What can I say? Food rocks.

  • Favorite foods: Garlic, veggie stir fry, pizza, stromboli, wonton soup, grilled zucchini, almost all vegetables, grilled chicken, chicken-pepper-onion kebabs, salad, sweet peppers on anything, #1 - Prociutto and smoked gouda stuffed chicken with leek cream sauce!
  • Last bite on earth: See my #1...with pasta, zucchini, and foccacia bread dipped in olive oil.

What do you top your burgers with?

Grilled onions, ripe tomatoes, cheese.

Do You Frequently Get Take Out?

We generally get takeout for dinner two, maybe three times per week. Chinese one night, pizza/subs another. If we get it a third time it varies between hot bar from the local grocery store or fish frys from wherever they are being made in town.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Cooking For One

I do many varieties of stir fries using different meats/veggies and an array of sauces and spices. Stir fries never get old in my opinion because there are so many different ways to make them. I love pizza at any time of the day, so I don't mind having leftovers of it in the fridge to either re-heat or eat cold upon waking up in the morning. Also will do chilis and soups to freeze and re-heat anytime. In the cold spell we are having here in PA soups are a perfect meal.

What do you eat when you're sick?

If I have any form of stomach bug, I'll take it easy and start out with saltines, toast, and ginger ale. Gradually making my way towards a brothy soup such as chicken noodle with some crackers and more ginger ale.

What are your "Significant Other is out of town" meals?

Chinese takeout, pizza with lots of garlic, onions, and peppers, roasted garlic, by itself, straight from the oven. Yum!

Best by date on beer?

Since my Aunt and my grandmother don't drink beer more often than the holidays (okay my gram never does! LOL), there have been many times on such holidays as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter when I've started drinking a light beer (Coors light usually) that tasted just fine and for kicks, I'd look at the expiration and it would read 3 months or more expired. I've never ever gotten sick from an expired (at least up to 6 months) light beer. Not that I'd choose to drink them from an expired date, I just can say I'm still living to this moment to comment the fact that they, in my experience, taste no different to me after a small expired date.

Best thing you ate in 2012!

Stuffed chicken with smoked Gouda and lemon cream sauce, sides o fettuccine and yellow squash. Mmm!

How do y'all stay thin?

I begin my day with a walk. Be it 15, 30, or more minutes, I don't kill myself like I used to, but I feel like I've moved and don't mind eating mostly what I want.

I tend to eat several smaller portioned meals through the day except for weekends. I enjoy getting create with leftovers, so running thru a fast food drive thru is never an issue. I love most all veggies, so I eat them predominantely, white meats a few times a week. And most of all, put some elbow grease into preparing meals!

Chain Reaction: Quaker Steak and Lube

I like the golden garlic flavor best, but my old local Quaker Steak and Lube's wings were hit and miss. Sometimes very dried out, especially if u ordered a whole bucket to go. I had a few dinner sized grilled chicken wing salads though. Very large and filling with loads of fresh toppings.

Serious Eats Is Six: Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy birthday SE!!

Under the Weather

Non-kitchen items in your kitchen?

Ironing board, radio, and stacks and stacks of mail. We get a ton of catalogs. Most we never order from, but they keep a comin'!

Late Late Late Night Snacks this week

Leftover chinese, cold pizza, frosted sugar cookies.

Pizza Hut Perfume Is Real

From the Freezer: Tony's Macaroni & Cheese

Hmm...Not sure about this one. I do, however enjoy Tony's original pepperoni pizza. I miss the old school round style that had the pepperoni saucers. They were awesome. Especially charred.

Dhorst's Not So Secret Dipping Sauce

I'm wide awake at 3:30am...Why not make some SDS!? It's the best!

Name Six Herbs/Spices

Garlic powder
Red pepper flakes
Onion powder

Cold Pizza for Breakfast.

Sure! I've seen places around where I live that sell it individually wrapped at convenience stores in their small refrigerated section and it's only like $.89 for a small plain square slice! A local pizzeria in the area distributes it to several gas station marts around the area. It's pretty good, a deal, and it's great if you are eating on the go!

