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  • Location: Malvern, PA, far far far western 'burbs of Philly
  • Favorite foods: Pizza, sandwiches of various sorts, cheeseburgers, some fried foods.
  • Last bite on earth: Thin-crust pizza, extra cheese & mushrooms.

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Drunken Cookery: The Pizza Edition

Late at night, wanted pizza. No mozz, no sauce, nothing to make dough with. Kept rummaging; found shredded cheddar, salsa, large flour tortillas. Also sliced mushroom and sliced black olives. Decided to try for Taco Bell-ish Mexican Pizza. Dug out a quiche pan (that was here when I moved in) with a removable bottom, just small enough to raise edge of tortillas and keep the cheese from running out. Made it a double-layer, like the Taco Bell ones. Couldn't get the bottom "crust" as crisp as the TB ones, but otherwise a wonderfully greasy, messy taste treat.

Poll: What Soda Do You Like to Drink With Your Pizza?

I agree with bobcogs, birch beer (especially on draft) goes great with pizza.

Poll: Do You Order Non-Pizza Items at Slice Joints?

If I feel like a change of pace I get a stromboli or calzone instead of my usual pizza (a place down the street from me makes a Reuben stromboli that's amazing!). Also, when I try a place for the first time, I like to get a meatball parm. Meatballs are a good way to judge their dedication to quality
(IE: whether they use frozen commercial ones, or make their own).

Philadelphia: Carangi Baking Company Does South Philly's Signature Styles Right

I tried some of the pizza from the Conshohocken Bakery; and to warm up the sauce-only ones I've found the best way is to heat up a pizza stone to 400 degrees, turn off the oven, and put the slices in for 3-4 minutes. That "wakes up" the crust and warms the sauce without drying it out. For slices with toppings, I turn the oven down to 350 or so, and that seems to melt the cheese without over doing it.

A cute comic strip

Hmm, I tried posting an update with a hopefully correct link, but the system seems to have eaten it. I'll try again. The comic strip is called Cul de Sac, and it's on Let's see if this link works -


A cute comic strip

Whoa! That's very strange. It's supposed to be for a comic strip called "Cul deSac", about some very imaginative little kids. Let me try a freshly brewed link to it


Home Slice: Making Deep-Fried Garlic Knots

I wonder if smaller ones would be good for fondue? Hmmm, one pot of oil and one of melted mozzarella.... I'll have to experiment a bit.

"I will perform Science on it!"

Have You Seen Pizza Box Receptacles Before?

I wonder if they've found a way to chemically scrub out the grease, which is what prevents the boxes from being recycled with other cardboard. Either that, or they take them out to sea and dump them.....

Reality Check: Wendy's Bacon Mushroom Melt

The Bacon Mushroom Melt must have become a "thing" recently. Even Arby's is doing one this month.

Survey: Your Favorite Hometown Pizza

I'm in Frazer, Pennsylvania (far, far western suburbs of Philly, technically part of the Main Line). My favorite local place is called Mediterranio Pizza. I'm more of an extra-cheese-and-mushrooms kinda guy, but I've tried their gourmet Margarita, and it's pretty darn good!

Is There Really a Terrific Authentic Nick's Pizza in NYC?

Is there a Nick's Swell Pizza? And do they deliver to the outer sectors?

(really, really, really old joke)

ragnaD kciN

Proposing The Burger Cognition Theory


Yeah, Gino's was great, as chain burger-joints go. I remember it fondly mostly because my friends and I would hang out there after school. They've re-opened recently, some former employees decided to bring it back. They still have the Giant, but now instead of being a Big Mac clone (which I always liked better than the Mac) it's a Five Guys level double burger, with a bunch of topping choices. Too bad the prices aren't as low as they were back in the '70s, but that's progress I guess.

Survey: What Pizza Topping Is a Dealbreaker for You?

Broccoli, and pretty much any other green vegetable. Heck, finding Brussels sprouts on a pizza would probably cause me to bazooka-barf.

