Brainstorming a Food Blog Name

Thank you so much everyone! I like Our Daly Bread and Moo Peep & Oink a lot! I really appreciate everyone's input and advice. Thank you RossS for pointing out how it's hard to name something without having content first, you're very right. I think I was hoping that choosing a name may help me create an angle for the blog too. Thank you bleu for the great advice as well - I don't want to lock myself into Italian cuisine or stave off those who don't eat pork. This was really helpful and I really do appreciate it.

Brainstorming a Food Blog Name

Hi everyone,

I know this questions has been asked before but I've loved some of the names generated from similar discussions on SE.

I've wanted to start a food blog for a couple of years now and have been trying to think of a good name. I know the name's not everything, but it is an important part of a successful blog, I think.

Anyway, a bit about me: I studied journalism in college and I love to cook. I want this blog to be a way for me to continue writing about something I'm passionate about and to allow me to share recipes, stories and culinary musings. I'm in my mid twenties and I'm still learning how to cook but have definitely gained my confidence in the kitchen. My background is mostly in Italian food, as I've learned a lot from being in the kitchen with my grandmother, who is from Italy, and my mom. I do also like to try new recipes. My last name is Daly (pronounced like "daily") and I've explored using it in a blog name but haven't found anything that quite fit. I also really like pigs and was trying to think of something cute and quaint with a pig in it. I've also thought of "Cheese&Chocolate" two of my favorite ingredients and "A Heaping Teaspoon" but not sure if I love them.

I really appreciate any suggestions and help. Thank you!

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