The result of a match made between an Irish/English man whose approach to cooking lies in its scientific approach, and a Sarawakian/Chinese woman whose approach to cooking lies in everything but the scientific. The kitchen was the hub of our household.

  • Location: MAN/KCH/BN
  • Favorite foods: There's a 255 character-limit. I'm not even going to attempt listing my favourite foods.
  • Last bite on earth: A huge mixed platter of homegrown fruits from our village in Kuching, all washed down with a glass of air bandung. Or a mojito. I figure if it's going to be a painful death, I may as well spend my last minutes wildly drunk.

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Summer Drinks Around the World: 12 Regional Specialties You Might Not Know

I grew up in Borneo and air bandung reminds me so much of home - I always try to mimic it here in UK by just adding the rose syrup (found in any of the Turkish stores) to milk.

Poll: What Do You Like to Drink With Your Burger?

It has to always be soda - an ice cold coke or root beer at that too. The depth of a coke/root beer complements the savoriness of the beef, whilst the acidity and fizz cuts through the fat and help wash it all down. Anything richer or sweeter, like a milkshake, is just too much and can get sickly.

Mr. Brown and Me: How I Came to Love Taiwanese Canned Coffee

This was one of my staple canned drinks as a kid growing up in Brunei, right alongside cans of Yeo's chrysanthemum tea, cin cao and soy milk. We never really drank soda because of the abundance of great Asian canned drinks. Brings on the nostalgia (and cravings).

Awesome Delivery from Domino's

Absolutely fantastic and very cunning on the artist's part.

"Paged" Comments

@Teachertalk So is there not a notification option for purely just replied comments, like this reply to yours? I will admit that (as said before) my lazy self does tire of having to revisit every single post just to make sure nobody has asked me a question or replied to a post. I was just thinking that a set-up akin to the more conventional forum layout would be a lot less hassle and having replies appear beneath the designated original post in a way that also allows you to expand and minimize for space and convenience's sake would also encourage conversation between users.

"Paged" Comments

I have noticed this and admit my lazy self did sigh wearily each time I did. What would be a nice change to the comment section would be a notification for if somebody has replied to your comment or the introduction of a layout that encouraged active discussion etc. It would enable more direct exchanges and maybe even help create more active threads.

Change of stomach

Well, it's good to know I'm not the only one here who seems to have done a Jekyll and Hyde. I just found it so weird to realize that I had essentially awoken one day to a massive craving for something I had previously hated!

Santa is the Best! What was under your tree?

I spent Christmas with my boyfriend's family, as mine as scattered all over the world, especially in Borneo. From his parents, I had a sack (not so cunningly disguised as a stocking) filled with a food magazine, recipe calendar, passion fruits, luxury chocolate truffles, mangoes and grapefruits. I also had a huge Green and Blacks finest selection of chocolates as part of the great Christmas present they got me. Oh and because I'm a Christmas Eve baby, I also got wasabi peanuts and Vegemite as part of my birthday present. Apparently SO told them how crazy I am over fruit, especially fruit that reminds me of home. He knows me too well.

As for my own parents? They sent me a care package all the way from my lovely Asian island.. Hard-to-find Chinese leaf tea, a special brand of green tea, a homemade mini Christmas pudding, Malay kueh, homemade Rosella jam and two packets of Kuching laksa paste.

Giving food-orientated presents has always been a big thing in my family and I love that my boyfriend's family is exactly the same!

What's the Weirdest Sandwich You Make?

Buttered white bread slices with brown sugar sprinkled on the butter and crispy streaky bacon between the slices - all toasted in a foreman. If I'm feeling extra decadent, I use less sugar and instead shave dark chocolate over the bacon strips before grilling.

3 Delicious Ways To Spike Your Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate with chili infused vodka and a huge dollop of whipped cream and some dark chocolate shavings on top.

12 Nutty Treats for the Holidays, Each with a Different Nut

Thank you so much for the including the marron glaces because I was trying to remember the name of them a few days ago (and to no avail). I kept searching google for sugar hazelnuts and crystallized walnuts because I just couldn't remember what exactly it was other than just a vague childhood memory.

Video: Breakfast of Booze from Epic Meal Time

Is it really wrong that I'm actually craving a breakfast like this? Or that I'm craving breakfast at 12.44PM? The wonders of the late-start days of students..

Video: Guy Fieri's Thanksgiving Tips on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update

Yeah, the bit where it said it can't be streamed outside of the United States was especially hilarious. :(

On top of ol' bagel....

I'm simple when it comes to my breakfast bagel needs - a salted bagel, lightly toasted and heavily spread with rich, creamy butter.

If I do want to live on the edge a little though, I'll do a cinnamon raisin bagel instead. Maybe with some sugar and cinnamon toasted on top along with the butter too.

Bagels at all other times of the day are a different story however.

Political garbage on your pages

@MMinNYC - Aw, your post has inspired me to now click on an ad at least once every time I go on this site.

Please, tell us where you're from...

I'm an almost-20 year old who spent 17 years in Borneo and travelling around the world until I moved to Manchester, England, for 2 years and then to Cardiff, Wales, this year. I'm still travelling around the world however.

We Need Tasters!

Somebody needs to do this for Serious Eaters in UK. Dang...

What's for dinner?

Quickly made some spinach cooked with lots of garlic, half milk/half cream and butter and served it with rice and grilled salmon fillet with a pepper and rock salt crust that had an added drizzle of lemon.

Such a quick dinner to cook and everybody was looking with envy at my plate.

Shameful snackage

@cycorider: Haha, no, thankfully I'm not at that low point of desperation... Yet. I meant "Gü", but was too lazy to insert the umlaut. That'll teach me!

Canned Sardines Ideas

We had some giant tinned sardines ('steroid sardines', I liked to call them) alongside the more mundane-sized ones back in Asia. My mum would always cook them into a tomato-based curry and it was amazing - a definite delicious dinner my sister and I would eagerly await.

Lady Gaga's meat dress: Identify the cuts, and then COOK it

Yeah, I think a good sign that you're food-obsessed is if you analyze her dress from a culinary point of view. Personally, I was eyeballing the marbling of the meat.

Random thought: were there security dogs at the VMAs? You can see where my train of thought leads...

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Oysters?

Apparently, whilst pregnant with me, my mum gorged herself on oysters. She blames the pregnancy cravings, but that really doesn't explain why she does the exact same thing even when not pregnant.

And 90% - boo yah!

Hungry movies

Actually, if I recall correctly, No Reservations is based on the German movie I mentioned. I've not seen the Zeta version yet and, to be honest, I'm kind of scared to. I feel like it won't live up to its Germanic counterpart.

@hungrychristel - I grew up in this teeny tiny little country called Brunei. It was a pretty surreal childhood. In fact, we had one McDonalds in the entire country (and still do), so every teen would go out for Japanese when heading out with friends during the weekend.

coconut milk and rice

Where I grew up, coconut rice was practically a weekly meal and because we had a huge pandan plant that grew in our garden, my mum would always do what emluken suggested, and then also knot a few pandan leaves and toss that in there too.

Hungry movies

I have to say, favourite scene from Willy Wonka is when Wonka drinks from the daffodil cup then eats the cup itself. Not only environmentally friendly, but just imagine how a daffodil drink tastes!

And thanks everybody! The unwatched/unheard of movies you've mentioned so far are all going on my DVD list.


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