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Can a Machine Build a Better Hamburger?

For all the assembly-line efficiency that the McDonald's and Burger Kings of this world bring to the process of fast food cookery, they still have to rely on an army of minimum-wage workers to make their hamburgers. At San Francisco's Momentum Machines, they've built a robot to take over the job. We visited their lab to see what this machine looked like. More

First Look: Gioia Pizzeria Comes to San Francisco

Gioia Pizzeria and its New York-style slices with ingredient-driven toppings have always been out of reach for San Franciscans. North Berkeley is just too far to travel on a regular basis when you know a shoe box of a restaurant with only five seats awaits you. But Will and Karen Gioia recently opened a new outpost of their slice shop in San Francisco, and this time it's a full-service restaurant, with a menu that goes well beyond pizza. We visited with Will Gioia to check out the new space and get a look at him making pizzas. More

How We Started a Bagel Company in San Francisco, Part 1

Normally, you find David Kover writing about burgers, pizza, and cocktails around here. Little did we know, he's been busy starting a bagel company with his wife and two friends. Could four schmos with little baking experience figure out how to make really good bagels? In San Francisco? In this new series, David will give us a peek into the world of starting a food business. More

Behind the Scenes at Speakeasy Ales & Lagers with Head Brewer Kushal Hall

Beers from Speakeasy Ales & Lagers seems to have a tap handle in just about every bar around San Francisco. We visited with Kushal Hall, Speakeasy's head brewer, to get a look at the brewing facility, and find out a little about his career in beer—from the time he accidentally emptied the mash tun onto the floor, to the newest beers he's brewing at Speakeasy right now. More

A Pizza My Mind: On Finding Good Pizza in Surprising Places

I'd like to add Antica Forma in Vernal, Utah, to this list. I ended up eating it to-go in a hotel room, but still far better pie than I expected in that locale.

Regional Mexican Cuisine: All About Puebla and Central Mexico

Well, holy crap, it just so happens I'll be in NY next week. Will have to see about engineering a trip to the Bronx.

Regional Mexican Cuisine: All About Puebla and Central Mexico

I did a semester in college in Puebla and ate my weight in tacos arabes. I've never found a place in the US that serves them.

Solid Pub Burgers at Goose Island in Wrigleyville

Your description of the poutine has given me a serious hankering.

I am finding myself a little disturbed by that heap o' onions though. I somehow can't get it out of my head that the burger is covered in cellophane noodles, or maybe that it has Ood tentacles. Okay, I will take my weird elsewhere now.

Need cocktail recipes to go with names...

@korenni: I think you may be trying to kill me with your Boones and Everclear... sounds like a recipe for ending the night early. But going coffee for the Leroy Brown is an interesting idea to play around with.

Poll: Do You Cut Your Burger in Half Before You Eat It?

This was the biggest adjustment I had to make when I started writing for SE... Never used to cut'em in half. Now I need to for the guts shot. But I'm really bad at it, so it always comes out looking a little hacked up despite my best efforts.

Paulie Gee on Belief, Baltimore, and Being Your Own Boss (Part 1)

Very cool interview. It's been said before, but that willingness to drop everything and take a risk is so impressive. Reading this makes me that much more excited to hit up Paulie's place when I'm in Brooklyn next week.

Father's Day Giveaway: Win a Baking Steel!

NY-style with hot Italian sausage and mushrooms. (Unless we're trying to be a little more literal, in which case: matzoh ball, kipper, and a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce.)

Hangover Helper: Duck Burrito at Koi Palace, Daly City, CA

Dammit, Maggie. Now I'm sitting at work craving one of these. (No, I should not be surfing past SE while at work.) Anyhow, yeah, these things are legit.

Gummy Pizza by e.frutti

@TessaLouise & @Kelly Bone: Olive! I hate to admit how long I spent puzzling over that sucker without coming up with olive.

Ask a Barista: What Drink Do You Hate Making?

These people know a lot about coffee. Knowing a lot about something usually begets having an opinion about it. But that's not the same thing as being a snob or a jerk about it. I can see how one or two of these responses might rub people the wrong way, but I think Michael's response—the first in the series—pretty nicely captures the tone of the article, and he comes right out and says that if it's on the menu, he ain't mad at ya.

Emeryville, CA: Playing Hot or Not with the Pizzas at Hot Italian

@steve.o: Nope, we're not sleeping on Rotten City. We've been there! Check it out here.

Reality Check: Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger from McDonald's

I don't understand the white American cheese as "cheddar." The McD's execs have seen those cheap-ass orange cheddar slices, right? It's basically made of plastic, but McDonald's doesn't get its cheese to melt anyway, and at least it sort of tastes cheddar-y.

