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Awesome Pizza in Kentucky?

The Highlands of Louisville offers an excellent array of locally-owned pizza joints as good as any on either coast: Tony BoomBozz (craft beer, award-winning pies), Papalino's (top-quality ingredients include hard red wheat flour from Pennsylvania, house made sausage, etc) and Impellizzeri's (excellent Chicago-style, and I don't usually dig Chi-style. Good NY-style as well). New Albanian Brewing just opened a pizzeria across the river, and their beer alone is usually worth the drive.

Lexington offers Good Fellas, Pazzo's, and Joe Bologna's, which all provide decent, if not memorable, fare.

Miguels Pizza at The Gorge is one of Americas great places. Nestled among the rocks and arches of Red River Gorge, it offers climbers and hikers a much-needed haven from the elements. Good pies, convivial atmosphere, and an wide variety of rappelling and climbing gear.


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