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The Greatest Sandwich in New York (and Maybe the World)

Alaina told us to do this, and we did it. But we were using some standard VA ham (leftover) and a ball of mozzeralla that I melted over the ham. Pretty delicious!

Man Keeps Pizza Oven Fired Up 24/7, 'Just In Case Friends Stop In'

I recommend this post.

Paging Serious Eats' Banana!

This is a great post.

NY-NJ Coffee roasters

Both Grumpy and 9th St. Espresso have also been known to cup Counter Culture's Toscano Blend. Grumpy will sporadically carry a "reserve" bean, often from Ritual or 49th Coffee Roasters. My recommendation is to just go there and talk to the baristas (especially Ed or Cheryl), because they're love to talk geek/coffee.

FDA Declares Tomatoes Safe Again, But Not Hot Peppers

What exactly does salmonella do to you?

Cockadoodle Do! 'Techno Chicken'

Shack Burger

Cook the Book: Catfish Ceviche

What's up with the site??

We should be back to normal! Thanks everyone for your patience.

What's up with the site??

We can tell! :)

What's up with the site??

Izatryt, we're working on some of the infrastructure behind the eats. It will be humming again soon!

Amazing Chewing Gum Art

Hezbollah Tofu

Au Pied De Cochon - Montreal - Must order ____?

Every single item on the menu is incredible. If you've scheduled a week long trip, try and make 6 reservations, because then you can do the menu justice.

Otherwise, if you really only have one night, make an early reservation and let them know you want a long meal, and go with as many people as possible.

But the Pied De Cochon itself is very memorable. If I had to choose one thing, I'd get that.

Snack to the Future: The Col-Pop, an All-in-One Chicken Nugget and Soda Cup: The Colpop

It's a wonderful time to be alive!


Does Anyone Really Love Pumpkin Pie?




Serious Eats Mobile (Beta), Now in Your Pocket

Looks fantastic! Congratulations!

A Case for Ice Cream in Winter

On a (very Fall) Sunday afternoon, I nearly walked right by Grom without noticing it. Reason being, there was no line whatsoever. I popped in for a medium cup of Pistachio and Lemon - not the best match, but still my two favorite flavors, and kept walking down Broadway thanking my lucky stars for cold weather.

Guinea Pigs Fight Over a Chunk of Cucumber

This is a wonderful video. Thank you for sharing it!

New York Senator Chuck Schumer Makes Goat Tacos Good Politics

Thanks Ed, for the nice writeup. Can you point us to any other good articles or web sites about the history of the web site? I found this one:

Which mentions an interesting stare down with the Giuliani administration, but that's it. Also relatively absent from the coverage - the vendors themselves. Perhaps an interview series here on SE?

Farmers' Markets Versus Big Box Grocery

Important Site Changes

Are most foodies fatties?

The food lovers who I know are also among the fittest. I think that "loving food" doesn't necessarily mean treat it with excess. I'm reminded of Michael Pollan's recent New York Times Magazine piece: "Spend more and eat less."

Recent article in NY Times about super quality espresso bars?

On the Hush-hush, a source tells me the new supplier of beans at Grumpy "simply offers a higher quality product" than the old supplier, although Counter Culture still takes care of the beans that become their Clover beverages. A separate source confirms this and reveals that Grumpy has an exclusive line on the new beans, so "nasty ninth street" (their phrasing, not ours) can't ape Grumpy's bean selection as they did recently.

For my part, I enjoy the blend at Ninth St. (the Toscano blend) and I also heartily enjoyed the new blend at Grumpy this afternoon. The roast is a little darker than most espresso aficionados prefer, but I enjoy the lemon notes.

Oysters in May - A OK?

Jay Shaffer says he lets the Oysters from his (East Coast) oyster farm grow until the fall, because otherwise they're too small and tasteless. So, what about all these other Oysters I'm slurping down? Not ready? Or are Pacific Ocean oysters OK?

Montreal Bagels Exposed

Please put to rest immediately the myth that Montreal bagels are superior to New York City bagels. Montreal bagels are good, yes, but they're closer to sweet pretzels than they are true bagels. Sure, we'll be back to Montreal to enjoy the bagels again, but don't let anyone ever tell you that "Montreal is the world capitol of good bagels." Not true.

Gastropubs in NYC?

Now that we've been to the Spotted Pig (loved it) I'm wondering what other "gastropubs" are around the city. I have to admit I'm also wondering if the word/trend wasn't simply invented by Batali, et al. to get the attention of the food-eating public. Please advise.

Maffei: What are we missing?

Venerable lunch counter / slice haven Maffei is right around the corner from our office (at 6th and 21st), but we haven't enjoyed as much as we feel we're supposed to. What are we missing?

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