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How to Make Maryland Fried Chicken With White Gravy

Born on raised on the Eastern Shore (still live right across the bay) and my grandmother made this on occasion. However, instead of pouring the gravy over the chicken, she would serve it on the side and we'd dip the chicken ourselves.

Slow Cooker Sage and Sausage Stuffing

This was a BIG hit today. The only thing was that it was a little bit too moist to the point of being mushy. I spread it out onto a cookie sheet and baked it for about 20 minutes on 300F before serving. It was perfect, and everyone raved about how awesome it was.

Win a Copy of 'The Big-Flavor Grill'

Smoke, sea salt, chili powder, brown sugar, and cumin (along with the other stuff)

Gadgets: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

I have one of these as well. It works, but my egg doesn't always cook in 5 minutes. My general process is plug-in the device, let is sit for about 2-3 minutes to warm up. Add the bottom portion of the muffin, add a slice of pre-cooked meat, which is usually canadian bacon or turkey sausage links cut in half length wise, add some cheese, slide the plate over, add the egg and close the unit. I let it cook for about 3 minutes, as I enjoy my eggs more well-done. After 3 minutes, I place the top part of the muffin and cook it for 4 more minutes. Total cooking time is 7 minutes, and with the heating process, it is about 10 minutes.

I do not use it that often, but I've used it enough to where I now have it integrated into my routine, so during the heating and cooking process, I'm doing other things such as finish getting dressed and packing my lunch.

Would I recommend buying this? It depends. If you do not need to rush out of the house each morning, then take the time to bust out a pan and the toaster and do this yourself. The shape of the sandwich maker is a bit odd if storage is an issue, and you really need this to cool off before you start washing it. That takes another 5-6 minutes. So all in, you are at ~15 minutes from start through the cleanup process. However, for a college student or someone that on the run and doesn't mind cleaning up when they return home, then why not?

I hate onions. Help!

Thanks everyone. I do cook at home, so maybe I'll start with reconstituting the dried flakes, move onto shallots, and then see what happens.

My next issue; I hate cheese unless it's melted. BUT, that's for another day. :)

I hate onions. Help!

I think my first issue came when I was young, so it's definitely mental. I bit into a whole onion and it freaked me out, and now I've mistakenly have tasted both cooked and raw onions enough to know what the texture is like. The second I recognize the texture, I am immediately turned off.

Maybe I need to be hypnotized!


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