Daily Slice: A Goodbye-Pie From Pizzeria Delfina in San Francisco

@DingleberryPiez: Yep, it was. You're right, moving in SF is a dangerous game. Especially right now, when the rental market is absolutely bananas. But we had a kid in July and it was time to get him out of our bedroom.

Daily Slice: A Goodbye-Pie From Pizzeria Delfina in San Francisco

@SlideSF: Sorry for the Domino's entrapment. Despite still owning a San Francisco address, Domino's is indeed my nearest option. Certainly not the best in the neighborhood, but the only place that I can get to in five minutes on foot. Any other option means either eating out, or letting the pizza spend more time in a cardboard box than is good for it.

This Week in Pizza

Quite the little debate between lovers and haters in the comments section of the SFGate article on UPN/Mangieri.

College Tours: Where To Eat Near Brigham Young University

@Alison: Thanks! I've been foiled in my attempts to get kouign aman from Les Madeleines several times already, but I'm hoping this year will be the winner. And I'll definitely check out some of the other places.

College Tours: Where To Eat Near Brigham Young University

Glad I found a few of the right spots on my trips through Orem! Now, where should I be eating during Xmas in SLC this year? (Or should I look for a forthcoming college guide for the U?)

A Tourist's Guide to Pizza in San Francisco

@Loubert: That's pretty awesome! When I wrote that statement, I envisioned a tourist trap in Fisherman's Wharf serving Rice-a-Roni to guileless tourists. Didn't know that there was a legit place with enough of a sense of humor that they would actually put Rice-a-Roni on their menu. I wonder how often it gets ordered? Do they have one box of Rice-a-Roni gathering dust in the kitchen on the off chance that someone actually takes them up on it, or is it a regular request?

This Is What Hippie Pizza Looks Like

Rule of thumb: Any review that contains mention of the reviewer's post-meal tooth-brushing practices is unlikely to reflect well upon the food.

A Pizza My Mind: On Finding Good Pizza in Surprising Places

@Adam K.: That's fair. I think of 2010 as the year that pizza thoroughly and officially blew up, but you're right that the trend was still going gangbusters all through 2011. I feel like, in the last 6 months, there have still been some new spots opening in SF, but it's nowhere near the glut of '10/'11.

Incidentally, I've always been a little disappointed that the pizza boom, or whatever you want to call it, only seemed to incorporate WFO/Neapolitan-inspired places. I was really hoping that NY-style would have an awakening in non-NY/NJ locations (like California!).

@imwalkin: The United States of Pizza series that Adam and Maggie and Meredith put together on here has intel of the kind you're talking about.

@Meredith: Now that people have supplied us with this list, I think you might have to assign Slice correspondents to do a little road-trippin'!

Can a Machine Build a Better Hamburger?

@Chuckswagon: It didn't take long when I was there, but that was just to assemble a burger. I don't know how long it will take once they add the meat grinder and cooking surface.

Can a Machine Build a Better Hamburger?

@Chuckswagon: When I talked to them, it sounded like a Fry-bot was the next item on their to-do list.

College Tours: What to Eat Near Dartmouth College

@aqua678: Nope, no relation. Though I have considered many name changes over the years, I ultimately stuck with the one my parents gave me.

College Tours: What to Eat Near Dartmouth College

Thanks for the additions to my list... even if they make me fell old and out of touch! Sounds like Morano is the surefire winner for best new spot in Hanover since my graduation.

The 8 Best Pizzas in San Francisco and the Bay Area

The Neapartisanal pies that have emerged in the Bay Area represent an American re-interpretation of classic Italian pies and evidence new ways to successfully build off of established, traditional techniques. And, oh, what options there are! So many, that limiting this list to just eight seems a crime, but you have to draw the line somewhere.While there are many, many worthy pies in and around San Francisco, here are some of the most memorable ones that we've tried to date. More

What Is VPN Pizza?

What is "VPN" pizza? Glad you asked. Do you want the short or the long answer? The short answer: VPN stands for Verace Pizza Napoletana ("true Neapolitan pizza"). But the real question you should be asking is, "What does that mean?" More

Photos of the 30-Course Dinner at the Modernist Cuisine's Cooking Lab

Last Saturday, I attended a dinner hosted by Nathan Myhrvold, at his cooking lab in Bellevue just outside of downtown Seattle, the place where all of the testing, documenting, writing, and photography happened for his upcoming 2,400-page book Modernist Cuisine—a tome that documents, illustrates, and codifies pretty much every cooking technique from prehistory to the present. Normally I wouldn't do a "hey guys, look at this cool event I went to" type post, but I think this one deserves it. More