• Location: Louisiana
  • Favorite foods: everything. especially cheese.
  • Last bite on earth: runny fried egg with melted cheese, ham, and ketchup on toast.

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what camera should I get for food photography?

@ new cook and taste seem to be making quite a few assumptions about me. I have taken dozens of art classes and have had a photography hobby for 6 years, and know a few things. I understand that I don't know as much as I need to for this project, and I'm taking this project very seriously which is why I'm studying up on the subject and getting my friends who are professional photographers to give me lessons. I just don't know much about digital cameras, or brands, and I thought it would be useful to get some input from as many people as I could. You should learn not to jump to conclusions and assume the worst of people. Life is way to short to get pissed off so easily.

Thank you Adam, and buffy, waffles, and katchimo, for your helpful suggestions! I will keep those all in mind while I continue my work on this project.

Maple, Maple, Maple!

I grew up in Vermont and loved making syrup at home from our own trees. using it to cure salmon and bacon is great. reducing it and pouring it over apple turnovers makes it candy onto the puff pastry. my grandfather always puts maple syrup in his baked beans, from beans he grows in his garden.

what camera should I get for food photography?

thanks for all the info Adam, that really helps! as for a price range, I would say nothing over $500.

Win a Food-Themed T-Shirt and $50 Gift Certificate from Threadless

Bread and Cheese. two best foods ever, and its protien, fat, and carbs.

36 Hours in New Orleans: Where to Eat

Slim Goodies is an awesome diner on Magazine! My favorite thing there is the Jewish Coonass, which is latkes covered in crawfish etoufee :9

Summer Food

I love just grazing on stuff in the summer. chips, good salsa and guacamole is perfect in the summer. My mom used to always get some really nice smoked salmon in the summer, and we would just have that for dinner with a few different crackers and toppings, like creamcheese, onions, radishes, cucumbers...come to think of it, this is a great way to highlight all the great stuff at the farmers market right now!!

What Are the Absolute Must-Visits in Portland, Oregon?

downtown, if you see it, there is a food cart selling polish food called Eurodish. its AMAZING.

Menu labeling laws

I do have access to those things at my library, and I plan on utilizing them. I just wanted to read as much as I could about the subject, thats all.

I also wanted to see what peoples general opinion of such laws were, since in the culinary program everyone pretty much agrees that they are the devil.

Have You Ever Tapped a Maple Tree?

I grew up in Vermont with my yard full of apple and maple trees. We tapped all of the trees and made syrup and candy every spring. the old fashioned way, with a spigot and a metal bucket, not the fancy plastic bags and tubes they use now.

When "hip" has ruined your food

What about burgers? I think different stuff on your cheeseburger is totally ok, but when you start putting like...i dont know, figs and arugala on a cheeseburger....and all these celebrity chefs are opening theme burger places, which I'm sure have some great burgers, but I think people take it too far.

Watch It with Us: 'Top Chef Las Vegas,' Season Finale Part 1

I LOVE KEVIN. he has been my favorite since the first couple of episodes. I think he's going to win and win fan favorite. Even if he doesnt win, he'll win fan favorite for sure.

What strange things are in the door of your fridge?

In the door of my dorm room mini fridge, I have 1 bottle of beer, 1 coleman bottle filled with milk snuck from the cafeteria (I aint payin fo that sh**) and one bottle of sriratcha sauce.

Cereal with Water and Other Cereal Compulsions

when I was 13 or 14 I was visiting my dad, and he had almost nothing to eat in the house, (I think once I even ate expired bacos and cheese for dinner there) and I needed breakfast. I was starving.

there was cheerios, and the only liquid in the fridge was beer, so I ate cheerios and beer for breakfast. it was actually pretty good.

So I'm smoking a pork shoulder tomorow...

Its been in for 5 hours now and DAMN it smells good! My dogs haven't left the smoker since they saw me put the meat in this morning :)

The rub has no salt, I mixed it up myself, so it shouldn't be too salty.

thanks for the info, Remander!

p.s here is a picture of my (stepdads...) smoker ITS AWSOME

The UK's Biscuit Injury Threat Evaluation

maybe all foods should be the consistency of room temperature apple sauce. It would save lives. Wow, save lives? It must be a good idea then!

Cook the Book: 'Dishing Up Vermont'

I love this book!! I grew up in Vermont, and my dad still lives there. I got it for him for Christmas one year, and he says its his favorite cookbook.

When we lived there we had apple trees, maple trees, (we made syrup) and a huge garden. I miss it so much.

What Fall Foods Are You Excited For?

I live in southern louisiana, so the local fall crop Im most looking forward to is satsumas! SO AMAZING!! you have to wait for the first freeze, then the next day they are as sweet as candy.

Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby Renamed 'Hubby Hubby' in Support of Gay Marriage

chubby hubby has always been my favorite flavor. I grew up in vermont, and when I moved to louisiana I was so disappointed to find that by the time it gets down here, the pretzels aren't crispy anymore.

I usually dont care for food with a political agenda, but ben and jerry's is an exception. I love them anyways.

What do you eat for all-nighters?

Toast two poptarts, preferably a fruit flavor, and spread them with peanut butter. make sure you have lots of milk or you could clog your esophagus.

I wish I may, I wish I might...

Eel. My boyfriend loves getting it when we eat sushi, but it just has this skunky weird taste that just ruins it for me...

Every time I try it I love it for about 3 seconds, then change my mind when the aftertaste hits.

Teen Foodies

Im about to be 20, but I decided to go to culinary school when I was 16. I go to the John Folse Culinary Institute in Thibodaux, LA currently working towards my bachelors, learning so much!

If you want to enjoy food with your friends more often, I would suggest either going to get cheap, good food like burgers or something, or cook something awesome for dinner and invite them over for a movie or nintendo or something. Thats what I always did.

Eat for Eight Bucks: Shrimp Rolls with Homemade Chive Mayo

you can get them directly from the company here...Dean and DeLuca, wow. glad I live where I live.


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