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Am I the only one on the planet who dislikes ___, or loves ___?

hate: pasta and rice of ANY kind and steak, actually steak houses in general.

love: grilled cheese. with goat cheese, baby swiss and tomato. best hangover food ever.

Two nights in NYC?

i'm only spending 1 day at the Open so the restaurants don't have to be close by, I am staying at the Warwick Hotel if there is anything within walking distance that I should look at.

Light Apps for a BIG dinner

wrap thin strips of smoked salmon on steamed asparagus spears...i think i sealed the salmon to the asparagus with a tiny bit of herbed cream cheese. very light and yummmmy!

favorite apple? and how do you eat it?

FUJI!!! In any and every way possible...i think i need one now.

Corn on the Cob is best when ______

I just roasted corn on the cob with the lime/butter trick and thought it was fantastic....mix up butter with lime juice and cilantro, and smear all over the cob. then wrap in foil and roast in the oven for about 25-30 minutes. i also think this would be good with butter/paprika mix. yum!

Bringing lunch from home

today i am having a small pita stuffed with hummus, avocado and cucumbers, yuummm! also, some fruit and cereal in the morning.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Combos

veggies, salad, hummus and pita, cold doesn't matter, ill eat anything in the morning that i would have for lunch. but mostly i stick to kashi cereal

Ft Lauderdale

I had one of the best meals of my life at Blue Moon Fish Company and I recommend it to everyone who will listen. The menu is always changing but if they are still serving the baked grouper with crab/corn is a must.


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