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  • Last bite on earth: Perfect Neapolitan pizza? Chicken fried steak? Great sushi? White Castle? Fresh strawberry milkshake? I can't decide... can I just live a bit longer?

My Pie Monday: Broccoli Raab, Pickled Shallots, Chorizo, and More!

@konijnjesbroek - Nope... good call, I'll have to give that a try with my next batch!

My Pie Monday: Broccoli Raab, Pickled Shallots, Chorizo, and More!

WFO's are truly in full force! It's the good weather that finally hit for a bit... Nice pies all! I'm heading to NYC a few times in the next couple months, so will definitely have to give Roberta's a try...

My Pie Monday: Smoked Oysters, Chinese BBQ Pork, and More!

@Adam - Good luck with that pop up! That pie looks mighty fine!
@Wilwn - Thanks for the tip! Pork on pork? Yes please. Also, did you somke your own oysters? Sounds like a great combination!

@All - Beautiful pies! Lots of classic looking pies!

Smiling With Hope Bakery: How Pizza-Making Transformed This High School Special Needs Program

Walter - It's great to see you and your program being brought to light here on Serious Eats! Well deserved, and it's phenomenal that you're helping people improve their lives one child at a time through your passion of making pizza! Ohio isn't that far, and once the weather improves a bit, I look forward to coming by with the wife sometime to meet you in person. Congrats again, and great job on the interview/selection, Adam!

My Pie Monday: Vietnamese Pork Roll, Mandarins, Meyer Lemons, and More!

@Chad S. - I never got the Meyer lemons on pizza... it's gorgeous, but the only time I had it, the lemon was very sour/bitter... did I just get a bad batch?
@Crkoller - I think I dreamed about that crust a few weeks ago... seriously, that looks like what I had in my dreams.
@KTC - Interesting combo! I like all three ingredients... might have to give this one a whirl...

Nice display of pies, all! Appetite inducing as always!

My Pie Monday: Braised Pig's Ear, Black Garlic, Tofu, and More!

@Adam - I said it semi jokingly. I'm just curious to see if your KuBlend will end up being shared, or will it be your ONE secret you hold onto like many other pizza masters? (e.g. Paulie's tomatoes). =)

My Pie Monday: Braised Pig's Ear, Black Garlic, Tofu, and More!

@BGEPizza and KungSchu - Thanks! I'll have to go check that out... I've been curious how black garlic tastes...

@Adam - Kublend eh? I like it.. it's time for you to patent that!

My Pie Monday: Braised Pig's Ear, Black Garlic, Tofu, and More!

@DavidS - Where do you get your black garlic from? I've been curious in trying this ingredient for awhile...

Nice set of pies all! And nice to see that as the weather warms up, we're starting to get some more submissions!

Poll: What's the Farthest You've Gone for Pizza?

I convinced the wife this past year to do a 10 day Europe trip... we started in Paris, went to Naples (for pizza of course from Da Michele, Trianon, Sorbillo, and Mateo in 48 hours), and then to Rome (where I convinced her to walk for 1 hr in the dark along a busy road with tiny sidewalk from the Vatican to Bonci.)

She knew half the trip would be focused around pizza, but she was definitely not happy with me for the 1 hr walk to Bonci... at least once we got there and she tried the pizza, she couldn't stop raving and smiling... hell, we even turned back around one block later to get some more.

Lunch in the Loop: Ramen and Skewers at Ajida

@Dennis - We're actually looking at another location now... but I trust you'll make it out and visit so I can meet you in person. When you have a moment, look me up on Facebook and let's connect.

Lunch in the Loop: Ramen and Skewers at Ajida

I just came here last week and this week for some tastes.. You're pretty spot on - the broth needs more work flavor wise, but the noodles I had were pretty good. They stated that they make their noodles in house each day.

Great tip on the 3:00 and after... I may have to take advantage of that as winter continues to draw out in Chicago...

More Thoughts on Eating at Eataly Chicago

Interesting you thought the pizza was the best around... my wife and I were actually quite disappointed in the quality of the crust when we tried it. Granted, we had just come back from Naples a month ago, and wanted to relive the experience. The crust was overworked and tough, and not airy like your describe... we must've gone on a off night.

Our take: A great visit for people watching and specific ingredient hunts, but we'd go elsewhere for dinner in the future.

My Pie Monday: Lamb Ragu, Char Siu, Wagyu Beef Bacon, and More!

Nice selections of pizzas ladies and gents! That char siu one has been playing in my head for awhile... Do you have a char siu recipe you follow, or store bought?

Eat This Now: Chaufa Aeropuerto at Tanta

@Likewords - Typically the stone bowl is actually HOT to touch. Stone bowls are heated directly, usually with the rice in it, as toppings are added on. Check out around 7:30 of this link:

My Pie Monday: Salami, Kimchi, Bacon Jam, and More!

