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Cook the Book: 'Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating'

I cook as much from scratch as possible. Fresh is best.

Cook the Book: 'Baked, New Frontiers in Baking'

Mom used to make pudding cakes from mixes. The cake mix went in the bottom of the pan, then you sprinkled it with a powder and poured hot water over, and in the oven, the layers magically switched places so you had a gooey layer of hot pudding underneath the cake. Haven't had one in ages...don't know if the mixes are still made. But my birthday's coming up...maybe I'll start searching for a real recipe.

Should Picky Eaters Fake Allergies?

This is one of my pet peeves. I am VERY allergic to avocado. I get violently ill with the smallest, teeniest, tiniest amount. Because it's an uncommon allergy, but a common dislike, I always worry that waitstaff and chefs will think I'm lying about my allergy, thanks to all the those before me who stretch the truth about their dislike.

Cook the Book: 'Giada's Kitchen'

pesto or lemon basil. OK, really anything with lots of basil.

Cook the Book: Bobby Flay's Grill It!

Tyler Florence! He seems so laid back, and I've loved every recipe of his that I've tried.

Cook the Book: 'Sweety Pies'

The first time I tried French Silk Pie. A friend brought his sister's recipe and insisted I make it. I did and have done very Thanksgiving since. And my 14 year old son has even made it a time or two because he can't wait until Thanksgiving.

Cook the Book: 'Mario Batali Italian Grill'

Worcestershire sauce always adds an earthy note to the food.

Cook the Book: Wine Bar Food

Strawberries fresh from the garden...soon...soon!

Fort Worth, Texas: A Serious Eating Tour

Caros...the restaurant I miss the most from Fort Worth. The tostadas make the most excellent nachos. A plate of bean & cheese nachos with a couple of their margaritas...doesn't get much better!

And they're not new...they've been there for years & years...just down from TCU on Bluebonnet Circle.

Where is the best place to get BBQ in Dallas/Forth Worth?

Go to Cousin's on Bryant Irvin in SW Fort Worth - Cityview area. Everything they have is good, but the ribs are great! And the fried okra.


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