I'm a BEARRR! Go CAL! Bioengineering major, basketball and tennis nut, and way into nommmy food.

  • Location: Berkeley, CA
  • Favorite foods: Good Asian food and a good burger or pizza or fries

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Top This: The Cheese Board's Mushroom, Onion, Mozzarella, Ricotta Salata, Arugula and Lemon Vinaigrette Pizza

OMG if only I didn't have to walk like half an hour to get it.... I would go after class or in between research allllllllll the time.... mmmmm

The Nasty Bits: Ginkgo Nuts

you sound like my grandma, we used to go to the state capital and throw sticks at the ginko tree,a nd i would collect them for her. but she didn't eat them all, she used it to make soup haha

Taro root

taro chicken
brown up some chicken with garlic and salt and then add taro and chicken broth or water and chicken bouillon, add soy sauce, black bean paste, and a little sugar, and then simmer away. it makes the best gravy to eat with rice.

What Is a California Burrito?

Well the closest thing I can think of to what you are describing is "Oscar's Very Mexican Food" in Sacramento, at least in norcal. But most things in norcal as dominated by thse mission style burritos. I mean, we got the baaaay

New Yorker visiting LA - What are the must-have "serious eats"

GUPPIES! for taiwanese shaved ice

Diddy Reise for ice cream sandwiches. CHEAP AND YUMS

Disneyland's Blue Bayou Restaurant, inside the Pirates of the Carribean theme ride. For the food and the experience. For the price of Disney, you might as well get the best food and service. You can dine on some reallly delicious food while enjoying the bayou ambiance, and on occasion, hear riders scream as they go down the waterfall... haha

Seriously Asian: How to Make Mochi by Hand

you could also make a quick mix mochi

1 part sugar
4 parts mochiko (rice flour)
4 parts water

mix everything together well, and then microwave (covered with a wet paper towel to help steam) for maybe about 4-5 minutes. It should bubble slightly and will change consistency. Then you can wrap as instructed above.

But be careful, the mixture is SUPER HOT and can burn your fingers really easily...

Uses for plum sauce?

Eat it with chinese roasted pork, eat it with rice (my dad ate everything with rice), its good with a lot of things just experiment

What do I do with pounds of TRIPE

chinese tripe stew or tripe steamed with peppers and stuff

What's Your Favorite Cold-Weather Meal?

jook, soondubu, tteokbokki with rice, clam chowder, chinese hot pot. mmmmmmm yum

How Do You Survive with One Oven on Thanksgiving?

grandma and uncle lives closeby, so we have a grill fired up, three ovens if needed, and an outdoor wok for those oh so necessary asian seafood dishes at holiday dinners. =] oh and its non stop cooking once it gets to an hour before dinner

California Travel Suggestions

If you're in the bay area, hit up Berkeley, yeah cheeseboard is great, actually anything in the gourmet ghetto is pretty yums.

Head to Sacramento, its the state capitol, and has some fun places to chill, good food...

hit up the pho in san jose, and oh my gosh yum

Instant Noodles/Ramen

neoguri is it, and the japanese udon style that comes in a bowl is super good, pretty healty, and super fillling, RAMEN is my life, mmmmm

Japanese Croquettes (Koroke)

id rather make it myself, so you can control what you put in and how you season it. and its super simple, and when i made it with my bf's sister, we made little domokun koroke. =]

Your Fast Food Urge.....just had mine...tasty.

is it just me or did no one say carl's jr?!! OMGGGAAAH hi western bacon cheeseburger with natural fries and onion rings with extrrrra bbq sauce. oh and dont forget the milkshakes!!! =]

that and kfc ahha nommmm

Video: The Freshman 15

i feel like the guys gain it more easily, i lost about 6 pounds freshmen year, i hated the food and played so much basketball, but then gained 15 after i started cooking for myself and had to study more....

all you do is sit and study and eat, i miss my basketballl =[

Do Gals Eat Less When Guys Are Around?

i eat slower and less in front of new people, and REALLY neat.

when i first went on a dinner date with my bf, we each had a sushi roll, he finished his like a normal person would, i poked and prodded my way to a 40 minute meal....for a SUSHI roll, only 8 pieces hahaha

Fair Food

I am sooo jealous of you!! I don't get to go to the California State Fair this year cause school starts early this year =[ butttt absolutely looove it! well the food at least, the fair is sooorta fun haha

Blooomin' Onions
Fries - the kind that looks like spaghetti.. omggg
Funnel Cakes
Corn with hellla butter
Frozen lemonade

we walk for like hours to round up the food and then we devour it.

Picnic at the beach: what should I bring?

mmm thanks for the ideas, i might just have to make a sandwich to bring....

and @AyeEat we wish we were old enough lol were just shy of that

Tofu (For Carnivores...) ?

maybe you should try using tempeh which is like tofu, but is much firmer and heartier.

firm tofu, or use dried tofu skins. its very chew and nommmmy and soaks up flavors wells =]

California Eatin': Dutch Crunch in the Bay Area

OMG Hot Pastrami Sandwich on Dutch Crunch at Genova's Delicatessen in Oakland nom nom nom


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