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Transporting bagels to San Francisco

omg NY bagels how I love and miss you so...
I found that the paper of the bag helps keep them fresh, but you have to put them in a plastic bag or two to seal the deal.
I haven't tried the ziploc route, but that does sound like a fabulous idea if you invest in the better ones.

Guide to Essential Kitchen Hand Tools, Part 1

Flower vases work well for holding utensils as well. Use the cheap one that you get for free (when your SO is in the doghouse), not the crystal one you got as a wedding gift ;).
I have a small kitchen with extremely limited counter space, so I buy some of those plastic sticky hooks and hang my utensils...especially the spider, because it can take up a lot of space.

Video: Zaylee Jean, Three-Year-Old Host of The Yippity Yo Cooking Show

this is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!!!

Serious Eats NYC-Boston Road Trip: Suggestions Needed

ABSOLUTELY YES to both of these suggestions. Though Cameron's Deli is off the beaten path a bit, you will be blown away by the Cluckin' Russian.

Serious Greek Yogurt: Making your own

Awesome. Thank you for all the advice!

Romantic restaurant Georgetown area DC

I had a terrible experience with rude staff at La Chaumiere, but the food was delicious...

If you wanted to go the other direction (i.e. into Arlington a mile or two) there is Eventide in Clarendon. Very good, nice but not jacket-necessary. Don't let some of the weird Yelp reviews deceive you...I've been here multiple times for different occasions and had great experiences.

Favorite pizza in Westchester NY

I completely agree, though I am more of a southern Westchester pizza fan myself. My favorites are P&D and Racanelli's in Port Chester and Sal's in Mamaroneck.
You definitely don't have to travel far out of Westchester to get great NY pizza!

Home for the Holidays: What's Your Must-Visit Hometown Haunt?

The minute I hit NYC its a bagel. To me it doesn't even matter where, but I usually get one right in Grand Central if places are still open.
Then after the 45 minute train ride up to Port Chester, I usually begin inundating myself with all things Italian that I can't get in DC...Park Deli, fresh Italian bread and rolls from Neri's bakery (dipped in olive oil or just plain if they are right out of the oven) and Raccanelli's penne alla vodka with grilled chicken.

Tipping on Alcohol

I think if you are getting some kind of exceptional wine/beverage service, i.e. a wine pairing per course or if the waiter/sommelier (spelling?) is particularly attentive or helpful, you should tip a bit more. But I agree with many others above, tip on the pre-tax total bill (because its usually all added up somewhere on the check).

sexy food suggestions

@BananaMonkey: I WISH my boyfriend liked grilled cheese as much as I do!!

Agreed on the chocolate covered anything. But for dinner, I like spaghetti/angel hair pasta with any kind of sauce. Spaghetti with clams and butter...yum. I am more of a romantic, so the " Lady and the Tramp" approach to dates is up my alley.
And don't forget good wine ;)

What's for dinner tonight-9/29

Turkey-Chicken burgers on lettuce leaves with hummus and tomato salad. If I am feeling adventurous I may go and buy a couple slices of an interesting cheese to melt on the burgers.

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: The Gin Boomlet

I love love Tanqueray and tonic of course with the ceremonial lime wedge. Though I just tried a Hendricks, soda and muddled cucumber cocktail and was very pleasantly surprised...
Actually, I have been trying to track down a bottle of Old Tom Gin. The research I've done has told me that this isn't brand but more of a type of gin. I think Plymouth is the label that makes it? Are there any others? Has anyone had any experience with this?

Good eats in Nags Head, NC?

Tortuga's Lie is great!

Serious Green: 6 Rules of a Good Farmers' Market

Great article! Have a question though, what in your opinion is the best farmers' market in this area? I live in the Courthouse area in Arlington which boasts a really nice market and craft fair every Saturday, but I also frequent one at Falls Church town hall...both are great and open year round...however if I am missing out on a particularly fabulous market that is reachable by metro, it would be great to check out!

Iphone App?

I'd like to be able to read anything off the front page, if possible, to view and comment in "Talk" and possibly a semi-decent recipe search?
With a Serious Eats app, the iPhone will prove to be officially worth it, haha.

young ladies drinking 'sweet wines'--ha!

Franzia gives the WORST hangovers. You literally feel like you want to die.
But at $13 for 5 liters, flirting with death is so cheeeeaaap.

Do You Have a Favorite Greek Yogurt?

Fage is pretty good as is Trader Joe's but I'm going to cop out and say that the greek yogurt I get from the farmer's market is the best! (Blue Ridge Farms I think is the vendor)

having bad luck with brown rice

I find on an electric stove that throughout cooking if you just shake the pot (with the top on) to loosen anything that may be sticking to the bottom, and occasionally let the rice "breath" just cracking the top for 30 seconds or so, this gives a good result. Amen to hating electric stoves, though...I've definitely learned the hard way like you via multiple messed up batches of rice.

