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Cooking music

Of course there is no way to verify this but it is almost as if Ludwig had roast beet in mind when he wrote down his eroica symphony. The timing is so spot on, it is un canny. When the final chords die away, i knowthat the beets will have softened completely and are ready to be pulledout from my oven

Cooking music

Sometimes my friend will come over with a bottle of wine and a sack of root vegtables, and it is is nice like to turn on some Beethoven while his beets are roasting in my oven.

Why Dominos sells thick crust ? Why thin crust is demand based?

I just love it thick. Also, sometimes they fill the outter crust with cheese too, whisch is very clever. Could you do that with the thin crusts? Nope. I amnot surprised about India though--cultural differences are what make Indians Indians and American s American. Riight?

Cook the Book: Andy Ricker's 'Pok Pok'

The laap pet isaan at pok pok makes me lose all sense of time and place. it is so so hhard to describe where the explosion of flavors in my mouth takes me. Just imagine a new byorn tasting its mothers milk for the first time. Its kind of like that. Yeah!

Gadgets: Lekue Silicone Mesh Bag

Blanching herbs, or leafy greens.

I want one.

Win Two Tickets to the Great Steak Debate, September 15th

My ex gf used to boast about her way with a nice cut of beef, but hers turned oyt to be a bit heavy handed compared to Peter Luger, if you know what I mean

Sack Lunch: Sardine-and-Egg Salad Sandwich

I happen to have just picked up a few different cans of sardies and english muffens too, so I am gonna haf to try this one! I loved your dad's response, and my kitty would love your dad even more than me. Whenever I have fish, kitty bothers m e non stop till she finally gets her way, and even then it seems like she always wants more. Lately I have been having to demy myself my cravings for fishes until the weekend, when kitty is away to cat school learning how to be a lady, something I know little about...

What food smell do you hate?

I absolutely hate the smell of lobsters. Fresh ones, boilingv ones,, lopsters of all sorts.

Tater Tots x Nachos = Totchos

Oh wow, right now this is just. What. I. Need. And kitty is out for the weekend, so I can have it all for myself! I just love Kenji's posts. They're always saltede and peppered with just the right amount of practical advice and tiddybits for us wannabe chef readers, because he doesn't just know great food, but he knows the scientific ins and outs of good cooking and can explain it so simply, like reading the lines on your palm. And even though he knows what is what with haut cuisine and all the tricks of the trade of our finest chefs, it is still nothing for him to through out a low brow chow down kind of recipe like this...and he seems like the kind a character you would want to grab a drink with too: "be sure to layer your tots so every one is evenly gooped..." I love it. Bravo maestro, yet again!

Egg salad...what's your secret ingredient?

OMG Herbs! I especially love basel.
Kitty loves cat nip.

We Eat Every Sandwich Filling at Kalustyan's

OMG the tahini from k'styan is totally habitforming, and I'm not even kidding. Surprisingly kitty even likes it to in a kind of hilarious way. She'll lick it off my finger, orhand or arm...wherever it dripped out kitty can get her tongue there in tw seconds flat or less. I even squirt a little on her cat nip sometimes and she just goes crazy . Hahaha.

Anyway, moral of the story seems to be: stop what you're doing and try this stuff!

And the other thing is, it is healthy too! At least compared to mayo...


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