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Cauliflower Cake From 'Plenty More'

Extra garlicky zucchini butter on pasta with parm. So meltingly good.

Win a Copy of 'Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food'

A simple rabbit stew

Win a Copy of 'Vibrant Food'

Cook the Book: 'The VB6 Cookbook' by Mark Bittman

Cook the Book: 'Simple Thai Food' by Leela Punyaratabandhu

Panang and a papaya salad

Bake the Book: Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Desserts

Cook the Book: 'Afro-Vegan' by Bryant Terry

Bake the Book: Teeny's Tour of Pies

Giveaway: Win a Sunday Funday Kit from Mrs. T's Pierogies

Smoked Salmon. Mmmmm...

Cook the Book: 'My Paris Kitchen' by David Lebovitz

Rabbit with pomme frite

Bake the Book: Ample Hills Creamery: Secrets and Stories from Brooklyn's Favorite Ice Cream Shop

Cook the Book: 'Joy of Kosher' by Jamie Geller

My grandparents kept kosher, and every Sunday for the first 17 years of my life, we'd drive 45 minutes to their house and spend the day with them, together with my aunts, uncles, loads of cousins, and their neighbors and friends. The food was always delicious, and the homemade corned beef and Grandma's stuffed cabbage were my favorites. But the cookies were to die for, especially the multicolored "butter" cookies and those amazing rugelach. My Grandma's father was a kosher chef, and so the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Bake the Book: Frenchie

Bake the Book: The Model Bakery Cookbook

Great coffee, scones and muffins, 2 daily breads, tortes, fresh (in season) fruit tarts and pies, brownies and Nanaimo bars, and bread pudding

Cook the Book: 'Spain' by Jeff Koehler

Give me a great selection of tapas and life is good...

The Best Valentine's Day Giveaway Ever: Lobel's 4" Prime Dry-Aged Heart Shaped Steaks for Two

I'd give it a gentle olive oil massage, lightly season it with sea salt and pepper, stab it a few times and insert slices of fresh garlic, and then charcoal grill it to rare. Then I'd put a pat of herbed Irish butter on it, sprinkle it with a pinch of Maldon, and serve it with a smile by candlelight

Bake the Book: Levi Roots' Sweet

Bake the Book: Seriously Bitter Sweet

Doris Greenspan's one-pot chocolate "grandmere's" cake.

Giveaway: Win A Copy of 'Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese'

Sautéed diced onion, bacon, and shrimp

Cook the Book: 'The Artisan Jewish Deli at Home'

A Philadelphian w/ a chocolate egg cream

Bake the Book: Sweet

My grandma's butter cookies

Cook the Book: 'Indian Cooking Unfolded'

Ragavan is an incredible teacher through his books and in classes and tours of India. I had the good fortune of attending a few of his classes at my aunt's cooking school, and own (and cook from) all of his earlier books. Thus would be a great addition!

Cauliflower and paneer stuffed kulcha

Cook the Book: 'The French Market Cookbook'

Falafel with all the fixins

AHT Giveaway: VIP Tickets to the 2013 Sacramento Burger Battle

Good meat grilled medium rare to juicy perfection

Bake the Book: Glazed, Filled, Sugared, & Dipped

Krispy Kreme maple-glazed, cream-filled stick is my all- time fave

Santa Barbara on a budget

Visiting SB for the 20th time, and know the food scene fairly well, but wondered what's new in the last 2-3 years that is reasonably priced, fresh and awesome. Super-rica is a tradition, and plan to hit Lilly's Tacos and Handlebar Coffee. Any other hot spots?!

Suggestions for Vienna trip

We're heading to Austria for a few weeks in March and will be staying mostly in Vienna, with a few days in Salzburg. Any suggestions for where to eat and/or shop for foodie favorites? Please keep in mind a limited budget. Thanks much!

What to do with an abundance of Thai Basil

My garden is overflowing with fragrant Thai basil. I want to harvest, preserve and use as much of it as possible. Any suggestions?! I was hoping for a few recipes for Asian-inspired pestos and sauces that I could freeze and use all winter. Thanks!!

Where to eat in Anaheim, Venice, S. Monica and S. Barbara (CA)

Heading to the in-laws with a day at Disneyland. We'd like a lunch recommendation near Disney, and some suggestions for a day at Venice Beach and Santa Monica, then a stay in Santa Barbara. (We know Santa Barbara's scene pretty well, but wondered if there might be some new little local joint that's a must that won't break the bank.) Please keep a limited budget in mind... Thanks!!

Turkish Delight needs help being delightful!