Cooking Pizza on a Steel Sheet

I'm in the far western suburbs of Philly, a town called Malvern. When I went into HD to look for the tiles, I didn't see them at first, just a lot of slate, stone, and glazed tiles. When the HD guy in that department asked if he could help, I told him what I was looking for, and he said "For cooking pizza? Yeah that's these tiles here." They were kind of tucked into a corner, and they only had four left. I guess there's a lot of "thrifty" pizza cookers in this area.

By the way, what's the best way to clean these things after I've over-cheesed and made a mess? I'm using a small brass brush right now, but that doesn't seem to get the more set-in stains.

Cooking Pizza on a Steel Sheet

I found the unglazed quarry tiles at the local Home Depot, in the paving tile area (as in tiles for walkways). Got four for $1.25 apiece. I've just got a large-ish toaster oven to cook with, just barely holds a 12" pizza, and the tiles have made a HUGE difference in cooking! I'm thinking of getting a second set to double the thickness, they're only a 1/4" thick.

Spinach, Provolone, and Pepperoni Calzone

What's the official difference between calzones and stombolis? Around here (Philly area) the difference seems to be that calzones have ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, and no tomato sauce; strombolis have sauce and mozzarella. Also, "standard" calzones have ham. Strombolis have darn near anything, although pepperoni seems to be popular.

Poll: Anchovies on Pizza - Way or No Way?

I've never tried anchovies on pizza, but since I'm inordinately fond of Worcestershire Sauce (which is made with anchovies) on all sorts of things (steaks, burgers, Swedish meatballs, etc.), I really should give them a try.

Poll: What Do You Do with Your Empty Pizza Boxes?

Stack them in the corner to age properly, then throw them out. I don't have trash service at my apartment, due to my landlady having a fight with the local company, so I have to sneak my trash into the dumpsters at a local office park.

Poll: Do You Get the Reheat on Your Slice?

Every place I've been to in my neck of the woods automatically throws the slice you order into the oven, without asking. I've asked some places to not leave it in too long, if I'm in a hurry to catch a bus or something (or if they usually leave it in until the cheese hits napalm-like temperatures!).

When Would You Ever Need 120 Totino's Pizza Rolls?

Maybe you could make your own version of Pizza Hut's "Cheesy Bites" pizza. Several of them, probably.

Red Sky Grilling pizza stone

A question for all you pizza-stone users; what's the best way to clean one? I bought some unglazed quarry tile from Home Depot ($1.20 for 6 inch x 6 inch) to use in my large toaster-oven (holds a 12 inch pizza). I've been cleaning the tiles by heating them to crisp up spillage and scraping them with a brass-wire brush I found. Doesn't seem to get everything, though. Should I just consider the discolorations as "seasoning"?

Pizza Hut Teases Re-Release of Past Menu Item; Could It Be Cheesy Bites?

@Adam Kuban:

The Pizzone was that stromboli-ish thing they had.
I hate to admit this, but way, way back - when dinosaurs walked the earth - Pizza Hut had a Taco Pizza that I really liked. It was the only thing on their menu that didn't give me massive heartburn (same problem with Domino's)

Frozen Pizza: Trader Giotto's Pizza Margherita

At Aldi's markets they have a brand called (I think) Momma Rosa's that's not too terrible (for cheap frozen pizza). But once I found that several supermarkets in the area were making "take and bake" pizza for around $4 for a 12" one, I pretty much gave up on frozen ones. Even the ones that Wal-Mart sells are better than most frozen pizza.

Neighborhood Slugfest: Cafe Amore versus Bravo Pizza

Interesting. There's a chain in the Philly area called "Bravo Brick-Oven Pizza". They have about a dozen locations, but each one seems semi-independent. Variations in menus and such. Most of them get good reviews (especially the ones in college towns like Bryn Mawr and Collegeville [yeah, that's the town's name-guess what they're famous for!])


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