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  • Last bite on earth: Perfect Neapolitan pizza? Chicken fried steak? Great sushi? White Castle? Fresh strawberry milkshake? I can't decide... can I just live a bit longer?

Dim Sum Classics: How to Make Sticky Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf (Lo Mai Gai)

This is my father's favorite dimsum item. He's gonna be pleasantly surprised when I get a chance to try this recipe out!

Homemade Vegan Kimchi

This recipe is fantastic. I just opened up the jar yesterday after a one week ferment, and the flavor is amazing, considering there's no shrimp paste, fish sauce, etc. Thanks for the excellent recommendation on how to make vegan kimchi!

The Wok Mon Converts Your Home Burner Into a Wok Range. For Real.

@Varga49 - I had similar concerns, but if you read the comment by danbob, the updates are on Glen's main page it seems. Latest update is here:

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Why No One Opens on Time

As always, excellent read... though now it juts concerns me how long it's going to take for me to open up PG Chicago...

Paulie Gee's Announces Chicago Expansion, With Slice'r Derrick Tung at the Helm

@Orange3324 - Thanks for the heads up! I've got a few folks working on these spots... keep your fingers crossed! (I'm out of fingers to cross already...)

Paulie Gee's Announces Chicago Expansion, With Slice'r Derrick Tung at the Helm

@orange3324 - No location secured just yet... you'd be surprised how long it can take to just lock in a location. (At least, I'm surprised...) Reading Tyson Ho's series on opening a restaurant speaks to my heart more than I'd like it to sometimes... Thanks for checking in though! I'll definitely post something up here once I lock a location!

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Why Would Anyone Want to Open a Restaurant?

Coming to NYC in a week to train at PG's. Looking forward to sneaking a meal in at Swine if possible, and hopefully get a chance to meet you and talk a bit!

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: I Survived the First Week

Congrats on your open! It sounds like exactly what I thought it would be like... And yes, make sure you get some rest... Don't need you crashing and burning in the middle of being open!

Hope to come by in the next few months and try some of that beautiful looking food!

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Tomorrow's My Grand Opening

Good luck Tyson! I look forward to coming by when I'm in NYC for a meal, and to share my own misery stories of opening up in Chicago!

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: So I Failed My Construction Inspection

@canihavesome - Unfortunately, lots of regulatory agencies, both governmental and not, make their money based on the visits... and additional money if they're hired on for "consultation" to help pass the test. It's quite a racket how they're able to do this! I've seen the same in the healthcare industry where I used to work around the regulatory agencies there. Unfortunately, I had no idea it was the same in the food industry...

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: So I Failed My Construction Inspection

Sorry to hear about the crookedness of NYC inspectors! I've had a few investors read this article and told me they don't envy us at all... opening a restaurant is quite a journey... but at least you have plenty of good stories to tell later!

Keep your chin up! Can't wait to try some of your BBQ when I visit NYC soon...

Cast Iron Cooking: The Easy Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots That Will Forever Change How You Entertain

@Kenji - This looks phenomenal! Definitely going to make this for a few upcoming parties... And I"ll have to think about how this may be adaptable to a woodfired oven roaring at higher temps....

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: My Lease Safari

So much truth to this... it's scary. Seriously, who knew location would be that tough to find? Tyson, as someone who's been looking for a spot to open up Paulie Gee's in Chicago since Oct/Nov of 2013, I feel for you! Good luck with the new spot, and can't wait to come check you out when I'm in town!

Spacca Napoli's Jonathan Goldsmith on Italian Culture and the Power of Pizza

Jonathan has one of the most authentic Neapolitan pies that my wife and I have ever had... it's true, after visiting Naples, we came back and ate at Spacca again, and it was like being transported back... the flavors, the balance. His passion comes through in every pie, and he is a generous mentor as well! (He sat with Paulie and I for a long time, and shared plenty of notes, and then proceeded to give us a tour of his operations!) Phenomenal guy that I've had the honor of getting to know!

The Best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

@Fredipus - Haha... you sound like a true pizza fanatic... in my case, it will definitely be "my oven has barely had enough time to cure", especially now that I've sold the mobile. (It was like being dumped for the first time watching it being pulled out of my driveway...) The hard part will be restraining myself from firing it up to full force and getting some pies in there once it's installed... that two-three week cure is going to drive me insane.