@Gibran - Wow! Would have never thought to blow torch the edges of the crust just to get those micro leoparding spots... That sounds like food arranger/photographer stuff. Makes me think of this video:

Beautiful pie, and I'm glad that there's no butane after taste as well... ;)

My Pie Monday: Salami, Kimchi, Bacon Jam, and More!

As always, an impressive line up of pizzas and flavors.

@Joe M - I'm not a fat guy (yet) and I'd delight in that pizza too!
@Gibran - You got some great leoparding from a home gas oven! What's your technique?

My Pie Monday: Eggs, Tiger Meat, Cream Cheese, and More!

I live in the Midwest, and I had to look up what Tiger meat was... I was just as disappointed to learn that it's not actual tiger...

@BostonAdam - Sop is definitely the new and improved version of pepperoni. Better flavor and far tastier IMHO.

@CKroller, - Looks like you're dialing into that crust just fine! I will say, at Da Michelle, those folks don't have their pies in for more than 40 seconds... I timed them multiple times, and they stay around the 30-35 second mark... makes you wonder just how hot that oven is running.

@Andris - Great to see the final product! I've been following your Facebook build of the meatballs, etc.

Nice looking pies all!

Killer $5 Happy Hour Margherita Pies at Isola in San Diego

I checked them out at lunch one day while I was in San Diego on business.
Dollops of cheese, slightly crisp exterior crust giving way to a soft chewy interior, and a very tight fisted touch of basil (seriously, about 3 small leaves in the center). It wasn't the most generous, but the flavor was there. The crust has the right amount of softness and chew to be a proper Neapolitan, just without the high temps yet, the lack of spring and char on the crust left a little something to be desired. The waitress had said the oven was ready, but the owner later apologized after my meal that the oven was still getting up in temps without me mentioning anything about the crust. (He knows his craft) Great guy, talked lots about Italy and pizza after I let him know I make Neapolitan-style in my woodfired trailer in Chicago.

For $5, this pie is a steal.

My Pie Monday: Ground Beef, Eggplant, Fennel, and More!

Richard H: Gorgeous pie. That picture is unreal!
FoxLovesLemons: Big Mac pie?! That's pretty funny stuff! Did it taste just like McD's?
Deb: Gotta love that Baking steel, right? Does great things for making pizza in your oven.

Nice pies this week all! As usual, making me hungry...

Poll: Beets on Pizza, Way or No Way?

Roasted beets on pizza was one of our customers favorites this past summer at the farmer's market. It's got great potential and require some additional work in prep, but some of the best things in life require some effort!

My Pie Monday: Kimchi, Pickled Grapes, Barbecue Chicken, and More!

@Wilwn - It's not as bad as you think... except we dream of pizza, oreos, and other goodies all the time. It does help reset the system after the crazed holiday eating.

How Do You Feel About Chicago-Style Pizza in NYC?

It will be tough for Chicago pizza to make it NYC... Mostly due to the prideful New Yorkers that don't have an open mind to try new things. To be fair, some Chicagoans are the same way, and scoff at NY pizza. To each their own I guess...

Paulie - I'm glad you changed your mind a bit on deep dish in Chicago... Lou's is some great stuff, but CPD and Fredipus definitely have named a few more locations we're going to have to take you to when you visit. Lou's is the standard for me, but Pizano's, Gino's East, Pequods, Burts, etc. are all worth checking out for their variations of Chicago deep dish.

Personally, I like the idea that Chicago deep dish is spreading, especially for those who become transplants. I've had plenty of friends transplant to another city and miss the deep dish, an Italian beef, etc. Good food should be made available to the masses, wherever you are.

My Pie Monday: Kimchi, Pickled Grapes, Barbecue Chicken, and More!

@Andris - those pizzas are looking more and more pro... ever think about opening up shop?
@Amusebouche - The colors are phenomenal in that pie! Did the bacon crisp up?
@Crkoller - That's pretty damn good impression of TXCraig... nice crust!
@DavidM - That pie looks like some great stuff... makes me miss some good Chicago thin crust.
@Okaru - Agreed! Share that grape pickling technique!
@Wilwn - Would love to try that pie! Nice use of kimchi!

Great looking pies all! I can't wait to break my paleo eating ways come Feb 2nd... a few pizzas are in order... for breakfast. =)

Paulie Gee's Announces Chicago Expansion, With Slice'r Derrick Tung at the Helm

Can't wait to have you come by, Andris! A few hundred of my practice pies all began with the Baking Steel too... ;) What a long journey it's been since I first started! (With much more to learn still!)

Paulie Gee's Announces Chicago Expansion, With Slice'r Derrick Tung at the Helm

Let me correct that... I checked the map again, and it's Noble Square or River West for the two locations. My bad. =) Funny, I've been in Chicago for 10+ years, and the neighborhoods still throw me off sometimes... Looking forward to having you as a regular!

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