Father, fisherman, baker, pizza maker. I like a good meal, a good laugh and a couple of good drinks.

  • Location: Glenmont, NY
  • Favorite foods: Pizza, crab legs, ribeye steak, fish n chips, good bread, good bbq, most things Italian and German.
  • Last bite on earth: I haven't considered that yet!

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Jeff Varasano on Baking, Branding, and the Business of Pizza (Part 1)

Jeff, along with Pete Taylor and some others has done much to advance the knowledge of pizzamaking for the guy at home. If you really want an education, grab a snack and a tall drink and look this over,1053.msg9354.html#msg9354

Video: See How Frozen Pizza is Made

I always thought there were hundreds of migrant pizzaioli busy at there work counter making each and every one with love by the work of human hands! :-)

Ask a Chef: What's Your Favorite Way to Cook a Turkey?

I go with Mary Risley's advice, "just put the fuckin' turkey in the oven" it's not gonna be great anyway, they all taste like cardboard!

Poll: A Pizza Proposal?

"NO" to anything involving marriage or Pizza Hut!

My Pie Monday: Avocado Pizza, Tomato Pie, Pizza Balls, and More!

Nice looking pies everyone, I'll hae to get back in the pack as soon as fishing season is over.
@Cookie 308, all the stretch and folds and the lower hydration of your dough probably contributed to it being tough to handle. Stretch and folds are really more a technique for higher hydration doughs. Hope that helps!

Poll: Are You a White Pie Person?

if you really want pizza dough without sauce, make a calzone, it's light years better then white pie.

Tampa Bay Pizza - Horrid!

Isn't Pete Taylor still at Wood Fired?

My Pie Monday: Python Pizza, Beets, Pork Belly, and More!

@JEL, don't you have an Italian import store nearby? They usually have a good assortment of cheeses, but don't expect them to be cheap!

My Pie Monday: Python Pizza, Beets, Pork Belly, and More!

@Okaru, I love the deep brown color of your crust, I much prefer that over charring, what was your workflow with the 00 flour?

Less content lately?

You think? It's Monday afternoon, and since last weeks MPM there have been three posts, an advertisment for Pizza Hut crapbreads, a Pizza Obsessive and the Breville countertop pizza cooker!

Equipment: We Test The New Breville Crispy Crust Countertop Pizza Oven

only a matter of time before we see the "George Foreman" Pizza Grilling Gadget!

Should I buy lodge cast iron pizza pan?

depends on what kind of pizza you're making and how much effort you want to put into your bake.For some styles of pizza, steel is great, for other styles, not so much.Do some research, there isn't one simple answer. Stones are still great vehicles for cooking pizza on, don't wish for a good one to crack!

Father's Day Giveaway: Win a KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit

Unfortunately, my father never made pizza. But, he did bring home some of the most awesome tasting pizzas I ever ate from a place in downtown Albany, NY which sparked my love of pizza.

Italian Easy: How To Make A Stromboli

Calzones are not folded over pizzas, a calzone should not have sauce inside of it, it creates too much steam during cooking, the sauce can be spooned in after cooking or served on the side. I've seen calzone both baked and fried, I prefer baked.

Shauna James Ahern's Grilled Pizza

Grilled, gluten free and an awful looking pizza, doesn't do anything for me.

FAST- Emergency Pizza Dough

Keep it simple, there are two driving factors to fermentation, time and temperature. Since you don't have much time, you have to up the temperature. Mix your dough with the warmest water the yeast can withstand, use sufficient yeast for the amount of flour you are using, and proof in a warm environment. Sweeteners are another option, they will speed the action and hopefully give your finished crust some color.

The Artichoke Basille Duo Talks New TV Show, 'Pizza Cuz'

Some real good pizza porn on the first show. and these guys let the pizza be the "stars".

We Raise Our Glass to Managing Editor Carey Jones!

Things change in life and that's a good thing, best of luck Carey!

Saveur Magazine Releases Special Pizza Issue

Maybe they got the recipe from the PioneerWomen! :-)

My Pie Monday: BBQ Chicken Pie, Boardwalk-Style, Deep Dish, and More!

@Tscarborough, I love finding those hidden 17 day old (or older) doughs in the back of the fridge, they make amazing pies!