Another thought, if you were to open a store, it would be a great selling point if you open it near a university, as hungover college students wouldn't pass up a cheap morning cure to their hangovers!

Bagels: Top or Bottom?

The bottom all the way!

Does Thanksgiving = Christmas on your table?

We have ham at Christmas instead of turkey. Otherwise te sides are pretty much the same, though we always have asparagus for some reason.

The Elusive Secret Dipping Sauce aka SDS, secret no more.

Di, you rock!! The SDS is amazing!

If you win Powerball today...

I bought two Powerball tickets. And honestly, if I won, the first thing I'd do would give a good chunk to cancer research i.e. family members. The second, what-up SE'rs! Let's GO!! Tour of anyone's favorite food mecca!

In Our Community Corner: Meet Diana Horst (aka 'dhorst')

Diana rocks!!! She put me up at her home this past June and we had an amazing pizza party/meetup! What an amazing time we had! SO glad to see this!

I could polish off...

Chinese takeout buffet
Vegetable soup

Poll: How Long Do You Let Leftover Slices Linger?

Usually not longer than two days. Have I had a leftover slice on day 3, yes, but I find it doesn't taste nearly as good as the cheese starts getting too hard.

Under the Weather

I rarely get sick with a stomach bug, but it has managed to happen. So, friends, what besides chicken noodle soup, do you eat when you are under the weather with a stomach bug? I don't not like chicken noodle soup, but it bores me all the same. Just wondering if you had any other suggestions? Thanks!

Thoughts on Swiss I the only one?

So, I was way craving a grilled cheese sandwich this afternoon. I generally will make a grilled cheese with either Gruyere or a Sharp cheddar which come out lovely. However, the only cheese that we had in the fridge was Swiss, the other half's fave. So, I decided to try using it as a grilled cheese. It melted kind of funny, and to be honest, it had very little flavor. I tasted the buttered bread more than I did the cheese. Maybe I was just trying to grill the wrong type of cheese, or does Swiss cheese really lack the flavor that much of others? Thoughts SE'rs?

Cheese - Your favorite vs. what you most commonly consume?

I must admit, I've been on a cheese kick lately tasting new and different cheeses that I normally wouldn't buy. My question(s) are:

1) What is your favorite cheese?

2) What cheese do you consume the most often?

For me, I would have to say that my two favorite cheeses are Smoked Gouda, either melted within any dish or chilled on a sandwich, and Parmeggiano-Reggiano grated on whatever dish I may be making.

However, I tend to eat a lot of pizza, stromboli, and sandwiches, so I would have to say I eat both mozzarella and Swiss cheese the most often.

How bout all you cheese fans out there? I'm interested!

Curious...How long do salad dressing packets last?

I'm curious...Normal bottles of salad dressings have an expiration date printed on them. I have a bunch of those little small Italian dressing packets (the free ones you can take on the counter on the salad bar or hoagie shack). I realized that they do not have an expiration date printed, and I was wondering how long they would keep for? Any thoughts?

Easter Leftovers

I was sent home with an over abundance of both ham and turkey from Easter dinner. Also had some leftover asparagus and crusty rolls. For lunch, we had simple cold turkey sandwiches, much like the ones that are enjoyed with leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Always a classic, nostalgic sandwich. Tonight, I'm ready to use up the ham and asparagus, so I'm making a Ham and Asparagus Quiche with chopped onions and Swiss cheese.

So, how are you all using up your leftovers from Easter? (If you had any, that is. :)

Do you have a Go-To Sauce for Stir Fry?

Hi SE'ers! The next few days are going to be some busy ones, which usually leads to me throwing together a quick vegetable or chicken stir fry in the skillet for dinner in an attempt to avoid take-out. I'm not experienced yet in making my own stir fry sauces, and have been mostly using either the leftover Chinese brown sauce from a local joint which is quite tasty, Kikkoman's classic Stir Fry sauce, or Teriyaki.

