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A Sandwich A Day: Garlic Sausage at Real Kitchen

Love that place, never had a bad sandwich there. Loved the porkbelly with romesco & almonds they had when they first opened up

A Sandwich A Day: Garlic Sausage at Real Kitchen

Love that place, never had a bad sandwich there. Loved the porkbelly with romesco & almonds they had when they first opened up

Portland, OR: Metrovino's Big, Messy, Undeniably Great Double Cheeseburger

@ davidpd, had to log in to comment on this old post. You're crazy that looks likea drippy delicious mess not coagulated nasty. I guess it all depends how you like your meat cooked.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

Gates BBQ on 31st and Main in KCMO, short end, burnt ends, beef and a half, gotta love it

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

spicy german mustard, on a hard german roll (prefferably a pretzel brochen)

Denver food recs


THANK YOU, this was exactly the kind of rundown i was looking for and it is greatly appreciated. I will probably check out a few of the places you mentioned.

Derek Hinton

Denver food recs

I will check it out and thanks for the quick reply. I have issues trusting yelps judgement when it comes to food, at least that is how it is in Chicago. Most reviews are utterly clueless. I have done some reading and was leaning toward Rioja, have an opinion one way or the other on the joint?

Kansas City: Get One of America's Most Important Hamburgers at Town Topic

Hayes Hamburger and Chili is far better a burger, cleaner environment, friendlier staff, and most important a better burger. Grab a few with mustard onions pickle and chili and you are in for a real treat

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

Gates on Broadway in KC, or Oklahoma Joes, the original location in the gas station

What Was Your Favorite School Cafeteria Food?

/Agreed on the school lunches in rural Utah! We had real lunch ladies there that actually cooked instead of just opening a box, I still remember the awsome coffee can bread they would make. Being a Military brat I saw a lot of awful school lunches from all over, I still crave that bread. Oh, and chili and rice and spam musubi from the cafeteria in Hawaii.

Standing Room Only: La Pasadita

La Pasadita is tasty for sure but if you want the best steak in the city you gotta head to Las Asadas

Holiday baking ideas for gifts to mail?

I'm posting from a cell phone so I can post a link, but google "easy microwave fudge" its a box of powdered sugar some milk butter some coco powder etc... You pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and throw it in the fridge for an hour or 2 it is pretty tasty. Most people would never guess it was 6 staples dumped together tossed in the microwave. Even if you don't ship it give it a try for yourself, imagine it would be great for a college student, its fast, cheap, tasty, and will impress. If anyone gives it a shot let us know what u think.

Photo of the Day: Turtle Attacks Strawberry

@bisbee don't be so lazy I opened up this U TUBE typed in turtle and wok and like magic it was the first result, would have taken the same amount of time to just look it up as it did to post a comment

Papa John's Good Idea

isn't papa murphys the take and bake place not papa johns? or just a tangent? Adam we recently got pizza bella here in kc which is decent, what is your favorite place in KC? Tried Grinders pizza here yet?

Who has a good online site to order coffee?

Not a coffee drinker but I used to work at the "manufacturing plant" that was REALLY small here in KCMO YOU KNOW! but the coffee smells amazing and it tends to be a favorite of all those who enjoy a good cup. Air roasted by a small company lots of organic lines as well check it out.

Snapshots from Italy: Eataly Torino

Probably in kg, not pounds so only 32 or so a pound still pretty pricey.

In Videos: I Love Egg

bwahaha I saw this link over on teh SUPER COOL blog about bout that chick that nibbles occasionally. It's been stuck in my head for going on 3 weeks, thus everyone else around me contstantly gets treated to random outbursts of this. HA HA... kinda sad : (

SE users: please introduce yourselves.

24 yr old male, in KC MO YOU KNOW, love food of all kinds. Lived all over Europe 3 yrs Hawaii 2.5 yrs Alaska 4 yrs, military brat. Love great BBQ, how could you not in Kansas City. Anyone out there in KC send me a shout and lets go EAT!!!!

Soda, cola, pop, coke, etc.?

Coke. I actually used to be baffled as a child when I'd tell the waitress that I wanted a coke and she wouldn't ask me what kind. Heh