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Cauliflower Cake From 'Plenty More'

Extra garlicky zucchini butter on pasta with parm. So meltingly good.

Cook the Book: 'Joy of Kosher' by Jamie Geller

My grandparents kept kosher, and every Sunday for the first 17 years of my life, we'd drive 45 minutes to their house and spend the day with them, together with my aunts, uncles, loads of cousins, and their neighbors and friends. The food was always delicious, and the homemade corned beef and Grandma's stuffed cabbage were my favorites. But the cookies were to die for, especially the multicolored "butter" cookies and those amazing rugelach. My Grandma's father was a kosher chef, and so the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Bake the Book: The Model Bakery Cookbook

Great coffee, scones and muffins, 2 daily breads, tortes, fresh (in season) fruit tarts and pies, brownies and Nanaimo bars, and bread pudding

Cook the Book: 'Spain' by Jeff Koehler

Give me a great selection of tapas and life is good...

The Best Valentine's Day Giveaway Ever: Lobel's 4" Prime Dry-Aged Heart Shaped Steaks for Two

I'd give it a gentle olive oil massage, lightly season it with sea salt and pepper, stab it a few times and insert slices of fresh garlic, and then charcoal grill it to rare. Then I'd put a pat of herbed Irish butter on it, sprinkle it with a pinch of Maldon, and serve it with a smile by candlelight

Bake the Book: Seriously Bitter Sweet

Doris Greenspan's one-pot chocolate "grandmere's" cake.

Cook the Book: 'Indian Cooking Unfolded'

Ragavan is an incredible teacher through his books and in classes and tours of India. I had the good fortune of attending a few of his classes at my aunt's cooking school, and own (and cook from) all of his earlier books. Thus would be a great addition!

Cauliflower and paneer stuffed kulcha

Bake the Book: Glazed, Filled, Sugared, & Dipped

Krispy Kreme maple-glazed, cream-filled stick is my all- time fave