I'm wondering if you have a go-to bottled sauce that goes well in a stir-fry, or if you have any quick recipes I could whip up to use. I like everything from mild to ultra spicy. Thanks in advance!

What are your favorite crackers with soup?

There are so many different types and brands of crackers on the grocery store shelves these days. When eating soup, what are your favorite crackers to eat with it? Is it a buttery cracker like a classic Ritz, Town House, or Club cracker? Tiny round Oyster crackers? Saltines? Or perhaps something else?

Also, do you crush them up in the soup or dip and eat?

For me, my favorite crackers with soup have always been the Original Club crackers, crushed up into the soup. Particularly in any sort of Chicken noodle or Vegetable soup. I can remember as a child I would crush up almost an entire sleeve into a bowl of Campbell's Vegetable Beef Soup and enjoy!

Bars and Pubs around Bleecker Street/Greenwich Village?

I just got home from an amazing weekend in NYC. So amazing, that I'm planning to return next weekend! I enjoy discovering new and different bars and pubs, and enjoy afternoon beverages. I found some great Happy Hour places on Bleecker Street yesterday and had a really great time. Places I visited were: Thunder Jacksons, 1849, and Off the Wagon (which had $6.50 large pitchers of beer til 7!)

I really enjoyed the neighborhood and had great Mexican food for dinner. I'm just wondering if there are any other great/unique/must go to bars or pubs in the area that I should check out? Mostly drink domestic beer, so not looking for craft. Thanks so much in advance!

Pizza, Dumplings, and a Food Truck

Hello SE'rs!
I'm headed to NYC solo for one day and I've been going crazy researching the the items in my title line. I want to get...

1) The best SLICE of NYC pizza. (Not anywhere that only offers a pie.)

2) The best Dumplings...I've heard great things about Joe's Shanghai and Prosperity Dumpling, or is there somewhere better?

3) Food truck food

I don't like seafood, but otherwise, I'm pretty much open to anything. Not planning on heading anywhere outside Manhattan, but I'll be cabbing around, so any neighborhood is open. Thanks in advance!

How are all of your leftovers being used?

Happy Black Friday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day. So, I'm curious....What's everyone cooking (or not cooking) up with their holiday leftovers today? My good friend has an overload of them, so she has invited me over tonight to cook dinner with her for our BFs. She's planning on dressed up Turkey sandwiches on pretzel rolls with cranberry sauce. I'm thinking about trying a recipe I saw on TV earlier today for the side...

They took the leftover mashed potatoes and an equal amount of leftover stuffing combined in a large bowl. Molded them together well by hand, then took large biscuit sized molds, coated each in flour, and lightly fried them up in a small amount of oil, turning to brown on each side. They looked delicious!

So SE'ers...What's on your leftover menu?

Roasted Brussels Sprouts...Anyone have a good recipe?

Hi SE'ers! I've been nominated to make a veggie dish for my family's Thanksgiving dinner this year. I'm looking into making a brussels sprouts dish, as I know many of my family members are a fan of them. I love them, myself, but I'm not too experienced in making them. Does anyone have a really good method/recipe for cooking/roasting Brussels sprouts? Thanks in advance!

What's cooking this Halloween evening?

So what is everyone cooking this Halloween night? While answering the door for trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood, I've got a pork tenderloin in the slow cooker, baked sweet potatoes in the oven, french baguette, and a classic pumpkin pie for dessert. And if course, candy corn for snacking in the candy dish! What's cookin' in your kitchens? Happy Halloween!

Winter squash season has arrived!

Winter squash is always a favorite of mine this time of year. I love making butternut squash soup, spaghetti squash marinara, and even simply roasting them with various spices. What are some of your favorite ways to use winter squash?

Has anyone ever had a "wedgie"?

I just ate something pretty amazing...It was from a Fair stand called a Wedgie. It consisted of ham, pepperoni, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, with Italian dressing baked into pizza dough. It was kind of like half stromboli, half hoagie/sub. And, it was pretty amazing! The stand was called John the Greek. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this delicacy?