The Best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

@Cpd007 - I'm just as antsy as you! Trust me, I'm not dragging my feet here... sometimes it just feels like the world doesn't turn fast enough.

And it sounds like I need to check out Villa Nova... I've been toying with a good homemade Chicago sausage recipe with no success. Perhaps I need some inspiration or some tips from here.

The Best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

@Mfrapp - Not that we've heard... I'm signed up for their "updates" and have never received a single update either. I'm guessing it's a done deal unfortunately.

@Nick - Excellent overview! I've been trying to find a chance to try Burt's for a few years now, and this just solidifies my need to go... once I leave my job in a few weeks to get ready to transition to opening up PG's Chicago, I'll actually have free time to hit up Burts! Looking forward to a great experience there!

Also, glad to see there hasn't been much Chicago Deep Dish hatred in the comments yet! Here's hoping I'm not baiting those folks...

Paulie Gee's Five Must-Eat Pizzas Across NYC

Would've loved to be able to come it for this! I guess I have a few sites to visit when I come out to PG's for some training instead... Congrats on five years Paulie!

The Wok Mon Converts Your Home Burner Into a Wok Range. For Real.

I'm in! Can't wait to get my hands on one!

How to Make Chicago-Style Italian Beef at Home

@cpd007 - A gyro test would definitely be interesting... be able to replicate it at home would be quite the challenge I'd think.
@jessyjee04 - Yup, Hot Doug's is closing on Oct 3rd.

I actually stopped by to grab a dog around noon on a Saturday, and it took 3.5 hours... by then, I was hungry enough to eat a few more. I congratulated Doug on the impending retirement, and asked if he was planning to do any other food related endeavors next (offering to have him possibly join Paulie Gee's Chicago for a guest night or something to design some sausage related pie specialties). Per his own words, he doesn't want to do anything in food again... will be interesting to see where he goes next!

How to Make Chicago-Style Italian Beef at Home

Interesting study, contrary to Meat Guy's statements that this isn't an appropriate recipe. As someone who's working on making my own Italian beef, I'm looking forward to testing out your recipe! (Though likely at the 130 degree mark so that the woodfired oven can finish it...)

Thanks for posting!

Paulie Gee's Announces Chicago Expansion, With Slice'r Derrick Tung at the Helm

@cpd007 - Absolutely! Looking forward to meeting you in person.. possibly before the open of PG? A few PMF folks are thinking about a Chicago pizza get together at someone's home...

Paulie Gee's Announces Chicago Expansion, With Slice'r Derrick Tung at the Helm

Thanks for the tips! Trust me when I say we've been checking out those spaces... and if we could've pulled the trigger, we probably would've done so already. ;)

Paulie Gee's Announces Chicago Expansion, With Slice'r Derrick Tung at the Helm

@Orange3324 - We've expanded the search a bit to include a few other area (Wicker, University Village, etc.) but the focus is still UKV/Wicker/West Town. Bummer for us as well! I can't wait to get started already!

Open Thread: When Did You First Fall in Love with Pizza?

I think I've had a couple of pizza revelations honestly... but two of them really stick out to me; the very first time (no one forgets their first time) and the most recent one which triggered me getting into food business.

First time - I had collected four BookIt coupons from reading in school, and was able to take my family to PizzaHut. It was the first time I got to treat my family to a meal (dad, mom, grandparents, and my baby sister) while selecting my own personal pan pizza ingredients!

Most recent time - My wife had just left her corporate job, and decided to open up her hybrid practice. It was her last day, and by the time she got home, it was 9:00 PM and we were both tired, didn't want to make food, and felt like going out to try a new restaurant to celebrate. We went to a local Neapolitan wood fired pizza place, sat at the pizza bar, and had an amazing pizza... I don't know if it was the tiredness, hunger, excitement of starting of her starting a new business, or something else entirely, but it triggered my obsession for Neapolitan-style pizza. And kicked off the start of my catering company, Za Pi, which has eventually led me to working with Paulie Gee to open up in Chicago.

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