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  • Location: Boston
  • Favorite foods: Artichokes, Cheese Souffle, Neapolitan pizza, biscotti
  • Last bite on earth: Fried clam bellies and a root beer float

Bake the Book: The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie

Pumpkin pie and honey pecan tart. Probably something else at the last minute

Bake the Book: The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook

One more call for Madison, WI Eats

Batch bakery on Willy street is so buttery and good. I miss that place. Marigold kitchen near capitol square has great breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Colectivo coffee (also on square) is a great, but busy, place originally from Milwaukee that's good for baked goods and lunch too.

Bake the Book: Desserts for Every Season

Spring = strawberry rhubarb pie; summer = root beer floats; fall = apple crisp; winter = rice pudding

Cook the Book: 'The Glorious Vegetables of Italy'

A bowl of homemade minestrone soup in a little Tuscan town

Bake the Book: Pie

Oreo pie... I know I should like blueberry or something more, but adding a crust just makes eating a pile of whipped cream and cookie crumbs somehow acceptable.

Pizza in Madison Wisconsin

Ian's is pretty much greasy carby pizza for hungover students. They tried to break the mold and open a thin crust, wood oven place that closed less than 3 months after it opened. Glass Nickel is another solid place for more american style pies though.

Pizza in Madison Wisconsin

I absolutely love Porta Alba! Neapolitan style pizzas from a guy who grew up there out of a custom made wood burning oven. I stopped eating pizza when I left home for college, and this is the place that convinced me to start eating it again. I haven't had better Neapolitan pizza anywhere (including Naples...)

Do I Need to Use Eggs in Ice Cream (and How Many?)

I use the kitchenaid attachment to churn. Would lower speed for longer time fix this? I tend to bump up the speed just because my bowl always thaws before the ice cream is finished. I have a crappy apartment refrigerator that freezes all the food in my fridge if I lower the temp enough to get the freezer bowl really cold.

Do I Need to Use Eggs in Ice Cream (and How Many?)

Does anyone else sometimes get a weird texture thing going on with homemade ice cream where there is a tacky coating that gets left on the spoon and your tongue? I can usually mitigate the problem using only 3 egg yolks and higher milk:cream ratios so I assume it comes from too high fat content, but maybe someone has a better explanation for me?

Favorite Brewery in Your State

oops...sorry. I meant to say they don't ship out of the state. Spotted cow is one of their signatures, but the have seasonal and experimental brews all the time too. All in a beautiful new, tourable brewery

Favorite Brewery in Your State

New Glarus in New Glarus, WI. They don't ship out of the statefgcdsw hgaq

Remember school lunches?

All I have are bad memories, but we weren't allowed to bring our own lunch unless we had a Dr's note. One of the worst offenders was the "spaghetti pie": pounds of over cooked spaghetti noodles congealed into a hotel pan topped with too-sweet spaghetti sauce and baked. Also those tiny jello cups with a quarter sized plop of fake whipped cream... shudder.

Cook the Book: 'Canal House Cooks Every Day'

BLTs with fresh bicolor sweet corn

Supermarket Sweets: We Try The Two New Flavors of Teddy Grahams

There was just a plain banana flavor a few years back. They were really tasty, but only stayed on the shelves a couple months before they were discontinued. Tasted like banana cheerios but better.

Win Pop Chart Lab's Worldwide Cheese Wheel Poster

An aged Gouda with lots of salty crystallized pockets because i love the contrast of salt and nutty sweetness

Cook the Book: 'Flour, Too'

too many to choose a favorite! I had a really excellent Brioche from Flour recently though.

Favorite Recipes from The Joy of Cooking?

Oh, and I am just finishing graduate school, moving to Boston soon, and love baking as well. We should find each other...

Favorite Recipes from The Joy of Cooking?

The chocolate chip cookies from the Joy were the first think I ever learned to bake with my Dad. He put his own spin on the recipe but it's definitely the dirtiest page in my copy. I have it memorized but I sometimes have to double check just to make sure.

Bake the Book: Home Made Summer

Root beer floats! Or root beer float ice cream...

Giveaway: Win A Limited Edition "Zelda Collection" from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

White Russian or a Mohito

Celebration Food

I stuck with the macaron ice cream sandwiches and drove into work early to drop them in the freezer. There usually isn't traffic in Madison, except of course the day I'm trying to rush ice cream sandwiches between freezers.

Cookie Hunt

Yes! My grandma used to make something that fits this description for Christmas. The edges were rolled in sugar. She called them Heidelsand. I can get the recipe from my dad or Aunt if this is what you're looking for. My mom was a Lutheran pastor when I was growing up so I know the potluck s well

Celebration Food

My birthday is tomorrow, and I'm still trying to decide what to make to celebrate. Leaning towards making french macarons and filling them with DQ softserve, but there's so many other labor/ingredient intensive recipes that can be justified by a birthday so I haven't committed yet. Though I have to make a decision by 5 pm tonight...