What's cooking this weekend?

So...what is everyone cooking this weekend?? Tonight, I'm making Tomato-basil soup with corn bread, along with a big chef salad and a few pumpkin ales. Tomorrow will probably be leftover soup and a sandwich, maybe a grilled cheese BLT. We will probably stop by our local fair stand for a homemade apple dumpling for dessert. On Sunday for football, some friends are coming over, so I'm planning pulled pork sandwiches from the slow cooker, baked mac and cheese, a veggie tray, and something sweet, haven't decided yet. Perhaps snickerdoodles or something. So what is everyone else whipping up this fall weekend?

Going Bananas!

My BF came home last night with oodles of bananas that were given to him leftover from a work function. I'm looking for some creative ideas to cook/bake with them besides a traditional banana bread. (Which i will probably make in addition anyway.) Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Cooking Rut...Need to get creative here!

I'm currently house sitting at a good friend's home and taking care of pets while they are away for a few days. They are very gracious and welcomed me to anything I wanted to eat/cook in their full kitchen. They are mostly meat and taters type of people, so I am trying to get creative. As I was browsing thru the pantry and fridge, here's some of what I have found...

- Lots of frozen chicken tenderloin and a pot roast
- Bag of russett potatoes
- Vidaila onions
- Carrots
- Tomatoes
- Dry pasta noodles
- Tomato sauce
- Chicken stock
- Refridgerated cresent rolls
- French loaf
- American cheese, shredded italian cheese
- Eggs
- Rice
- Lettuce
- Deli ham

Along with staple sauces, spices, condiments, baking needs. There is pretty much every pan/appliance available. Help me get creative! :)

National Ice Cream Day - What are you cooling off with?

National Ice Cream Day couldn't be falling at a better time with this intense heat wave through much of the States! What is everyone's favorite ice cream flavor or cold sweet treat?

Brand wise, I love Haagen-Daz chocolate chip cookie dough. But since it's summer and the seasonal Tastee-Freeze is open, I'm heading out for a soft serve chocolate-vanilla twist in a sugar cone! Nothing says summer like a tasty cone!

What discontinued foods do you miss?

As I was grocery shopping today, I had a flashback to my childhood...I remembered my favorite packaged cookies of all time...Giggles. No longer on the market. Then I remembered another...Magic Middles. Gone. Giggles Lipton Noodle Soup was a favorite for lunch. Also no longer in existence. So what are some of your most missed foods that have been discontinued?

Summer concert tailgate menu

I'll be going to an all day outdoor tailgate before an evening concert next week. I need to come up with a menu for five people, and it has to be foods that can be packed and travel in coolers. The weather is looking to be 90 degrees, so of course we will be bringing lots of cold drinks as well! I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

What to eat at Reading Terminal Market in Philly?

I have several hours to kill in downtown Philly next week while I'm waiting to catch a bus home. The last time I was there, I stumbled upon the Reading Terminal Market and was in awe of the vast selection of sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, you name it. (Not to mention the great fresh produce of course!)

I'm planning to return and I'm wondering...Does anyone have any must-try recommendations there? Everything looked so good, and I wished I could have tried it all! Thanks!

Chinese brown sauce recipe

I've always been a fan of the brown sauce in typical Chinese take-out dishes such as chicken w/broccoli, beef w/broccoli, etc. So...what exactly is in the sauce that gives it such great flavor, and does anyone have a recipe for it to so I can try whipping it up at home? Thanks!

Atlantic City Boardwalk area eats...

I'm heading to Atlantic City next week and staying at Trump's. Looking for restaurant suggestions on or around the boardwalk within walking distance. I'm open to any cuisine aside from Seafood and not looking to spend more than around $25 per entree. Also open to any good pub suggestions in the area. Thanks!

Lunch in NYC.

I have a business meeting this week in Manhattan...I'm looking to have a really great lunch in Midtown. I'm open to anything non-seafood! Thoughts?

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More than the words on a label
Tomato sauce, cheese
Napkins and grease
A whole pie or more if you're able More

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