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Pepsi to Use Real Sugar in 'Pepsi Throwback' and 'Mountain Dew Throwback' in April

Our local Publix tells me that Pepsi Throwback will soon be off the shelves, being only a summer item. Is that true?

My Week Without Corn, Part II: The No Corn-Fed Animal Products Edition

Grass fed pigs not a bad idea. In fact, some of the best pigs are raised eating grass, roots, acorns and roots. Ham from these pigs is delicious: one can taste the acorn. Did not eat the sausage from these pigs, but it exists.
If some meat guys don't know what I am talking about, Google Jamón ibérico, Iberian ham, also called pata negra. Or, simply Google Spanish Black Pig.
It is so good, someone stole, took, the 50 Euro black ham, (authorized and sealed for international travel), from me when returning from Spain.

My Week Without Corn, Part II: The No Corn-Fed Animal Products Edition

Is there such a thing as ice cream which has the milk component from grass fed cows?

And, I would like to know why yogurt using fruit juice stopped being provided in America, (or, at least this part of America…the “Paradise” of Naples, Florida.)

While you are at it, explain to me why one cannot get an Apple Pie made with just apples: no sugar, no sweetener. I did it Thanksgiving 1982. Some tell me it is not a “pie” without sugar. Well, what did I make then? I think I used an Apple pie recipe, used red delicious apples, and just did not put in the sugar. I put in the cinnamon, and whatever else was called for. It was good!

I am presuming that fruit, (and fruit juice), are better than sugar. It goes without saying that the fruit juice in yogurt or ice cream would be 100 percent fruit juice. Also, common sense rules of simply enough fruit juice to give it some sweetness apply.

Indulge me further and give thought to French blueberry tarts, (the kind one gets when in France), using 100 percent fruit juice instead of sugar.

(All of these ideas which utilize fruit juice in combination with some milk product should ideally utilize milk from grass fed cows.)

If such things do not exist, they are progressive and good ideas, I think. Could someone hire me to give good ideas?


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