Bovine Bliss Found at Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington, Virginia

I'm surprised it took AHT this long to review Ray's Hellburger!!! This place is absolutely fabulous and I hope they will be expanding into the old Ray's The Steaks (another sublime experience, if you get the chance) because people go crazy over this place (as you can tell by the 10 person line that almost always present). I'm so lucky to live right up the street from this place!

chopt'd, toss'd, stress'd!!!

Guy & Gallard was my favorite place to go for a quick lunch in NYC...I like romaine and spinach mix, with corn, avocado, tomato, goat cheese, grilled chicken (or salmon, depending on where you go) with a champagne vinaigrette, or some kind of citrus vinaigrette.
Just went to Chop't for lunch today and it is definitely not as good as the NYC tell-them-and-they-mix-it-for-you salad places.

Cook the Book: Easy Gluten-Free Baking

To be honest, pretty much anything sweet and baked. I have an unhealthy obsession with baked sweets that my thighs and butt are not too happy about...

Tricks and tips to clean out romaine, etc.?

I fill a big bowl full of cold water and just soak the whole leaves in there for a little while (while I prepare other things). Any loose dirt on the leaves will sink to the bottom. Then I just take them out and rub with my hands under the running faucet to make sure all the dirt is gone. For spinach I would just do the first step, but agitate it a little in the bowl (the second step is unnecessary). I haven't had a sandy salad yet!

Cook the Book: 'Mrs. Rowe's Little Book of Southern Pies'

The perfect strawberry rhubarb pie cannot be beat.
Worst baking disaster...luckily I haven't really had one yet!

Help needed ASAP: Can I fix my whipped cream/ganache mess?

I know that I've had a problem with over-whipping ganache, except mine turned into this chunky nasty mess (that still tasted delicious, just wasn't that smooth, glossy texture I was looking for). I did the same thing, just heated it up and let it cool. I don't think it will get back to normal, but as recommended above, I'm sure it still tastes fabulous. If you can get it to spreadable consistency, put it on the cake anyway, then use a piping bag to cover any imperfections (unless it is a party full of foodies, I'm sure they won't know the difference.)

Best of Trader Joe ?

CORNBREAD MIX. It is the best I have ever had, even better than some homemade recipes!

Serious Greek Yogurt: Making your own

I don't know if it is just me, but yogurt at the farmers market/grocery store is hella expensive. I have been reading up on making my own, except I haven't been able to find much about Greek yogurt specifically. I know the difference is in the straining, but I am wondering if there are any other slight differences in the process that I should know about before starting. Has anyone successfully done this before?

Also, is it possible to use yogurt I already have as a starter?

Any advice and/or links are greatly appreciated!

Gluten Free Cookbook recommendations

I've been looking for a great gluten free cookbook for a person who has just been diagnosed as a Ciliac. I know it is a relatively new market and so far I haven't been able to find much feedback about which cookbooks are better than others. Do any of you Serious (gluten free) Eaters have any recommendations of books that you love?

Help! KitchenAid standing mixer down!

I have a KA standing mixer that has recently gone crazy on me. By this I mean there are now two speeds, stir and SUPER FAST (even though there is supposed to be a gradual progression of speeds). I called the KA customer service, and could not get a preliminary idea of what the total price would be. $33 for shipping, then $25 for the diagnosis if I decide I don't want the KA factory to do the work for me, that's all I could get from the rep.
Has anyone else had this issue and can shed some advice in regards to it? I'd really like to find the cheapest way, but I'm prepared to bite the bullet and pay whatever to get it fixed... =(

Stickiness that won't come off

I've been having a problem with some of my pots and pans (more importantly, my Le Creuset dutch oven) where there is some kind of stickiness that just won't wash off. It is colorless, and has seemed to appear out of nowhere.
I've tried dish soap and water, even using the dishwasher powder to make an abrasive paste but still cannot remove it. Thankfully it is on the outside of the pieces, but it would be nice not to have my hand stick to it when I try and put it away.
Has anyone else had this problem/figured out a way to solve it?

Serious Efforts: Knish me, please!

I have recently found out what a knish actually is and would like to try to make them. I live in DC, and there are few deli's, shops, etc. that serve I figured I would give them a try myself.
I am not Jewish and therefore don't have a fabulous family recipe to follow or a Jewish grandmother to assist me, but I am of Eastern European descent, so maybe I can bank on that for some luck!
Any ideas/thoughts/recipes/recommendations? Is this even a good idea?

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Foodie gifts for all ages?

I have an annual holiday tradition with my family where we do what is called a "Yankee Swap". It is similar to a Dirty Santa where you buy one gift and then draw numbers to figure out the order to pick the gifts, then people can either take the gift they got, open a new one or switch with someone else.
The gift that each person contributes has to be something appealing to people from about 13 to 60, no easy task. I want to give some kind of foodie gift, any ideas for one that is interesting for all ages under $25/$30?

What to bring to an Thanksgiving Pot the office.

My office has decided that it would be nice to have a Thanksgiving Pot Luck. Bringing dessert would be easiest, but I really wanted to find a good main dish to bring (that isn't an entire turkey) that won't put people to sleep.
The twist is that we only have a toaster oven and a microwave to heat things up in, so I am also leaning toward something that would be tasty at room temperature. Any suggestions?

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