My son and I made Turkish Delight yesterday, and all seemed fine. We let it sit out on the kitchen counter overnight to firm up, and cut it up and powdered sugared it at noon. But the consistency is a bit too soft, and the powdered sugar seems to be blend with the candy making a pastry mess on the bottom of my tin. How can I get the candy to dry out and firm up a bit? The confection tastes wonderful, sweet with pistachios and rose water flavors. But the consistency is off. I,m storing it on the kitchen counter, seemingly cool and dry... Any suggestions?

Favorite fried foods (and latkes) for Hanukkah

Each year, about a month before Hanukkah, my mouth starts watering as I anticipate what fried foods I might whip up for those "eight crazy nights". Zeppole (Italian ricotta doughnuts) are always on the list, and at least one night we eat an Indian meal that includes vegetable pakoras with fresh radish chutney on the side. I start perusing cookbooks and look for ethnic dishes that we may not have ever known of before. We Jews have lived all over the globe since the diaspora, so it makes sense to think internationally and not limit the Hanukkah food to just latkes and jelly donuts. Not that there's anything wrong with latkes! We love Greek ones (with zucchini with dill, onion, kalamata bits and feta), and go Eastern European (with potatos, lox, and scallion, served with sour cream). And of course Southern-style sweet potato latkes are delish as well. What are your favorite fried foods for Hanukkah, and favorite latke variations? Happy holidays, and happy eating!

HELP - I can't find Schweddy Balls Ice Cream in NW Ohio!

I am really anxious to stock up on Ben and Jerry's new and very hyped up flavor, Schweddy Balls, but can't find it anywhere (including Walmart, where they supposedly carry it!) in NW Ohio. It's so disappointing that the stores have decided what I can and can't purchase. I WANT TO MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS!! Not to mention the fact that a rummy malty vanilla ice cream will go great on the side of my soon-to-come-out-of-the-oven Northern Spy Apple Pie! As someone who avoids Walmart like the Plague, I battled there through rush hour traffic yesterday when I heard they actually carry the stuff, only to find they did not. Please help me locate this funny titled flavor. Our family is not all that hung up about the SNL skit - my 9-year-old was roaring along with her 15-year-old brother when she first saw it. So now we want to taste it! Please help.

French Fingerlings out the wazoo - what's a girl to do?!

Help! My CSA basket was filled with Fingerlings for the last 2 weeks, and between oodles of yummy potato hash and a cheesy gratin, I am getting "potatoed out". Any suggestions for storage or other preps? I think I'll make a potato curry with some of them, but will still have a ton left. If I par-boil and freeze them, will they last through the spring and still taste amazing?

Cooking with Kohlrabi - any suggestions?!

The countdown is on, and in just 5 days, my CSA will have its first delivery, and in it will be kohlrabi, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes and eggs. I plan on making the beautiful broccoli bread recipe from the Rose Cafe, and we love French breakfasts of buttered baguettes with thinly sliced radishes - my kids will devour them quickly! But I've never (to my knowledge) had kohlrabi. Any suggestions on how to prepare it and/or what to eat it with? Thanks!

Duck Egg Dilemma

Help! I was given 2 fresh duck eggs from a farmer friend, and want to make something delicious and unique with them. A long time ago, I fried up a duck egg and really didn't care for it. Any suggestions?

What was the most memorable dish at your 1st night seder?

' just got home from spending the first night of Passover with my dear friends, my "family away from family", and enjoyed a fantastic dinner. For me, my favorite edible (other than "duck-y" matzoh ball soup) was a roasted eggplant and potato dish tossed in a lemony tahini dressing.

Any notables at your seders?

What's on your Rosh Hashanah menu?

It's Honey Cake time again for so many of us celebrating the Jewish New Year. But with every Jewish holiday, along with all of the traditional Ashkenazic symbolic foods, (latkes at Chanukah, matzo brei at Passover), I go back to ancient times and grasp onto our true Sephardic roots. Last Purim I made a Syrian Jewish specialty: sweetened ricotta filled phyllo triangles smothered in a rose-water syrup - so much for Hamantashen! So I'm wondering what less than typical foods you might be eating/making/serving to ring in Rosh Hashanah. (Happy New Year!)

Any tips on reasonably priced MUST EAT HERE joints on CA coast

We're having a great vacation in Santa Barbara (visiting relatives) and are planning on heading up the coast for several days, going as far north as Ferndale. We'll spend a few days in San Fran, and hope to hit the Redwood Forest, and Mendocino (among other places). Any recommendations for great (but not too pricey) foodie stops? Thanks in advance!