williams sonoma is 40 miles away from me... but its at a outlet mall... good excuse to go on a shopping spree possibly

Where can I find an oven brick?

sweet guys thanks for the advice. I guess I never really thought about it... it is just a brick. home depot it is!

Favorite dried fruits

Dried figs are the way to go. of course finding good ones is a challenge

Just started a blog, need recipes to try out and post!

ok.. i have my own ideas, i already have a list of upcoming recipes on my blog
Upcoming Recipes

Lamb Kebabs
Falafel & Hummus
Sun Dried Tomato Risotto
Buffalo Wings
Turkish Meatballs
Turkish Chicken Breast Dessert

i just wanted to add to this...but i suppose i angered people. i apologize

What to cook when you are exhausted?

Pasta salad, for sure! just cook up some pasta, rinse with cold water, and add sun dried tomatoes (from jar), olives (from jar), cherry tomatoes (dont need to chop), Capers (from jar), olive oil and some mozzarella cheese. didnt chop anything and made something delicious+healthy!

Gourmet Party Cooking on a Budget - Possible?

Im actually having my girlfriends birthday party this weekend, and im going to make home made hummus and pita chips. if you have a food processor, just put in garlic, parsley, cumin, coriander, cardamom, chickpeas (soaked in water for 4-5 hours), and some olive oil +salt, and some tahini paste. you can make large portions easily, and also serve with home made pita chips. just cut the pita bread into triangles and drizzle with olive oil and cracked black pepper. put in the oven at 350 for 5-10 minutes until crispy. voila!!

Which city to visit for our 1st anniversary?

come in the summer to boston though, the weather suuuucks in winter!! :(

Which city to visit for our 1st anniversary?

Boston has a lot of good options, like Melting Pot for great fondue, Douzo for great sushi, Finale for great dessert, Annas Taqueria for amazing & quick mexican food. Also, try sunset grill for hundreds of beers on tap, and huge portions of food for cheap.. One of my favorites is also shabu zen, which has great hotpot:

boston is amazing for food!

Just started a blog, need recipes to try out and post!

okay thanks... im not even making money off my site, its purely a hobby. i have a business degree, not that thats helping with a job :)

Just started a blog, need recipes to try out and post!

wow why are you guys so rude, im just trying to get some recipe suggestions. i guess ill seek elsewhere...

I'm a vegetarian, my boyfriend is not! What to cook for him?

Can make him some delicious guacamole! My girlfriend and I love cooking and we post up everything we make for dinner every night, check it out if you want. We post really easy to follow recipes with pics!


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