Bake the Book: La Boulange Bakery: Cafe Cooking At Home

I love visiting La Boulange when I'm in SF. My favorite cafe sweet is often a simple sable I can have with coffee

What are your Essential Kitchen Items?

There's nothing like packing for a long distance move to make you realize your priorities in the kitchen. While everything else is disappearing into boxes for the next 5 weeks, I've kept out one kitchenaid stand mixer, one spatula, 3 nesting mixing bowls, measuring cups, 3 coffee mugs, and two ice cream scoops.The pizza stone is still out too, but that's just because I haven't found a good spot for it yet. What would you keep out until the last minute?

Need help finding a red wine

My husband and I are coming up on our third anniversary and the traditional gift is leather. I know "leather" is sometimes used to describe flavors or aromas in red wines, but I'm not as wine saavy as he is and don't know where to start. So, I'm looking for some suggestions for good red wines that have leathery profiles. Just to offer some direction, his favorite wine is the Cabernet Sauvignon from Heitz Cellars and I'm willing to spend $50-150. Thanks!

Suggestions needed for leftover pastry cream

I made my husband and I two small fruit tarts for Easter and now have a lot of pastry cream leftover. Way too good to let it go to waste but also don't want to end up eating it by the spoonful by the light of the fridge at 2 am. Eclairs are an obvious choice, but any other ideas out there? Something decently portable so I can bring it to work and that doesn't involve too much effort would be ideal.

Don't Forget Pi Day!

I haven't seen anything on SE recently about the fact that tomorrow (3/14) is Pi day! I haven't decided yet what to bake tonight... Key lime? Rhubarb? It's too late for an ice cream pie since I forgot to put the bowl in the freezer. Are other people baking tonight?

Breakfast for Dinner in Chicago?

I'm trying to decide where to go for my birthday this year. My husband and I checked out Little Goat Bread this weekend and I got inspired to do Breakfast for Dinner. So, I'm looking for a place that serves a mean breakfast all day and where I can get a really solid milk shake to go with it. Has anyone tried Little Goat Diner or have other suggestions? I was thinking cereal at Glen's diner but I'm not sure if they do milkshakes.

Almond pastry filling?

Has anyone used the almond pastry filling that comes in cans in the baking aisle? I'm wondering if it's fluid or more stiff like almond paste? I have a batch of lebkuchen dough that isn't the Nuremburger style I was hoping for, so I'm thinking about baking it in a half sheet pan and turning it into dominosteine. I'm wondering if I can avoid buying expensive almond paste for it since at this point I'm just trying to use up a misfit batch of dough. I might just skip the almond paste layer all together and top it with an apricot jam layer and dunk it in chocolate...

Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

My family is going to the country club for Thanksgiving this year, but I just can't let the day pass without doing some baking at home so I've offered to make breakfast. I'm planning on making Kouglof after falling in love with it at a bakery in Paris. Also planning a fruit salad and coffee/tea. What are some other good ideas to add to the table for a casual meal where people can pick what and how much they want to eat? My oven will be busy with the Kouglof, and with a big meal to come at 2:30 people will probably not want anything too heavy.

One kitchen item you hate to wash?

So last night I was washing yet another sink-full of dishes which is the bane of living in a tiny apartment with a half size sink and no dishwasher. I saved the metal vegetable steamer for last because I hate washing it. It seems like a lost cause to get all the veggie bits out of the fan of collapsible metal fins. As a kid my least favorite item to wash was the food mill my parents used to make spaetzle and the pan used to fry schnitzle. They always happened on the same night and my sister and I would fight like dogs over whose turn it was to do the washing.

So my question is, what's your least favorite kitchen item to wash?

Want: Savory Bread Pudding Recipe!

I'm going to a baby shower this weekend and wanted to bring something savory that the mom-to-be can actually eat. Another guest is bringing a savory dish, but it includes deli meats. I am leaning towards a savory bread pudding since it will be easy to put together and won't take to much time away from finishing that baby quilt that needs to get done too. I've done a lot of searching, but haven't found a recipe yet that has intrigued me. Does anyone have any good recipes to recommend?

Diagnose my croissant problem

For my first attempt at making homemade croissants, I used the Tartine recipe. Everything looked like it was working like it should until I started baking them. When I opened the oven to rotate the pans, there was a pool of butter on the bottom of the baking sheets that was frying the bottom of the croissants. My questions is, how do I keep butter from melting out of the croissants when they hit the oven?

It has been suggested I didn't laminate my dough correctly, but I followed the directions exactly with a ruler in hand. Also, my oven temperature is unreliable. According to my oven thermometer it can vary unpredictably from -50 to +75 degrees around the desired temperature.



Does anyone have a tasty and reliable taralli recipe? I've been trying out various ones from the web, but they are hard to find and often I get dough that is too glutinous to work with easily. I even tried one that seemed too oily to me and ended up with the oil seeping out of the dough and forming a bubbling puddle all over the baking sheet. Any suggestions for recipes or essential techniques? Thanks!