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Fraudulent Charcoaling?

Try hardwood charcoal...burns hotter. Also, probably depends of what type of grilling you are doing and what type of grill you have. I use a Big Green Egg. Yesterday, I smoked some fish for several hours, not really a cold smoke, but a very low temp...less than 150 degrees... using a handful of hardwood charcoal and some chunks of cherry wood soaked in water.

If I want to sear a steak at 750 + degrees, I'll fill the chimney, start it. Dump it and then toss in another handful or two of hardwood charcoal. Let that burn down and heat up the egg. It will last long enough to cook dinner.

BBQ Ribs on a teensy grill - suggestions?

The naysayers are generally correct...that thing is tiny...but..I would reverse the suggestions...if you want to impress the crowd, rig up a tinder box so that you can generate as much smoke as possible at the lowest possible temperature. Smoke small batches of ribs (I am assuming your rubbed them or something) for 30 minutes or so, transfer batches to a roasting pan....

or...use your grill as the source for the smoke, put it under a small flame/heat proof table, put the ribs on the table and turn a brand new, clean garbage can over the whole thing...create some air space...hey presto...a smoker....

Then finish in low (200 degree) oven until done. I'm not a fan of liquid smoke.

Pizza dough: Moving from a food processor to stand mixer

How long are you letting it rest before you try to stretch it?

The Asparagus Snap Myth

I just cut off the bottom inch or two...I am with you OP....MYTH all the way.

Pasta extrusion and extruders.

I've successfully used the grinder attachment on my kitchen aid to make bigoli.

charcoal grill

If you are looking for the "BEST"...'ll jump on the Big Green Egg bandwagon...use mine constantly. You can find them for well below the $1000 quoted above...even with a nest.

israeli couscous curiosity....

Have not experienced that. I boil the couscous first, then add to the dish I am making. The amount of original cooking depends on what I will do with it next.

Steak - room temperature or chilled before grilling?

room temp....but not for texture, for cooking time....good point for the skirt, though, which I do cook cold for the same reason stated above.

Do you warm up meat when you put it in a salad?

depends on whether I want a cold salad or a warm salad...

Freeze Chipotles in Adobo?

They will last a very long time in the fridge...months. I have not frozen mine, but it shouldn't be a problem.

Enter to Win a Copy of the 'Alinea' Cookbook

Kind of hard to narrow it down, as I try to cook and eat creatively and about chocolate carbonara? Cocoa pasta...bacon..Parmesan tuile?

Mise en place- Is there a loss of nutrients?

Almost certainly, the veggies you are using were picked days...maybe weeks ago. So, your question appears to be, "does cutting veggies into smaller pieces cause them to loose vitamins?" I am not a nutritionist, but I can't imagine that there would any appreciable vitamins evaporate? I'm really assumption is that they do not. I think using produce right away is a flavor and freshness issue, not a nutritional issue.

Pan-Frying Chopped Bacon

...and, frequently, recipes and directions are assumptions, recommendations and best guesses. ...does it really matter whether it is 5 minutes or 15? Particularly, if you understand what the final product is to be? If you look to recipes as guidelines, rather than something more precise, you might feel better about this.
.. and higher heat...

Food blog name

Don the flame proof we go again....

Ways to use Prosciuitto?

What type? Domestic? Imported? From where?

what do YOU need?

The food has to taste good and be perfectly executed. Everything else is just window dressing.

Cooking with Sichuan peppercorns?

I flavor pickles with them. Just toss them in the brine.

Soft boiled eggs

by the way, the method above yields an egg that, when cracked open, appears poached.. You could probably leave it in the shell and remove the top portion like a traditional soft boiled egg.

Soft boiled eggs

sous vide.....David Chang Method....very large pot, fill with water, place a plate or grid in the bottom to keep eggs off the bottom of pot. Place thermometer in water. Heat to 145. Add eggs. Bathe for 45 minutes. Maintain 140 - 145 with very low flame or ice cube if too hot. Use immediately or chill in ice bath. Reheat in warm tap water. I often make fried eggs out of these, as per Chang.

Turned my crock pot into a sous vide cooker for $25!

I've successfully "ghetto sous vide" skirt steak with running tap water and a pot in the sink. Cost...$0. Of course, you do need to monitor things quite closely for about an hour, but if cost is the main issue...

Thoughts on sharing recipes?

I'm with @Monsieur_Ghislain. I don't want your recipe. I might take your idea...or be inspired by it, but I don't need your recipe. As for mine...I share freely when asked...often though, there is no "recipe." But I am happy to get you in the ballpark.


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