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What You Should Know About Eating Out With Allergies

I'm allergic to tree nuts, but not almonds or coconut, and I'm not allergic to peanuts. I also don't have a severe allergy, so I can usually eat foods processed on the same equipment. People often think I'm lying about my allergy because I assure them that prepping my food in the same area is fine or that I can't have the macadamia nut cookies but I can have the peanut butter ones. I'm also allergic to avocado, which I guess is rare and some people just simply don't enjoy them, so I often get the sense that people think I'm lying about that too. Believe me, if I could eat guacamole and pesto, I'd be a happier girl - I am NOT lying.

Kids Cooking Class Ideas

Definitely keep it up with including vegetables... that will start these kids off on the right foot and hopefully turn them into life-long veggie lovers!

Check Out Our Map of 50 States, 50 Beers We Love

@AndroidUser @Paul Cline ...Perpetual.

I think we should all agree to disagree... then there will be more of our respective favorites for each of us :)

Check Out Our Map of 50 States, 50 Beers We Love

Excellent! Although I'm an advocate for Troegs Perpetual for PA, but Prima Pils is a great choice.

Surprisingly great towns for food?

Lancaster, PA. First of all, PA Dutch food is delicious, especially when it came from the farm down the road. But that's not all. There's such a surprising food scene in Downtown Lancaster. Off the top of my head, the only two chain restaurants in the entire City of Lancaster are a McDonald's and a Subway. The rest are great local places and there is a wide range ethnic food. And you can't forget about Central Market, which the oldest operating farmer's market in the country and is full of delicious food.

From Love to Hate

Mushrooms are definitely one. And Brussels sprouts, I despised them for years now they're my favorite veggie. Also ricotta cheese, I never liked it and now I love it.

I could go on forever. I think it has to do with my mother. When it comes to classic Italian dishes she's an excellent cook but when preparing simple things like veggies she never does them justice. Once I went to college and had to cook for myself I started to love all sorts of things.

Ways to Annoy your Grocery Clerk #1

I understand... I hated when something would ring up without a price and people would say, "Oh we'll that makes it free!" Nope, it doesn't and you aren't funny. It might be if the 30 customers before you weren't jerks. Retail is the worst.

We Try Pepsi Next, Pepsi's Lower-Calorie Soda

I bought this as a mixer for rum/whiskey. I don't like regular soda, but I don't like how diet soda tastes with alcohol. This was a good medium.

Need advice re: NYC trip for graduation present

We do NYC as a day trip from Philly all the time! Definitely doable.

England In Less Than A Month - I need some help!

I haven't been there in several years (5 maybe?) but last time I was there we stayed at the Regency in South Kensington. I had the best waffles of my entire life there. They were so good that for most of the trip we just ate breakfast there. So good.

Good apple butter?

The apple butter from Miller's in Lancaster, PA is the best. I know they ship pies, so they'd probably be willing to ship you some apple butter if you call!

Ever Made Anything "Healthier" That Was Actually Good?

Do any of you have any opinions on using Nayonaise (vegan mayo) in place of regular mayo to lighten stuff up?


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